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Trading giant Alibaba has finally decided to join the second-generation of B2B e-commerce sites with the release of AliExpress.

AliExpress has been soft-launched on Beta status with basic functionality and a decent-sized catalogue of products and sellers (nothing yet compared to the massive pool of sellers registered in Alibaba.com).

Payment on AliExpress

Buyers on AliExpress can only use Credit Cards at the moment.
Alibaba’s own payment platform, AliPay, will be offered as an alternative payment method in the near future but what will be the response of international buyers to AliPay? Will AliExpress also accept PayPal?
We will update this space with the most recent news as they happen.

How safe is to trade on AliExpress?

Only Alibaba China Gold Suppliers are allowed to sell on AliExpress. These sellers are subject to a strict verification process carried out by Alibaba in addition to a fee of around 20,000 RMB ().

Buyers should always avoid to execute transactions outside AliExpress platform. Since Credit Card is the only payment method available, if there are serious problems with one order buyers can push for a charge-back.

27 Customers have reviewed AliExpress.com Review

Anyone using AliExpress? Have you bought anything from AliExpress? Share your experience and help others!

Or do you have questions about AliExpress? You are not sure if AliExpress is safe or legit? Join the conversation and get support from the wholesaleDoc community

  1. I have had nothing but terrible service from Aliexpress who are still telling me they are waiting on evidence from a supplier after I had initially started a dispute about 4-5 months ago. I didn’t receive an order I paid for. They don’t read emails or aren’t interested in me as a customer. Avoid them at all cost. John.

    • I completely agree, this website still has a lot of SCAMMERS and THIEFS, the costumer service is not helpful and will tell you to wait, wait and wait some more, doesn’t that sound pleasant? NO, it is very frustrating to see your money flushed down the drain to people who obviously DO NOT CARE about their clients or their satisfaction

  2. I ordered a dress throught this website. The supplier shipped the wrong colored dress. Supplier refused the wrong colored dress back. The offered me a partial refund if I reordered the dress and kept the 1st dress. I agreed, and reordered. Replacement dress came in – supplier refused to give me partial refund until I paid for both orders. I did so. I asked for my partial refund as promised. Supplier stated I had to give feedback first. I did so. Partial payment was credited to my paypal account. The supplier was not satisfied with my feedback and was asked to change it. I refused. The supplier stated that they would give me full refund if I changed my feedback. I agreed. They insisted I change my feedback first – I refused. The company then gave me another partial refund. Said they would give me the remainder after I revised my feedback. I refused. Now company has disputed both partial refunds from paypal. I have now paid for a dress in a color that I did not order. I cannot get anyone from Aliexpress/Alibaba to reply to my emails.

    • If you order via paypal, make sure you use visa or amex. They have very good fraud protection. Hopefully you didn’t pay via bank funds. Otherwise your out $$$.

  3. I order a cell phone through Aliexpress.com. The seem to be ok, a week later the people on the other end could not make what I was saying. I E-mail them about it, and to this day I have not hear from them. I use the Web alot, and this is the first time where I did not recived any response back. I WOULD NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY

  4. Forget about any refunds, none from the seller, AliExpress or Alababa, even though they have all been notified of the obvious fraud. Avoid Kevin Wu’s Store No. 900201 this guy sells fake cheap reproduction and pirated software with bogus license numbers. I went through the whole process and all they tell me now is to contact my local police dept., a lot of good that’s going to do when this clown is in china.
    You have been warned!!!

  5. Same as John. Aliexpress doesn’t care about the complaint and dispute. After the dispute is filed, it is very very slow for a response from Aliexpress.

    I had purchased some accessories for xbox with a tempting price. After five days I received the track # but it was not in the system. I thought it’s normal but after a week it was still like that. The track number was FAKE!!

    I disputed, both with their website and Paypal, but it’s almost one month that my capital is locked by them. I can’t even call them, very poor customer service. They don’t even have a calling system! I sent several emails and messages to them about my case but all with no respond.

    I just hope paypal could get my money back, but it takes a looooooooong time! I used to deal with aliexpress and alibaba but I won’t do that in future at all.

  7. wow do not use this service unless you are very knowledgable about the items you are buying everything they have there is either not real (jewelry) or a good copy remember there is no laws that affects them except paypal is your best friend that can help rucoup (miss spelled the work – lol) your losses when the transaction goes bad. I have purchased 100 item from them and I had to deal with 67.9 % return (item not as described) or non delivery. what a pain and aliexpress is so so in taking care of there sellers they are more interested in making the commision like ebay than cleaning up there site. You can buy thing that are legit but make sure you ask a million questions about the item and wait for a response. ok good luck i hope this helps

  8. I purchased several items with Aliexpress. I have always used my paypal account. Which is a good idea. Up until recently i have been getting all my items, and all my refunds when I set a dispute. I just have one issue. I have ordered about 8 laptops from different vendors at aliexpress and I have not recieved a singal one of them. Some have been credited because I use fedex or ups and some the tracking number does not track. I am getting very frustrated because I choose a normal low price for a laptop and I choose it from a vendor that has good reviews. Has anyone gone through this before and if so. Did anybody recieve any laptops from Aliexpress. I have always gotten my refunds back but you have to be carefull because aliexpress has deadlines on the dispute policies. If your tracking number does not track after a couple of days dont wait request your money back.

