DHgate is one of the oldest players in China’s online wholesale arena. With 5 years history it can also presume to be the first Chinese wholesale marketplace where sellers and buyers can trade independently in eBay style.

Before DHgate there were already many B2B marketplaces online such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, Trade Key, etc. But these sites work only as a directory where buyers are put in touch with sellers. DHgate innovated the model by allowing its members to execute transactions directly.

Although DHgate.com is not directly responsible for the products on the site, they guarantee certain things to buyers and sellers. For buyers, the most important thing is their escrow service. On every transaction, DHgate will monitor the delivery of the products and will not release the money to the sellers until the buyers confirm they are satisfied. For not satisfied buyers, there is a dispute process in place. DHgate staff will get involved in the disputes in the last instance.

Is DHgate a scam?

DHgate is a legit company and have some nice protection measures for buyers, but but it’s always wise to be aware of scam sellers.
It is fairly straightforward to review seller’s feedback score (find it on the top right corner on product pages) but it is also recommended to dig into the buyer comments history paying special attention to the complaints.
Besides that, DHgate have received the award ‘Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China 2008′ and is one of the very few Chinese wholesalers accepting payment with Credit Card directly.

Value added services

DHgate.com provides a customization service for buyers to print their own logo or design on the products. If you want to sell or give away personalized gifts, chat with the seller before purchasing and ask if there could be any design restrictions or if your design suits well to the item.

Another interesting and quite unique service is the ‘Factory Zone‘ which is mainly intended to wholesale buyers (minimum purchase requirement of ) who can purchase directly large orders from verified small and medium factories in China and enjoy dedicated support.

What do you think of DHgate? What are your experiences with them? Feel free to post your review.

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  1. In my option ,DHgate supply similar service as alibaba, just in different field !

  2. Dont not used DHgate. All of their product are fake. If you want to dispute it than forget your payment for 6 months. Everything is fake on the website.

    • I know for a fact that everything isn’t fake. I have only made one purchase, but I got it in 4 days and it was real.

    • It sounds like fake…YOUR COMMENT sounds fake!Maybe a envious competitor?Don’t even use the English properly…

    • although many of the products are fake, good luck finding a pair of beats for less then 100 bucks. These products are fakes, but are of high quality. These are built similar to the true products, but without the extremely high American mark up. realism is very nice, and many products contain the real packaging- great for teens who tend to be reckless with gifts. save a few bucks and do your homework (the ipods are not realistic) and compare pricing WITH shipping. Some products are more expensive with shipping then the american equivalents. I’d say compare, and make some cheap buys before stepping up. Check out the seller ratings. my brother and dad both own the monster headphones from DHgate and are very happy with them. it’s a hit or miss (ussually a hit with the basics)

    • Ok heres the best real helpful knowledge you can get. This site is designed to get cheaper cost for the consumer so weather your a whole saler or dirrect consumer under stand the next sentences facts. This site sells a lot of fake stuff not all but pretty close to it. The thing is though is understanding how to make profit on fakes. If you purchase things knowing there high quality copys you get a product you like cheaper for being fake. It’s all about how you or your consumer reacts to the products. Example, Some times small things like chargers can make you money because even if there replecas no consumer cares about a charger being a replica as opposed to a tv or ipone. So what I do is always check the feed back of the seller, they have top rated sellers like ebay who do a good job. Just do you home work spend small amounts of money and you’ll make profit or be a happy consumer. Shipping takes 2 weeks to a month so calculate that in your cost.


    • How do you get your money back

    • Absolute scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      do not use this site, their “money back guarantee” is a lie!

      I was told I would be refunded in full for:
      1. the product
      2. shipping the item back

      However, after 3 months of literally (and I seriously mean it) contacting customer service EVERYDAY, I finally received the refund money for the product, but never for the $162.72 FedEx shipping fee i paid!!!!! I am still currently contacting DH gate chat customer service department EVERYDAY! I just go in circles with them! They have told me many times that they do not have good communication with their payment team (for a company that “guarantees refunds” you would think their customer service team would have good communication with their payment team). I know you may be thinking that my bad experience with them may have been due to an error on my behalf, but let me assure you that I followed every rule and requirement DH gate requested of me in order to process my refund. Contacting their customer service team is a nightmare, you’ll have to explain your situation to them over and over again, and all they do is apologize for the problem. They never make an effort to fix it! I have spoken to multiple managers and they tell me they will fix the problem, but obviously nothing changes. Honestly save your self a problem and do not use this site. They are disorganized and not true to their word. The products are not made well. the product I ordered (a pair of shoes) came damaged and was not as described in the original ad. I am very disappointed and absolutely convinced this whole company is out to scam people.

  3. I fully agree with Hhout. I bought 2 cell phones thry this page from seller called “Goldstone” and he send me the phones in bad condition with not functioning operative system. I payed more tan 300 US dollars for not functionig phones and the seller does not wanted to return my money and in dispute with Dhgate there are no resolution till now!!!!! And on dispute site Dhgate is deleting my coments and my arguments!!! And I sended them videos and photos showing that the cell phones are not functioning. No response from Dhgate!!! It is fact that Dhgate is a SWINDLERS site. Do not buy from them they sell only bad and fake for a lot of money!!!

  4. chinese fakeout 14 October 2009 at 10:01 pm

    I can’t believe how many people think they’re going to get authentic merchandise from china. That’s the main reason most people go to dhgate because they want the fake stuff! for cheap! Where else can you get pair a of gucci sunglasses for $10. I spent over $5000 on dhgate and haven’t had any problems. Most people with problems there are the spoiled, inexperienced, mouthy american type. You gotta use your brain cells, research the sellers, know how to deal with chinese and gain respect, learn about customs and border patrol and lot’s of other stuff. Importing products from another country is not for your typical lazy boy, remote control, I want it now or else kind of person. You gotta at least have a functioning brain first.

    • Thumbs up Ammar. Many thanks for your post

    • 100% Agree… I have bought many things knowing they are Chinese replicas and I love them… I’ve saved hundreds of dollars from this site.

    • WantSomeService 6 May 2011 at 12:02 pm

      chinese fakeout = DHGate employee

      Don’t order from this company!

      They say 2 days to ship and it has been 3 weeks and nothing. We received a notice saying it shipped with a tracking number. Weeks go by with no shipment. We finally get a response and they stated that the shipping information was in error. I tried to get a ship date and they just say “patient, we will send”. They won’t even respond/talk to me anymore. I have tried to cancel the order – they still won’t respond.

      Where is the order?

      The most horrid customer service.

    • chinese fakeout 12 June 2011 at 1:51 pm

      do you have a few suppliers on dhgate that have done you right with shipping and products? If so please provide them to me since I ordered 3 items from 3 different sellers with all 100% rating and none ever came. Thank you.

    • good job dhgate ,com some seller on there are honest trust me i got my item in two days and it was like the picture that put on there and discription are all true.

    • You deserve a bottle of Bells

    • I agree

      I have spent a couple of thousand on music gear. I call them forgeries, but at 25% of the cost of the real they may not be 100% the same but they are at least 80% to 90% in most cases. The place is what it is.

  5. EVERY thing is fake crap on DHGATE I placed ten orders 2 cancled, 6 never shipped one made it totally fake crap had to toss in trash. and one customs keep. out a tone of money and pissed DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM DHGATE

    • People need to make sure what seller they are buying from because you can pay 100$ and click comfirm order that will give the buyer the money before they have even shipped it to you or even make it.

  6. Looks like we have another intelligent dhgate buyer LOL. We already know china sells fake merchandise its legal for them to, however there’s plenty of legitamate items on there as well(china brand).
    Unless you’re an authorized reseller of the name brand merchandise, clothing, dvds, software, video games etc. then it is most likely fake. Customs already knows that so if you order fake merchandise in bulk then it will have a high chance of being held up.
    I had 2 bulk items held up and about 50 single that went sraight threw, did I turn around and blame the 2 bulk items on dhgate? no I’m not that stupid besides I still got them after a month which is pretty common for shipments coming from the other side of the globe but most of them averaged about 2 weeks.

    And you said 6 were never shipped so how is it that I ordered over 50 shipments and got every one of them? I don’t think I need answer that.

    So if you want to buy from dhgate you need to buy a sample first from a reliable seller whom you already researched someone with over 100 feedback and who you can chat with and if you like the quality (china doesn’t have the same quality standards as we do)then you can order more in small shipments just make sure you know what your buying.
    China brand products are legal any popular US name brand product is most likely fake but legal to buy for yourself in small quantities just not to sell even though 100′s of people are selling it on ebay every day LOL.
    So that’s just a quick run down on how you can buy on dhgate or you can be like arthur swenson and just sit back and order whatever catches your eye and when things dont turn out like you expected just turn around and blame it all on dhgate LOL

  7. Frauds or mistakes???
    Oct. 13, 2009 10:56:16 PDT
    Transaction ID: 8R7070062N151135G
    Hello Viktors Graudins,
    You sent a payment of $114.00 USD to http://www.DHgate.com (service@dhgate.com)

    Dear ,DHgate!
    Every time I get different information.Today: -”We check you have not placed the order now, so could you place the order and tell me the order number?” but :
    This information I recieved from you in 21.10.09

    Dear DHgate Buyer,
    Thank you for contacting DHgate.com
    0903141569 We’re writing to inform you that your payment has been confirmed.
    Your items are presently being processed and will be shipped shortly.
    Once the seller ships your purchase, your item will be assigned a tracking number allowing you to follow its progress until it
    arrives. You’ll receive an e-mail containing your tracking number.
    In order to improve the quality of our service, we’d appreciate it if you would take 1-2 minutes to complete the following
    Any questions please feel free to contact us.
    Naomi Wang

    but this inform.I recieved in 23.10.09

    Dear viktors graudins ,
    We have canceled the order and issued a refund for your order 0903179141. You will receive it after 2-3 business days.
    Please wait patiently.
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We can recommend you some good sellers if you like and we will also send you
    a coupon, OK? Hope to hear from you soon.
    In order to improve the quality of our service, we’d appreciate it if you would take 1-2 minutes to complete the following
    Jessica Gao
    Customer Service Department

    What this all understand? Is it a fraud or something else? Do some are honest and others dishonest employees?
    Regards ,Viktors Graudins

  8. Tradetang is even worse last order of 5 only came with one seller said they shipped 5 yah right the box was way to small to ever had 5 rip off city. and if they ship you anything an empty box whatever pay pal will do nothing.

  9. There is a seller on dhgate with an excellent feedback score but, the photos they are using for their clothing products came from my website (they are photos our customers sent to me of their children wearing the authentic designer clothing we sell) and they have put a watermark on the photos as though they are their own designs.

    I have notified dhgate that this seller is using photos stolen from our site and claiming them as their own and, as yet they have done nothing about it, they have not even replied to my emails giving full details.

    Obviously this shows that they are counterfiting our goods.

    Buyer beware.

    • I would like to buy a Homecoming dress for my daughter that we saw on jenjenhouse.com for $129.98 + $29.98 S&H and DH Gates has it for $89.68 with free shipping. The photo on both sites is the exact same model & poses so now that I have read your remarks I am leary. What do you advise? We need the dress by October 26th, 2012. On jenjenhouse it is item# 022010575 and on DH Gates it is #142123405. Thanks.

  10. Dhgate try to say that they are an honest and caring wholesale site but, from the email I have received back from them it would seem that dhgate do not care if sellers are selling counterfit goods.
    Below is the email I sent to dhgate and their reply, I will continue to update on here:

    From:Lynn at ****
    Sent:09-11-17 21:20:05
    Subject:Images stolen from my website
    The images and the size charts for the following products are copyright to me and have been taken from my website by bag-kingdom. They have removed my copyright and added their own.


    I have sent a message to bag-kingdom but, they have not yet removed them.
    Please see below the links showing these products on my website.
    I have google archieve showing my copyright.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    Date sent: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 11:06:03 +0800
    To: Lynn@***.com>
    From: service
    Subject: RE:Images stolen from my website *^30975e6238^*

    Dear DHgate Buyer,
    Thank you for contacting DHgate.com

    DHgate only supplies a platform for the seller and the buyer. And you could use Ask Seller Question, contact with the seller directly you could ask any questions about the items or the images on this page.

    If the seller replies you, you can check it in “My message”.

    In order to improve the quality of our service, we’d appreciate it if you would take 1-2 minutes to complete the following survey.

    Any questions please feel free to contact us.
    Naomi Wang
    Customer Service Department

    Dear Naomi,
    As per my previous email, I have already tried contacting the seller.
    Does Dhgate allow sellers to sell counterfiet goods?
    PS In order to alert other people in how dhgate handles this complain I am posting details of my complaint and your replies at:

  11. All above dear friends and future’s reading friends:

    i am a bag seller in DH gate.My registered name in DH gate is tonydd.I occassionally found the website in internet.I found some friend’s complaints for their buying experience in DH gate.Anyway i feel very very regretful for your bad experience.I sincerely wish you don’t give up the dh gate.i also very abominable to those seller who haven’t any good faith.But i have to say i am really an honest and sincere seller for bags in DH gate.Please believe me.

    I also found DH gate when i waited plane in airport on june this year ,i just readed a Chinese economic magazine at that time.I sold bags on Chinese national website before,after got DH gate info,i spent 1 month preparation and then i set up my DH store on July this year.But i felt very sad and unhappy because i haven’t sold any bag untill now.To be frank,i majored in foreign trading when i was student in college,i already worked for foreign trading more than 8 years when i graduated from 2001.I just wanna found the reason why abroad guest don’t buy bag from my store,so i went to other golen and silver seller’s store in DH gate to see and study their experience(of course,i just went to high feedback score’s store).And finally i found most of them opened store in DH gate very early.So they accumulated a lot of scores in the past 2 or 3 years,so they led me so much…..I think it’s main reason for their much successful than me.Frankly speaking,the seller just like me,who don’t have any feedback or the feedback is very low,we are eager to show guest our products and our service.We are more enthusiastic,but due to late landing on DH gate and low feedback……it’s really make me frustrated.But i promise my bags is very excellent ,i have confidence absolutely,i now have 400bags on DH bags to sell,i prepare to list more maybe 1000 kinds next year if my business process is more smooth in the future in DHgate.

    So now i sincerely wish all foreign friends could spend your little time to visit my store.It’s really doesn’t matter you buy or not.my store ‘s DH website is here:

    Finally,please feel free to contact me by DH gate email if you have any request and suggestion.I sincerely and warmly welcome any positive info,feedback,inquiry,and suggestion from you.I surely will offer the best service for you.Thank you for all of you.

    Your sincerely,


  12. I hope they allow sellers to sell counterfeit goods. That’s why most people go there to begin with because that’s exactly what they’re looking for, China doesn’t have to follow copyright laws, thank god for that, you have to protect your belongings all on your own, poor you.

  13. How is it any suprise that they are selling counterfeit goods? OF COURSE IT IS!!! ITS COMING FROM CHINA!! The part that is frustrating about dhgate is the lack of customer service. But its almost no better then ebay really, exept dhgate backs the seller more so then the buyer, and vice versa with ebay. Beware of who you purchase from, and dont expect a 1000 dollar item for 30 bucks haha

  14. Hello
    I am new to dhgate and have recently listed a few of their items on ebay. Im just finding out that many of their items are remakes. BUT here in the US we pay tons of money for a “NAME” on a tag that isnt made any better then most any other brand for cheaper. So whats the difference if we buy their remakes? Heck 75% (or more) of everything we see here in our stores are “Made in China” anyway. So whats the big deal, as long as we list them as remakes so no one is surprised when they get their order?
    I mean for real, im curious so could someone please take the time to tell me what all the hype is about?
    Thank you all in advance.

  15. Hi,
    I’m new on Dhgate.com and I am ordering a prom dress from bag- kindgom. Has anyone ever ordered from them? I wanted to know if it would be safe for me to do so? Thanks :)

    • Hi Sydni, I also was wondering if anyone has purchased and recieved a prom dress. Did you buy one yet ? If you have was it the same as the picture and quality same as picture? Thank-you

    • Hello Sydni, I was curious as how your dress from DHGate turned out. I am planning to order one for my daughter’s wedding. Please reply ASAP. Thank you

    • I have ordered two bridesmaid dresses from DHgate on two separate occasions and as long as you pay close attention to what the actual fabric is, buy from a reputable seller, and chat with the seller (giving them all your sizes, just in case), you will get a good product. Seriously the dresses were like 80-90 bucks and they were not any different than the overpriced ones at David’s Bridal. Mine were both chiffon. The sewing was good and the fabric was decent. Wore one in the rain and it was okay once it air dried. I could even wear it again. It does take a long time to ship, but it is coming from China so 3-4 weeks is pretty standard. I say buy the prom/bridesmaid dress, but use your head. Confirm EVERYTHING with the seller through messages before you buy, don’t just click a button. For a dress you can only wear once, it’s better to buy a cheap knockoff than the real thing.

      Oh, also if you buy say 6-8 bridesmaid dresses at once like my friend did, the seller might give you a discount. Don’t be afraid to communicate with them.