  9. I purchased a 20″ Stainless Steel square LED rain shower head from Mr. Wen Mian Dai or 2009SHIVERS or mian0202 on ebay

    Dacheng Building A#202,Baotian,Tangxia Town
    Ruian City,Zhejiang Porvince,325202

    It broke after less than a year and he refused to honor the two years warranty on his product. Avoid doing business with this outfit

  10. DO NOT ORDER FROM yanksmart.com or Aliexpress.com or 2009SHIVERS or mian0202 or hello_faucet or besthome2008 or on ebay
    Own by DAI WEN MIAN
    Dacheng Building A#202,Baotian,Tangxia Town
    Ruian City,Zhejiang Porvince,325202
    I purchased a 20″ Stainless Steel square LED rain shower head from Mr. Wen Mian Dai or Aliexpress.com or 2009SHIVERS or mian0202 or hello_faucet or besthome2008 or yanksmart.com on ebay. It broke after less than a year and he refused to honor the two years warranty on his product. Avoid doing business with this company with many names but same owner Dai Wen Mian mian0202@hotmail.com

  11. Mr. Wen Mian Dai AT yanksmart.com or Aliexpress.com or 2009SHIVERS or mian0202 or hello_faucet or besthome2008 or on ebay IS A CROOK!

  12. I have been buying Android devices (Cortex tablets & Dual SIM Phones) from Aliexpress for about 1 year now and never had any problems. The price ranged from $120-$220.

    Even the tablets I bought 1 year ago are still working great. I am a local seller (Not selling online). All the customers are very happy with the tablets I sold them, All of them were from Aliexpress suppliers. And in fact I am getting 1Ghz or more Armv7 Cortex Android 2.3 Tablets that are even able to play H264 1080p online stream (Which my ipad can not) and external 3g support, MicroSD, HDMI, Capacitive screen for a cost of less than $200, I guess it is a great deal. I am using the devices myself, And some phones and tablets even fell a few times and still working great. The supplier is always providing me with new firmwares etc. I have ordered some model that came with Android 2.2 (And it was described as Android 2.2) then the supplier sent me 2.3 update which had some problems like it was not recognizing the internal storage, External 3G didn’t worked etc. I have reported all the problems to the suppliers and few days after they sent me a new 2.3 firmware which got all the problems resolved and working extremely stable.
    I have never had any problems with the suppliers from Aliexpress that I have dealed with hence never tried to get any refund, So not sure how good is their buyer protection, But there are a lot of good and reliable suppliers.

  13. I would like to order brazilian human hair from aliexpress,but I read a lot of complain about them online therefore, i am afraid. Will you please gave me some advise before I put in my order.


  14. they stole my money i and i dont have my shoes yet

  15. It is true that a review of their product-service is in their program as part of the buyer’s responsibility following shipment. Good reviews of Aliexpress are suspect since they may be extorted. Maybe retailers, distributers get better treatment than one time buyers.

    I have been looking at a titanium 29er mountain bike frame.

    The reviews here tell me the so called savings are not worth the risk.

  16. I really dont know what is wrong with Aliexpress when I requested for a new password they send my emails that are coded and that I cannot read. Basically now that I think of it everytime I’ve requested help from them all there emails are coded and I cannot understand. Im sooo frustrated.

  17. dont help get promiced warranties or have the worst service
    i have used . not a ebay dont chance using them. it will cost you

  18. Be very careful with this site!!!
    There are many scam sellers. They will take your money and provide nothing or faulty products.
    I purchased a GPS from Shenzhen Anylinc E-commerce Co., Ltd managed by a thief named Andy qin.
    I paid $79.79.
    I took a long time till It arrived. The unit looked like it has been used before.
    When tested it, it didn’t work.
    I sent it back and asked for refund.
    He delayed the pickup until I wasn’t able to open a dispute.
    By now you probably guess – No answer, no refund, no money.
    Alibaba & Escrow didn’t reply to my complain I placed in a different way.

  19. I bought a Chuwi V8 from Eternal team through Aliexpress.
    It ceased to work after two weeks. I Contacted Eternal Team through Aliexpress and and they said it needed an update. That did not work. I was offered a New replacement or money back. I accepted a replacement, After one month they repaired the broken one and returned it to me. It worked for two days and stopped. In the meantime Aliexpress was supposed to take up my case to sort it out. They sent me an email to tell me they had completed their investigation and closed the case. I paid Customs Duty twice and the return by Fedex which cost me over £70 Pounds extra.
    Do not touch anything to do with Aliexpress or Eternal Team. I believe it is a scam and you will lose your money and goods. I personally would not touch them with a Bargepole. GIVE THEM A VERY WIDE BARTH

  20. Jacquelin Cauchon 31 July 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Never never again Aliexpress. Never had any problems with Ebay for 12 years now but as Aliexpress had good prices I tried it and bought 2 android tablets 108.00$ received I with a screen defect, the seller asked to return it for replacement and even if they had a one year waranty they charge 10$ plus 28$ shipping to replace it, practicly the price of the tablet so I bought another one from another Aliexpress 5 stars seller on June 17 and now it’s July 31 and it never got out of China and today it disapered from the ChinaPost site, I asked for a refund but they say that it’s too late as I have waited to long so as I want a tablet I bought it last week from Ebay for 10$ more also in China and surprise it’s arrived in Vancouver Canada this morning, I think that there is a lot of bad, I will not use the other word, sellers at Aliexpress and you undestand that I will never never buy anything from them anymore.

  21. Some commenters are suggesting to use PayPal to pay for items ordered, but I don’t see the PayPal option anywhere. Instead they ask for a verified Visa or MasterCard. I have tried using both of thse cards to pay for my order (it’s only $350) and each time it gets rejected by their system saying there is a problem with my card security. I contacted my bank about this and they say there is no problem and that the problem must be at the Aliexpress website. Very frustrating. Is there any other wholesale site out there that anyone knows of?

  22. Do you think it is a good idea to buy a branded carbon frame bike here?
    Is it safe?
    What can I do if I get it in a damaged condition?

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