  16. Be Warned Stay Away from these guys and save your money!
    DHgate Arbitration Result:
    Date: 2010-01-12 06:11
    No returns or replacements; seller refunds $1111.5
    If you have any problems about the result, please click here to email DHgate.
    From: Sam Ade
    to: DHGate
    Date: 2010-01-07 07:56
    Can you please ask seller if another package was shipped, and if so how many? Thanks
    From: Sam Ade
    to: DHGate
    Date: 2010-01-04 07:30
    Attachment: IMG_0082.JPG . IMG_0085.JPG . IMG_0083.JPG . IMG_0084.JPG .
    Here are the pictures. Thanks
    From: Sam Ade
    to: DHGate
    Date: 2010-01-04 06:59
    I bought and paid for 20 pcs in december. Seller promised to ship in 2 days.I waited for over 2 weeks and seller did not ship. After 3 weeks i opened a dispute with DHgate and seller promised to ship consoles to me. Seller sent me tracking number stating that item has been shipped and asked me to cancel dispute and release money to him. I have just received the delivery now and instead of 20 pcs that i paid for, there is only 7 pcs. Also i requested a UK charger, i got a US charger instead. There was supposed to be manuals in consoles but no manuals. On top of all this i had to pay for item to be delivered not free as advertised. I have had enough of the seller, i believe seller is trying to defraud me. Can i have my refund please. I will consider my losses on the items received. Please contact me for more information and evidences as needed. Thanks
    From: Sam Ade
    to: sword
    Date: 2010-01-04 06:46
    And you sent me US chargers with no manuals. Fraud!
    From: Sam Ade
    to: sword
    Date: 2010-01-04 06:40
    You sent me 7 piesces??!!!! I paid for 20!!
    From: sword
    to: Sam Ade
    Date: 2009-12-30 09:35
    hi samuel, your goods is already online ,the ups number is h8099986415,you can check it on this link: http://www.ups.com/WebTracking/track?loc=zh_CN&WT.svl=PriNav thanks regards
    From: sword
    to: Sam Ade
    Date: 2009-12-29 06:33
    hi my dear samual, could you tell me when can u close the dispute? if the goods online ,can u close it ? regards
    From: Sam Ade
    to: sword
    Date: 2009-12-29 06:29
    I’m sorry I cannot close the dispute yet. Thanks
    From: sword
    to: Sam Ade
    Date: 2009-12-29 06:26
    yes,my dear friend,the ups number is h8099986415,it will via hongkong to your country.it’s very fast.and it will online very soon,thanks it’s value $50 to the custom.thanks could you pls close the dispute for me ? regards
    From: Sam Ade
    to: sword
    Date: 2009-12-29 06:08
    Have you shipped?
    From: sword
    to: Sam Ade
    Date: 2009-12-28 07:22
    hi sam, thanks for your letter. really so sorry for this,the shipping sutuations is difference in recently,because all the foriengn countries in holiday now ,so the shipping company in our counry in holiday,too.just hope your understanding and waitting.change to ship it via ups just want to u receive the goods more fast,and it’s value less $50 to the custom,thansk hope your understanding. regards
    From: Sam Ade
    to: sword
    Date: 2009-12-28 06:58
    First you said you have shipped Via DHL now you say you will ship UPS. I’m tired of this i just want my money back. You obviously do not have the goods you promised,and even if you do, i don’t like what has happened so far. This has discouraged me from buying from you. Thanks
    From: sword
    to: Sam Ade
    Date: 2009-12-27 08:52
    hi dear sir, so sorry to see that. it’s the holiday now ,the imformation is cannot update.but they will back work tomorrow,your good will reach you very soon.the shipping company told me before ,they will change the method to ship the goods to you.
    From: sword
    to: Sam Ade
    Date: 2009-12-27 08:52
    it’s use ups,it;s expensive than dhl,but faster .because the dhl is difficult to pass the custom in recently,i’ll give you the ups number tomorrow,you can see it online soon.i have to ask you understanding again,so could you close the dispute when the number shows on ups website?thanks
    From: Sam Ade
    to: sword
    Date: 2009-12-27 08:43
    I have tried to be patient and understanding. But this is not working for me.

    And Here Is my paypal transaction page No Money was refunded: They work in hand with these sellers.Again I say be warned and stay away!
    Web Accept Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #7S093385EK3785234)

    Original Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    5 Dec 2009 Payment To http://www.DHgate.com Completed … -$1,710.00 USD

    Related Transactions
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    5 Dec 2009 Currency Conversion Completed Details -£1,066.84 GBP
    5 Dec 2009 Currency Conversion Completed Details $1,710.00 USD

    Business Name:
    http://www.DHgate.com (The recipient of this payment is Non-US – Verified)
    Payment Sent to:


    Total Amount:
    -$1,710.00 USD
    Fee amount:
    $0.00 USD
    Net amount:
    -$1,710.00 USD (equals -£1,066.84 GBP)

    Conversion from:
    -£1,066.84 GBP
    Conversion to:
    $1,710.00 USD
    Exchange rate:
    1 British Pound = 1.60286 US Dollars

    Item Amount:
    $1,710.00 USD
    $0.00 USD
    $0.00 USD
    Item Title:
    5 Dec 2009
    11:56:04 GMT

    Postal Address:


    Business Contact Information

    Customer Service Email: pay@dhgate.com
    Customer Service Phone: +86 861082257676

    Funding Type:
    PayPal Funds
    Funding Source:
    £1,066.84 GBP – PayPal Account


    • Dr. Larry Lammers 10 July 2011 at 3:51 pm

      fraud and lies……no gaurantees and no refund……stay away, we are notifying customs general office to stop all imports from them. Contact the import office closest to you and report them

  17. Hi,
    I’m new on DHgate.com and i am ordering a dress for my graduation.. I will like to know if is going to be worth it..


    • Hello Yorky, Found you on complaint website. curious as to how your dress turned out from DHGate? Planning to order a dress for my daughter’s wedding. Would like a HONEST response. ASAP. Need to order soon. Thank you.

    • I ordered a dress from the seller name tommisnowy. paid 6/12/12 rec.7/02/12. the dress look like a piese of carp and sewing by 1 year old ,left side sewed to right side. the dress just looks like run over by a 18 wheel.DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  18. dhgate customer service is pretty good, I’ve had some problems with them, but I am new and had a lot of questions, and its a bit frustrating with the language barrier and all, but I would give them a 7 on a scale of 1-10, compared to 6.5 with paypal, or ebay with a 3. I have spent several thousand dollars with DHgate and some stuff is crap, but others is fantastic, overall I am extremely happy.

  19. I have been using Beltal for a couple of years.I have been very happy with the
    service & products from most of the sellers I have used.I have had occasion to
    use the dispute procedure & found Beltal to be very fair. It’s like any site you
    have good & bad sellers.If you are unsure only use the Gold sellers & read their
    feedback comments, it just gives you some insight into what other people’s
    experiences with the seller were like.Myself I highly recommend Beltal.

  20. I ordered about 3 thousand dollars of Microsoft software from sellers on DHgate. I figured that maybe they could get Microsofts stuff really cheaply and pass the deals on to us. What a stinking joke. I started to sell the first box of software that I got and I was selling like crazy when one of the sellers themselves asked me how I liked the high quality copies they sold me. I said “High quality copies?”. And they replied that they could never sell the originals as they were too expensive. I emailed DHgate customer service and didn’t get a response. I emailed more sellers and didn’t get a response. I talked with Paypal and asked them what to do with fake merchandise and they immediately started disputes for all my purchases, most of which I hadn’t even recieved yet, and suddenly the sellers and DHgate services wanted to talk. Paypal stood up for me because they have policies against fake merchandise as did the credit card companies that I used for the purchases.

    Several sellers finally disclosed to me that all software on DHgate is just copies of originals. Listen people, I have been involved with computers and software for many years and I know that whether you sell on Ebay, Amazon, or whatever else, people want you to be honest with your goods. I don’t deal in fake crap and I don’t expect my customers to either and neither would any one of you.

    Needless to say, Paypal is fighting for me and the credit card companies are fighting for me. I have been refunded some of my money and I would expect the rest will follow.

    Why did I do this to begin with, you may ask? I am like any other person looking for the best deals. I read many reviews, both good and bad, and they accept Paypal, so I figured I would have a good chance.

    Wrong. Honesty was not their sellers policies. I have to say beware. The stuff is crap. I bought from the guy with highest positive feedback in that department by the name of army and it got me junk.

    Customer service tells me that they police their sellers very well and that fake merchandise results in harsh punishment. If all they sell is fake stuff, then how did that policy slip past them? You may get away with selling fakes on the major auction sites for a while, but not forever, and the penalties here in the USA are too harsh to risk it.

    Sorry DHgate, thumbs down.

    • Dr. Larry Lammers 10 July 2011 at 3:54 pm

      fraud and lies….my attorney and I are contacting customs and I advise you to do the same so as to stop all imports from DHGATE……..I promised I would spend 10 times what they stole from me to help close them down in the States

  21. lancome-chanel from dhgate

    watch that b..d , dont buy of him (or her)
    he will never send the items to you , and you will never recieve the refound of him.

  22. Having Street Smarts is best when buying ,where promises are plenty. It is hard for d.h. Gate to know all the sellers. The Chinese people are like shopping in Mexico. The good Part is the communication with DH gate is better than eBay.They are KIND AND GENTLY HELPFUL. If you run across a bad purchase . DH Gate will protect you and not release payment. I love DH gate. Like a puzzle every country is different and a lot of poor people. It is fun.

  23. Like a lot of places, there are good sellers and bad sellers. What I find interesting about some of the comments is that people are complaining about Chinese products. For goodness sake, everything almost you buy in North America says” made in china – kind of makes me laugh a bit how hypocritical we are.

    I have bought several ‘non-brand name items from dhgate and only once had some issues with the merchandise.

    But just the other day I also bought something from a US store and the silly game does not work for my son.

    My son and I have a game we play. Everytime we buy something we look at the label to see what is ‘NOT MADE IN CHINA.’

    Some of you folks need to just stop the BS. Most brand name products cannot be bought in the way you expect to buy them at a place like DH. If you want legit brand name products, then contact the company involved and ask how you can LEGITIMATELY obtain their products for resale.

    Come on guys, be real.

  24. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT using DHGate. I purchased a cell phone from wall tech and when I recieved it, it would only work properly half of the time. It was a piece of junk. I paid $123 US Dollars for this phone only to send it it back. They are only offering me $90 for a refund that means I am already out $33 plus $15 for shipping it back. Everytime I try to communicate to the seller or to DHGATE they will not return any of my messages. If your going to spend money buy AMERICAN not from CHINA.

  25. Well I wonder what is better…buy a good copy of a product that is new and functioning from dhgate or buy a used piece of old junk from somebodys garage on ebay? The people on dhgate will tell you exactly what the product is before you buy it, if somebody doesn’t then don’t buy from them. When I message a person on ebay asking questions about the item they are selling I am lucky if I ever hear from them at all. I feel (and I have my own opinion) that dhgate can give you some great deals just shop around and check the feedback before you buy, ask the seller what ever you want to know..and of course expect it will take some time to get to you but hell some ebay sellers take sometimes 4-6 weeks to get off their lazy ass’s to ship you the junk they sold you telling you it is new. like everything else, it’s up to the individual and what they are looking for.

  26. I just ordered 50 pairs of shoes over $1000 they shipped them through ups and the seller only has had 2 positive feedbacks so i took a risk and on dhgate the seller put i was buying dresses since they dont sell the shoes on dhgate i am expecting the package this week i will keep you posted on how everything turns out.

  27. i brought a wedding dress nothing like i seen on web, seller don’t want to refund money. DRESS IS TOTALLY DIFFERRENT

  28. Lynnae Direct Sales 15+ 22 June 2010 at 11:29 am

    THANK YOU JENNIFER!! OMG! Are you all five years old? This is the big real business world people, so “fold em” or “hold em”.
    Do your “Due Dilligence” and stop whining. It’s not DHgate’s, Ebay’s or anybody else’s responsibility to look out for you-it’s yours. The world is full of both bad and good sellers, buyers, people, you name it. 9 times out of 10 most people are going to treat you in direct response to your treatment of them And from what I’ve been reading here, I seriously doubt the ones with the problems were handling the situation with any kind of finesse at all. These are people you’re dealing with, use a little respect and you’ll get it in return. And if you do get burned regardless-learn something from it. That’s called “Doing Business”.

  29. I’m writing a Book DHGATE for Dummies any takers? I’m in the learning process myself here DO NOT BUY BRAND NAME!!! Generic items are the only items to buy from DHGATE. Ohh and always ask if branded is “high copy” they will always say yes. You gotta learn the terms “friends!” :)

    • Hi!Although most of our networks here are quad band in Phils., 850/900/1800/2100 I am still havnig hesitations of acquiring cellfones from china, my concern is it’s MMS. I had checked with our network providers here if they support MMS settings for China phones, like the Sharp SH9020c K883, I was told they don’t have Settings for China phones. I really loved this phone, but MMS sending and receiving is vital to our everyday tasks here too. Pls. Help. Is there any other way how to configure MMS settings?

  30. I am thinking of purchasing a wedding dress on Dhgate and was wondering if anyone had feedback about wedding dresses?

    • I would not. My future daughter-in-law bought hers from them and it was fine but don’t order from “bag-kingdom” as I ordered a dress from them and it was a black dress and someone made it with a gold lining which shows through the black chiffon outer layer. This place will not refund or replace. I have tried everything and have had no help from them. This was my dress for my son’s wedding. Now I am out over a hundred dollars and have a dress I cannot wear.

      IF you decide to get your dress through them, be sure to get one that has free shipping. The price of my dress was low but the shipping was almost twice the cost of the dress!!!!! GOOD LUCK

    • 27/9/2010
      Hi Leah I bought my daughters debs dress from dhgate bag kingdom it was a beautiful dress on the web site but when it arrived it was a disaster,one side of the dress was completely different to the other it just looked awful you would need to see it to believe it.Luckily i can sew i had to rip the skirt from the bodice and rip off half the skirt when i was finished it looked fantastic and i suppose i would not have got the fabric for the price i paid for the dress and you would not see the dress in the shops it looked fantastic.You should try[ light in the box] i bought a dress from them last year and it was perfect in every way ,you get what you see and its made to the measurements you give.Have a look at their site.Best of luck Sandra

  31. Raisa Hernandez 10 August 2010 at 10:58 am

    Hi i have a problem my seller doesn’t want to return my money back. he said that he doesn’t do returns or replacements.i bought 5prefumes and he said it was high quality copys and it wasnt nothing like he said the only thing that was high quality was the box.i have the original one and the one he sent to me didnt smell anything like the real one.i paid $79.80 and he dosen’t want to propose a solution and i sent my items back to the adress he want now he has the money and the perfume.my order number is 1004893218 the seller name is. happy yunxia

  32. Dear visitors / potential buyers, be warned before spending any money on DHgate.com:

    1. DHgate does not enforce dispute rules posted on their site. In most cases support, sales, after sales do not respond to your attempts to contact them. If they do respond, then they respond with long delays. They contradict stated DHgate dispute rules published on their website and leave all arrangements to a seller. By the time a seller has your money, you have no enforcement or cooperation from DHGate at all.

    2. DHgate has rules not posted on its site that it follows and these hidden rules protect the interests of sellers, not buyer. Do you know that when a package is sent to you via mail service with tracking, then receiving the package automatically produces “complete” status for your trade and you do not have a way to open a dispute on their website? Do you know that sales and after-sales contact people often impose an aggressive deadline (1-2 days) on you that you have to provide some additional information and when you do provide that information they pretend of never receiving it?

    Go on google and search “dhgate scam”. Check http://www.fraudwatchers.org and search for dhgate.com

  33. I have business in eu and in my opinion eu marketplaces are safer, for me momoway business searcher is ok

  34. I really think DHgate has no customer protection at all. Please beware of a seller by the name SHANGDIAN258. He does not honour his advertisement. I was conned by him and he refused to reply my message nor does he wants to refund me. I ask for the customer service for rescue but nothing they can do. I waited for 2 months for my stock. He used a fake EMS number to make me wait for 2 months. Just beware of him.

  35. Ravivarma Chattergoon 30 March 2011 at 9:43 am

    I’ve been looking at products from dhgate advertisement and for three days trying to have my questions through and cannot find the proper channel.

    Nothing is is clear, very scarry, and seemed trustworthy. From now on I finished with dhgate advertisement.

    The costs on dhgate items are not straight forward, and consistent. DHgate please do a better job if there’s a honest business practice.

  36. bought a couple dresses from them and never received them, very bad customer support, If your buying online, you have to be careful to scam sites like these, and look for site’s like vastsale.com that uses paypal, so you can complain and get your money back

  37. mohammed rahman 3 May 2011 at 10:25 am

    I mohammed raman placed an order#1106946935 price amount $73.33 for a digital spy wristwatch and i have paid that amount.when i enquired about my order shipping status i found that my order has changed to order #1106912747 amounting price $134.40 and waiting for payment.i want to know to proper authority about my order#1106946935. may i know why my paid order item have not yet shipped to me?Why you are waiting for cancelled and unpaid item? i regret for that ,and itherefore, request you to please ship item of order#1106946935 or please return price amount $71.33 to my credit card account.

    • Stephen English 25 May 2011 at 6:15 am

      For all those that paid by Credit Card, if you have a dispute, contact the credit card company and tell them you have not received goods that you paid for by card over the internet and that you believe you have been the victim of Credit Card theft/fraud and you should get your money back!

  38. This has got to be the dumbest company on the face of the earth. I got two of the three items I ordered and I keep demanding where the other one is(quite expensive) and they keep telling me I didn’t get it because I didn’t order it. I e-mail them a copy of the invoice with all three products on it..same answer. One person told me that’s not their product, well..where did it come from? They took my money for it, it was on their website. I absolutely hate dealing with these people, kindergarteners could figure out a problem better than they could…

    • sadly, they take photos that do not belong to them, use them to sell items they do not have. They stole two of my photos and they don’t even know how to make that particular item as it is my own unique design, LOL

  39. My daughter ordered her prom dress, gave measurements etc and paid for the dress. A month later we had an email saying they have no material like the photo etc and was very vague with the measurements. We asked for a refund, we have had several rude emails and still no email. They emailed us saying if we gave them bad feedback they would not refund our money. I have said i will not make any comments, but still cannot get my refund. Any ideas anyone???

    • Stephen English 25 May 2011 at 6:16 am

      If you paid by Credit Card, if you have a dispute, contact the credit card company and tell them you have not received goods that you paid for by card over the internet and that you believe you have been the victim of Credit Card theft/fraud and you should get your money back!

  40. Raewyn Walker 12 May 2011 at 6:36 am

    I have purchased quite a few items from dhgate and have had no problems with them …great correspondence ….very fast delivery and items where exactly as described .I would purchase from them again for sure.

  41. We are unhappy with the e-shop dhgate.com. We have received over half a cheaper product and does not even seem that for which we paid. It’s very is unpleasant!!!

    • It is due to the fact that they take other peoples photos and claim them as their own. They stole a photo of mine showing a bow that I created/designed myself. They would not even know how to make it unless they purchased one and took it apart, which they have not done. My experience so far is they are ripoffs and thieves who take photos that do not belong to them and use them to sell their junk.

  42. have used dhgate for 2 months now. extremely satisfied with products and shipping time. only had one problem with a damaged pkg (intransit). seller working to recifty. will definitely use again and again.

    • What did you buy and do you have the name of the suppliers? I see a lot of complaints, and ok things, on this iste, but no names to warn people. I’m trying to research my supplier prior to getting into this mess. Thanks

  43. Worst online seller bar none

    irresponsible seller, zero customer service standards and zero oversight

    I’ve stated as much here:

  44. Stephen English 25 May 2011 at 6:07 am

    I have had some very good experiences with DHGate in the past, but my recent purchase of $500 worth of T-shirts has been a rip off. I complained and eventually opened a dispute with DHGate about the sizes and the Quality. They totally ignored my numerous emails with the evidence showing the problem. Unfortunately there are some Sellers who are not to be trusted “handbagpurse” is one of them. My complaint was as follows: THE GOODS ARE OF POOR QUALITY AND THE SHIRTS ALTHOUGH THEY SAY THE SIZE IS XXL THEY WERE ALL SMALL TO MEDIUM IN SIZE, DO NOT RELY ON THE SIZE TAGS: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! THEIR ARE THIEVES AND VERY DISHONORABLE PEOPLE AND NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

  45. Stephen English 25 May 2011 at 6:10 am

    Do not buy from the Seller “handbagpurse”

  46. DHgate is just a rip off. I ordered for dresses with bagworld168 but till now its has been two months since. I have called, sent emails, but nothing has been done all they tell me to do is wait for the fake order# that i was given. Be careful with DHGATE and bagworld168

  47. A seller on DHGate has STOLEN my my photos of my little girl in hair bows, took off my name on the bottom and put their own watermark on the photo like it belongs to them. I contacted the seller who was very arrogant and told me to “prove” it was my daughter!!!!!!! I posted / emailed/ tried everything with DH Gate and nothing so far has been done. I posted on the forums, and one moderator for DH Gate said they would investigate and keep me posted….seems there is nothing that can be done. There were other photos in that sellers store which were taken from other bowmakers that I personally know!!! RIP OFF, and THIEVES who STEAL pictures and claim as their own!!!

    • Pam,

      May I ask the name of the vendor? I was getting ready to purchase some bows but noticed the pictures tend to look the same and some even said Dimples & Dandelions I believe which is a boutique that I purchased a pettiskirt from in the past for my daughter. I just want to avoid them if possible. Thanks.

  48. Candice mcafee 12 June 2011 at 2:03 pm

    loads of shippiing trouble promise partial refund , ask for photo before accepting dress. many buyers complain about dress not looking or fitting like picture . JcPenny has 15 lovely dresses for 117.00 or less . dont take a chance . I have researched this after not getting dress , they stall till dispute time is up . designer rippoffs someare lucky and happy Too many have complaints which make satisfaction and refunds difficult . Ask for photo of YOUR finished dress not the designer rippoff . still waitingfor refund , they are making me payshipping for dress I never gotI found 2 lovely dresses for myy beach wedding . Buy American many bargains in dept and plus size catalogs . I ama large so I order plus med and it fit fine giving plenty of room in bust . Chinese run small. you can always take it in easier than adding expensive gussets.

  49. A friend of mine gave me the Website 2 investigate cos she was scared of ordering blc d prices were too cheap. I have an idea 4us all, I’ve no experience of being ripped off or being satified; but For dose dt have, why not post both ur experiences and the names of the sellers §o u could help 2 warn or encourage pple dt has never purchased any item. Thank u all

  50. ALL OF YOU WHO DONT LIKE CHINESE GOODS OR SERVICES REMEMBER THIS SAYING “YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET” STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE SLOW!!!! SPEND TOP DOLLAR AT THE AMERICAN MALLS AND SEE WHAT KIND OF QUALITY AND SERVICE YOU GET! MADE IN CHINA!!!in other words stop trying to get over and save a penny! learn the business of buying and selling understand the cons and pros in this business game CHINA IS KNOWN FOR SELLING UNLICENSED GOODS YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW THAT !WHAT IN THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT TO GET FOR 90% CHEAPER!!!!with this economy in the U.S. i recommend you take that chance and purchase from china at a wholesale price BECAUSE 80% OF AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS ARE ALREADY OUTSOURCING THEIR PRODUCTS TO CHINA ANYWAY!!!

  51. just to let yall know CHICAGO’S WHOLESALE DISTRICT GOT RAIDED FOR SELLING FAKE MERCHANDISE!!! all of our american malls and corner stores buy goods from the wholesale district!!!! so no matter where you shop there is a 50% chance its fake anyway!!

  52. all dvds,computer softwar,monster beats headphone ,CHI/GHD/Babyliss/sede flat irons and most of other item s sell on dhgate are fake product,some one buy from dhgate with very low price and resell on ebay or other web for super high profit ,and the list is not advertising real pix , be aware

  53. Dr. Larry Lammers 10 July 2011 at 3:38 pm

    sellar on DHGATE sold fraudulant golf clubs and lied after repeated questions about it/them. Then DHGATE which interviened and said they would guarantee my refund has not done it…BUYER beware………lies and fraud

  54. Many people complain DHGate is a scam, I would like like to say “DHGate is just a platform, like ebay, many Chinese seller sale products on this platform, of course some are good ,some are bad, it is generally safe, some sellers there are definitely not”safe”. I bought two dresses from DHgate, one is for my reception, another is for my ceremony, my reception dress is not good quality than another one.

    I bought 3 bridesmaid dresses from perfectweddingforever.com. They looks gorgeous. So in my opinion, if you do not want to take risk of your wedding dress, you can buy from those reliable online stores, like perfectweddingforever, lightinthebox, etc, at least, they sell their own brand dresses.

  55. I ordered my wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses from dhgate my wedding dress is beautiful and fits perfect the bridesmaid dresses are beautiful but not what I expected both sellers were very nice and helpful I didn’t have any problems with processes but I did my homework on both sellers before I decided on them best part about any of this my wedding dress that would’ve cost me atleast $700.00 only cost 129 n my bridesmaids dresses were only $55.00 but this whole thing was crazy and nerve racking not knowing if your items are going to whatyou actually ordered

    • Hi! I would like to order my wedding dress from dhgate as well but after hearing too much negative feedback I’m scared..

      What seller did u buy your dresses from?? tips?

      Thank you!

  56. I was Scammed!!! Bought a ring from DH/ seller. He shipped it alright. The wrong ring, the wrong size. I wear a 4 and he shipped a 10. i have no way to return it. He had no return address on shipping package. When I asked DH how to return the ring. They gave no answer. Work out a resolution with seller. I emailed DH customer service they said to work something out with seller. How can you work out something when the seller doesn’t respond. After three emails to customer service, I get a system response from seller (what the heck is that?) not an email directly from the seller. The seller supposedly said he would refund me 5. us dollars. My purchase was 65 dollars. Aahahahh!!! DH is now ignoring my requested refund. There is no customer service help, doesn’t exist, there is no secure protection on your money and there is no secure protection on your credit card information, either!!! I don’t understand how the credit card companies and Paypal still do transactions with DH?? I only lost 65 dollars. But 65 x thousands of people still buying from DH. Stupid people like me that don’t google consumer reviews. Buyer… Save your money…don’t buy from DHgate. They are scamming innocent people.

  57. i bought 3 tablets from dhgate two years and they still have just got here i opened it they sent me a plastic barbie tablet and a note saying sorry it took so get the tablets and gave me a one dollar coupon saying buy again. never buy from that i know from experience.

  58. Ordered a phone and pc tablet from two different sellers. Contact was great through DHGate email, products shipped really quick and that was the good bit. My phone’s screen went tits up (broken) while sat on a shelf, it failed to display fully. When contacting the seller he blamed me for the proble. Cutting a long story short after loads of emails, I ended up paying to get the svreen replaced as screens weren’t covered under warranty.
    My tablet PC never worked right from the start, touching the screen was very slow to repond, it would,t scroll and so on. After lots of emails again and a few software updates I’m no further forward. Apparantly they have a return policy for 7 days and then you have to send it back for warranty repair(more money for post) I have yet to do this as he continues to tell me to try this and that.

    I’ll give both sellers their due, they have continued to be nice while I have become more and more irate. DHGate customer service has been garbage, they just refer me back to the seller because their the people who sold me the gear. Not much support there if things go wrong.

    All in all, totally dissapointed with the service. Just pay a bit more in the UK where you can guarantee your rights to return a product if rubbish. Prices are good but service is rubbish, don’t go there particularly for electrical goods. Be warned.


  59. International customers BE VERY CAREFUL: On higher price items DH Gate have recently been deliberately telling customers that Payment verification has failed. In truth this is a scam. They still manage to take the money out of your account, they then promise to refund back in a week or so later the full amount. What they don’t tell you is the exchange rate they refund it back in at is very bad. Customers can expect to loose around 10% of their money when no transaction of goods has even taken place. I strongly recommend that you avoid this company for any high price items.

  60. a am victime for dhgate company the company is fake

  61. Everyone here that has had troubles with DHgate.com – especially those complaining about quality issues are just plain stupid.

    The stories from people expecting high quality phones, software originals etc. should do some research before they start spending thousands of dollars – order a sample first.

    I operate an online store selling unbranded phones and have never had a problem. I explain to my customers they are unbranded and the price reflects the quality. I cannot believe it is not obvious to the people having problems, that you cannot pay $100 for a similar product you can buy in America for $700.

    Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is. Sometimes there is a fraudulent seller but read the feedback and that will give a good indication of the product and service you will receive.

    I also agree with the people that have been having issues that yes, excise caution and use your common sense combined with a LOT of research, BEFORE committing to purchase.

    I am not a DHgate.com employee (I live in New Zealand (Yes we have computers and the country is not overrun with sheep lol)) and came across this review in a google search.


  62. I have ordered from DHGate 3 times and have had no problems. Every time I have reveived what I ordered and received it on time and in good condition. All I can say is that maybe if you go looking for the the chepest price on the internet then you will most likley get what you pay for.

  63. are buying shippment of snapbacks hats legit to buy off this website for my own use? and able to get in full

  64. Dhgate scamed me about $150 in 2010. I bought a phone from them, they sent me broken phone and i returned it, they received it and they told that they did not received it.
    I tried for over 10 months to get my refund with no succes.
    DON’T BUY FROM THEM. i would prefere an expensive item here in USA instead of dealing with those mafia. REMMBER cHINESE ARE #1 ELECTORNICS CHIEFS IN THE WORLD.

  65. DO NOT BY from DHGate! I ordered a tablet PC and never received it. The worst of all was that the site completed my order automatically after 90 days. I contacted DHGate and they did not respond on this issue. They told me they would do a refund but I am still waiting for my money. And the seller is gone with my money. So NEVER BY FROM DHGate.

    I use also “Dealextreme” and “lightinthebox” I did several orders and I received 100%.
    I know a few other users whit the same experience.


    • eBay is indeed a shopipng site, in addition to having auctions. They offer Buy-It-Now items as well as auction-style. They also just recently introduced a shopipng cart so you can easily buy from multiple sellers.Check in your My eBay pages there should be a section for your cart. There must be an X box or other button you can click to remove the item from your cart.

  66. Has anyone dealt with a supplier named win-win sourcing company and/or Wishsucuceed168. I need information about their customer service, products, shipping…if they are legit? Thanks.

  67. DHGate is just a platform, like ebay, many Chinese seller sale products on this platform. For car dvd players, I would suggest this website: care-about.com

  68. Good afternoon.
    I am interested in price video pipeline inspections, and how you can purchase it.
    Does your product is sold here in Russia? If so, where?

  69. Like all websites where users can load their own content, there is bound to be the odd rotten apple. But you’ve got to admit, it crossed your mind when you pressed the ‘pay now’ button that you were taking a risk!!!
    I have had great products from DHgate and will recommend them to anyone. Seller communication is great and the prices are cheap, what more could you want?
    If your new to dhgate and reading all the nasty comments on here and being put off buying, remember people who are happy with their purchases generally don’t leave comments on forums, its just the people who want a moan who leave the bad comments. Just be cautious, read feedback and communicate with the seller.

    • Hi Sharon, The frequencies of most GSM neowrtks around the world are 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz. You may have noticed that there are several types of cell phones sold on DHgate; they include dual-band, tri-band, and quad-band. Dual-band cell phones support two GSM frequencies of the four mentioned above, and tri-band cell phones support three while quad-band support four—which means that the latter can be used in almost every corner of the globe that has GSM network. Since the phone you mentioned is a quad-band phone, it can be used in your country as long as your areas support GSM network. You can look up if there’s any carrier in your country that support GSM network. For more details, pls read this article .

  70. Ninett Wasserman 18 January 2012 at 12:27 pm

    I would not recommend dealing with this company. They do not stand behind their promise of quality merchandise and proper customer service. The merchandise may look good in the pictures. But, what you receive is not the same. Additionaly, they double charged for the merchandise and would not refund it. Be ware before dealing with this company. They are not relaible and dishonest.
    I recently purchased a dress for a customer.
    The garment i received was not the correct size. I ordered a Medium, and received what appears to be an extra small, although there is no ticket on it to indicate what size it is. There was no indication of fabric content, size or place of manufacturing.

    • Yeah you need to be careful ordering clothing from DHgate, the sizing is different over there because Asian ladies have a different body type to us Western ladies, they have a shorter midrif and what is a size 10 for them is often a size 6 for us!

  71. I had success my first purchase, received what was as expected, clock movements, that functioned and have had no complaints. Yet i only ordered 10…placed another order later and two months no movements, no response by email – telephone. The best part i cannot log into my account. I’ve reset my password yet that wasn’t the problem i would enter my login information and the page would reset. after multiple issues as far as logging in and better yet not receiving my order which was charged out of my account before i even obtained a tracking number, this is the most worthless company i’ve ever dealt with. i’ve read multiple reviews and am concerned that i was relinked to a scam website, but no response from the company is quite a bit of an issue at the same time.

  72. Hi i am a really satisfied costumer of dhgate….. there products are very much the same as the original and sometimes its the original thing

  73. Warren W Valentine 6 March 2012 at 6:42 am

    i bought some 24 bty 2500 ni-mh batteries from dhgate. They are all junk, no one will charge. HOW can they sell something on their website without knowing the quality of the product. THEN they got the balls to tell me, if i want a refund i have to pay the postage to send back the junk they sold me. As far as i am concerned dhgate and all of CHINA and their junk can kiss my ass.

  74. I ordered Silver color dress. They sent me gold color dress. I told them that they sent me a wrong color.
    They denied it. I insisted on refund. They told me that I send the dress to the specific address that they provided. I sent it paying a lot of shipping cost from Portland Oregon to China. I waited for a while for refund. Then they never put any credit to my card. I contacted them again. They said they have never recieved the package.
    I think they were lying. These people are not honesty busienss people. Please dont’ buy any clothing from this website.

  75. I received a shipment from the supplier store005. They had a 100% approval rating. The dress looks like it was sewn by a 5 year old. it was supposed to be 2 layers of material. it was not. they lined the lace bodice including the sleeves with a heavy tarp like material. I am told when I return the dress at my cost, they will refund me.The cost to return is half the cost of the dress not including the custom brokerage fee I had to pay & the exchange rate. I don’t trust them. I am trying to get DHgate to intervene but there is a waiting process before they will. The rating system in place for their suppliers cannot be trusted. My advise is not to do business with this company.


  77. JOKE is on you! Dhgate is a joke! I bought a dress and they made the dress the wrong size by 6 inches. My daughter tried on the dress ( after giving measurements) and within 10 minutes I emailed them to inform the dress was made wrong. Well 4 Months later I still can not get my money back and their. Guarantee is a joke. Dhgate ignores consumer until they finally tell you that they released money to dress maker. I sent at least 70 emails and have finally figured out the JOKE is on me!

  78. I purchased a dress for $166 from seller Love Rose for an occasion. The dress i received was awful, nothing like the picture on the website plus it was damaged and unfinished. I have been chasing the matter up for over 5 weeks, where the seller stopped communication with myself until i left honest feedback. They then blackmailed me and said they would only refund the full payment if i deleted the feedback. Silly me- i did and again the seller has stopped all communication and won’t reply to any of my messages.
    NEVER BUY FROM THIS SELLER OR COMPANY!! complete and utter waste of time, effort and money

  79. I order yiqi cream …i send payment with westenunion ……they accepted $112.68 MTCN=594 683 0919 ACC…2P2012060107271706592..but they don’t send my order …so …i am tire…hate you

  80. Do not buy very hard to get refund you don’t receive…… Trying for 30 days….

  81. I wonder if anyone has bought charms and beads through dhgate, the thing is that if I go to Walmart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Joann all products say MADE IN CHINA, so therefore the quality is not for me very important I just want to know how long it takes to receive the order and if indeed it is delivered.

    Thanks for take your time to answer me !
    God bless you !

    • Yes! I have bought beads, european charms, pendants and findings from them and they were of fantasic quality! However, stay away from the tibetan silver pandora style charms, or anything made from tibetan silver, when you have a close look at the picture they are not very detailed and are quite rough. Always have a good close look at the picture, and always check to see if they have had repeat business on that item by looking at the “transaction history”. If they have had no repeat business, or no business at all, don’t buy.

  82. amys777 is not replying on my messages anymore, I order a gooaple v5 last MAY 25, I received the phone and used it for only few days! The phone hangs and won’t work anymore. I send it back to the seller and promised me that He will replace my Phone, it was hold then by China’s custom for almost 3 weeks, then after receiving the phone he told me that he will ship it to me within the next 24 hrs, but instead he send it after 3 days!!! I patiently waited for almost a month given me afake china post tracking no. and then he told me that my phone was seized by China’s custom? and promise me again that He will send my replacement phone for the next 48 hours, but until now he ignores my messages! no tracking no. or anything, BEWARE WITH THIS SELLER AMYS777, HE IS A VERY DISHONEST SELLER

    Ownership & Capital
    Year Established:2011-04-29
    Legal Representative/Bussiness Owner:Liu Yi

    Company Name:Amys777
    Business Type:Manufacturer Wholesaler
    Product/Services:Electronic,Network,Watch,Jewellery,Health & Beauty
    Registered Address:GuangDong
    Number of Employees:30


  83. Run, don’t walk, away from their custom clothing division!! I have a performing group in Chicago and we ordered 5 custom-made dresses from one of DHGate’s sellers (Sunvary) in late 2011. First note, their payment system was NOT set up as presented on the DHGate site as they wouldn’t start my order until my payment cleared… But the dresses showed up as promised and were fantastic! So we ordered a second set of “summer” dresses in May, 2012. When they showed up, I was flabbergasted! They were as awful as the first ones were terrific! Poorly made, ill-fitting, scarves sewn on backwards, crooked zippers, crooked bra pads and a bra pad sewn into the bottom hem of one! A total wreck! I contacted our previously friendly Sunvary rep and was told to send pictures. I did. Then they dropped off the planet…a total scam!!

    I received NO replies to my repeated weekly attempts to get information about my refund. Until today when I was politely told I had waited too long and the 120 day review period was closed… again, total scam!!

    I went back to DHGate Customer Service directly to report them and as I went back to my Message Center inbox to re-create the timeline of SUNVARY’S neglect, MY INBOX MESSAGES HAD BEEN DELETED!!!!! There was no longer ANY PROOF of my conversations about this order – at all!!!

    I lost $600 to this site and will tell everyone I can to AVOID THEM AT ANY COST!!

  84. Wow, with reviews like this, why are these guys still in business lol. . . .

  85. DO NOT USE… I ordered “outdoor wireless” security cameras in August. Got the shipment w/in a few days. Cameras were misrepresented and basically junk. FINALLY got seller to agree to refund AND pay return shipping AFTER he rec’d product back. I shipped back. Took month to get refunded my original costs. Still “trying” to get back my shipping costs. Their dispute resolution is a joke. Bottom line… If it looks too good to be true… it is! Buyer beware!!

  86. DHgate is simply a platform where buyers and sellers can connect, however, there are a lot of sellers on there who sell things which are not the quality which we expect – it is China after all! I have been buying from DHgate for a couple of years now and I have had some great experiences and a couple of experiences which literally made me cry, but through this I learned some very valuable lessons!

    Lesson 1. You’re not going to find real name brand prodcuts. In order to get name brand products you have to contact the comapanies directly, and they do not sell on DHgate. The brand name electrical items such as hair straighteners, ipods, mobile phones etc. will not be the real thing, will not work the same as the originals and have a 30% defect rate. Shoes, clothing and accessories are close, but not the real thing. Don’t buy name brand products from DHgate thinking you’re going to get the real thing or you will be dissapointed.

    Lesson 2. DO NOT buy hundreds of a particular product without buying a smaller quantity first. Yes it is more expensive and yes takes more time, but you need to check for quality first. Don’t blow hundreds of dollars on items because they’re cheap, a really cheap price is often too good to be true.

    Lesson 3. Ask a lot of questions. “How many transactions have been made on this item? Has anyone re-ordered? Are there any buyer reviews? Has the seller had this profile for long?” The reason you need to ask these questions is because once a seller who has been selling less than quality items has had any negative feedback they often close up shop and open a new profile.

    Lesson 4. You probably wont get your money back, I know this seems unfair to anyone who has been ripped off, but if they gave money back to everyone who claimed the products were crap they’d be opening a flood gate of Westerners who want to scam them. It’s a gamble to buy from DHgate, but if you play the game right you can win. There are genuine sellers on DHgate, the problem is there are more scammers than genuine sellers, you just have to do your research.

    I hope this has helped some people, good luck on your next purchase!

  87. i would be happy if they would reply to one of my six or more emails i have sent, tracking number is no good ,bunch of shonks they can not even lie to me where my goods are because i can not get hold of any body

  88. Concerned buyer 29 January 2013 at 6:58 am

    So we bought what we thought were real cell phone cases from them only to find out from our buyers that the cases were counterfeit. I then asked the seller if they were intact counterfeit to which she replied that yes they were and that everything on DH Gate with a brand name on it is fake and that they don’t sell real branded products on their site. We were turned in for selling fakes and have worked with the proper Channels to take care of it. But as for getting a refund from them, you can forget it. We had to turn our stuff over to the authorities and the seller and DH Gate told us if we want a refund we have to mail everything back first. Not only can we not send them back because we no longer have them, but even if we could it is a federal offense to knowingly mail counterfeits items in the US. We told them all of that and they have refused to work with us on getting a refund. We did the dispute and escalated it to DH Hate and after 2 weeks of that DH Gate tells us to work something out with the seller since we cannot send it back. Hello, what is the point of escalating it to DH Gate for mediation if they are just gonna tell us to work with the seller who has refused to refund us? Not to mention the seller openly admited to selling us fake goods to which DH Gate claims they don’t allow, but clearly they only care about their sellers because they saw all the email traffic between us and still sided with the seller after knowing she broke their policies. If you don’t mind being a shady seller and selling fake stuff then go ahead and buy from them. But just keep in mind that anything name brand on their site is fake and they will not refund you unless you break the law and send back their fake goods. Which I’m sure they will just turn around and sell to some other unsuspecting buyer. Don’t put yourself in the situation of breaking the law, stay away from DH Gate.

  89. I’m from nigeria having interest to start mini importation biz but have ideas about ur services. How safe is your biz?

  90. sharon foster 26 March 2013 at 4:00 pm

    hi all ,
    really seen a great wedding dress love it so much,cant aford the real thing . can any one tel me that they have orderd one and it was nice. ITS by angel on DHGATE . can u tell me if it ok to buy from dhgate

  91. This is the most unprofessional site! I ordered motorcycle fairings, there were scuffs scratches and chips all over it. There were also runs in the paint!?! Half the parts don’t fit and the ones that do fit are only held together because I still had the hardware from my old parts. Do not buy from this site ! I complained sent pictures and I still haven’t herd back from them!

  92. hello,

    i would like to know if anyone has ever bought jewelleries on dhgate…. i’ve just ordered some and waiting for them and after reading all these comments, i’m kind of skeptical.

  93. Hello, I bought 10 E Puffer Atomizers, and got them in about 10 days. They arrived just fine, and all look like they will work fine, as the one I did try, did work just fine. This order of 10 Atomizers, saved me about 20.00, in American money. I have no complaints.

  94. DHGate is a joke, favors the seller.

    This is a review of both the seller “cecelia” and the website “DHGate”. I bought this phone from seller Cecelia almost 3 months ago. I received the phone in time. The problem: the phone was listed as “4GB ROM memory” however it had only total memory of 2.4GB (1.27 internal and 1.17 external). This was checked with several apps. All of them read the same memory info. The used memory was shown separately and listed the memory used by system as well. The total was 2.4GB including all used memory. Cecelia wanted me to use an app called “An tu tu” to test the memory. That of course showed the same numbers. During several weeks of correspondence with “Cecelia” they kept claiming that the system memory does not show up and real memory is 4GB. Sending the phone back to China is not an option because shipping costs too much. Finally I opened a dispute through DHGate. They asked me to send “evidence” to which I mailed them the photos of the phone showing the system info from several apps. However GHGate seemed to just want to delay things and run out the clock. They repeatedly kept asking me to “send evidence” even though I had already sent it 5 times. Finally after the 5th time they said “we have received evidence however you must use the attached app to test the phone and send photos from that”. They wanted me to use the app “Ztest” “within two days or we will release the payment to seller”. So I used the “Z test” to check the phone memory. Of course this showed the same numbers. This test also clearly showed total memory of 1.27Gb internal and 1.1 external. However this was still not acceptable to DHGate. Their conclusion “this number does not include system memory and with system memory the phone has 4GB, Case closed”. The second problem this phone has: it claims to have 3G however to date (3 months) the 3G function on this phone has not worked. It works only in 2G frequencies (on T-mobile). Other minor problems: 1. poor instruction manual on the use of the phone. 2. Although it is Android 4.2, it has many little quirks and took long time to learn to use the phone. 3. I have not been able to find a case/cover for this phone here locally. 4. The phone came with screen saver film on it with many bubbles under it. I complained about this to the seller and asked them that they send me another film. No response. Beware buying China phones in general. The “satisfaction guarantee” from DHGate is a make believe promise too. I did not heed many other reviews with similar complaints. Be careful.

  95. joanne mohamed@yahoo 22 March 2014 at 6:57 pm

    On13/08/13 I pay western union 2200US dollars for a set of genie bras months after I never got them open all kinds of debate with them sen several scan copies of my bill payment I was told I have two accounts they lock me out of their website Did not get what I pay for or my money back these people have no class they are a bunch of crooks and con artist

  96. joanne mohamed@yahoo 22 March 2014 at 7:00 pm

    I am still waiting on the item I pay for or a refund send me some kind of scrap to reset my password and then lock me out

  97. Dhgate is a legit website I got 2 prom dresses from here my mom got her wedding dress from here andI.it was all at a reasonable prices.. I hope the hair is of good quality because I really like this website.

  98. I ordered a pageant dress and supplied the measurements. Dress came, but was 3 inches shorter than promised. Seller said it was too late for replacement and couldn’t I have a tailor fix it. I asked how? I don’t have material to match! They offered to send me some fabric…. really? Like sewing a band on the bottom of the dress would fix things. I asked for refund and ordered a replacement elsewhere. After 5 days, per DHGate policy, I issued the dispute. Seller wanted me to pay to return, I saw no reason for me to pay out of my pocket for something not in my control. After 3 weeks, DHgate just informed me they’d released payment to seller as I should have disputed within 7 days. Their stated policy does not list a deadline. THEY DO NOT HOLD THE MONEY UNTIL THE BUYER IS SATISFIED!!! OUTRIGHT LIE

  99. I don’t know if there are any real companies on the site but the one I bought from( good soft) is fake. Did the fake tracking number, then it was broken and they were making another glass ball for the light fixture and they would have a correct track number tomorrow. That was four days ago. Yeah right. Luckily I bought with cc and visa is doing a chargeback. Stay away.

  100. I’ve had to cancel/dispute 3 of my last 4 orders. I’m sorry but I just don’t have faith any longer. They seem to have no control over their vendors. I am a business owner and I would order anywhere from 6-12+ orders a month and im not talking about $50 orders. That is no longer the case. I am paying more and ordering from more accountable vendors now. This is what I sent to DHGate this evening regarding a specific vendor – Guests.

    TO DHGate:

    What is going on with your site???? I have had pretty good experiences shopping with it in the past. Now I have had to cancel or dispute many of my latest orders. Your vendors are constantly lying and scamming for more money Or not shipping the items. DO you not have any safeguards to protect your consumers anymore? I must tell you that I now look elsewhere for my purchases. I can no longer keep tying up money with your vendors that have no problem lying and cheating me. While my business is growing I no longer feel comfortable ordering larger size orders with you. I no longer have faith that you are in control of your site.

    I am sorry, I used to like DHGATE a great deal. No longer, Just for reference look up PO#XXXXXXXXX from Guests, he is just the latest scammer I have encountered. He BLATANTLY just lied and lied. He suffers no consequences????? How is that fair? . Or you can check out my last 4 orders three of which were canceled or disputed. I will forward a copy of this to PAYPAY AND ON GOOGLE.

  101. ngozi ogbonna 8 June 2014 at 7:30 pm

    DHgate is scam. please avoid them . they tell you that they can refund you on buyer guarantee products but they never do that. lost more than 100 pounds to them. go somewhere else for your peace of mind.
    Closing my account now

  102. DHGate is hosting a Company called LUCKJEWELRY, they have stolen more than 130 photos from my website, washed away my watermark and are selling cheap knockoffs of my Swarovski Jewelry for 1/10 of the price I sell on my site. Guaranteed you are not getting what is in the picture. They ignore my request to remove the photos and block my forum posts.

  103. I found this amazing prom dress on DHgates for 250$… did anyone ordered from allanhu before? I talked with her and it didnt seem like a spam she has 4,000+ transaction and a 99.9 positive review… is it a spam? She said its a remake and they would make it custom made… its a 2014 Evening Dresses Backless Sleeveless Chiffon Crystals Beaded Side Split Floor-Length Sexy Prom Dress 113C12… looks like a lot of work for 200$ don’t know what to do.. can’t find it anywhere else

  104. Cesardeluna305 8 October 2014 at 2:11 am

    I am a very happy customer with DHGATE,all the things I ordered we’re just as described !!!! Make sure when you order to ask questions to sellers to be 100% with the things you order.DHGATE even sent me free merchandise to try for free so I am very happy with this company as it’s been making me lots of money buying cheap and reselling for a great profit.THANK YOU DHGATE I AM VERY SATISFIED AND WILL CONTINUE TO BUY HERE :)


    Here’s what happens. You place an order, you pay for your order. You ask seller some questions about your order – they never reply. 1st alarm bell.

    FINALLY you get some help through the live chat, and the seller says they will ship the order before the deadline. And they do – exactly one day before. 2nd alarm bell. They actually wait until the deadline to ship (so that THEY don’t get penalised).

    So you get a tracking number, and wait all those days for it to show up and guess what? THE TRACKING NUMBER IS A FAKE! 3rd alarm bell. Your order has been delivered somewhere else, and nobody will tell you where or why.

    You might get your money back, but it’s been unavailable to use for TWO MONTHS!!!! That’s the bit that gets me – you pay for something, you think it’s well spent on an order that’s being processed, but actually two months later you have NOTHING. No product, no refund, no answers. And all that wasted time when you could have brought something else from another seller, THAT WASN’T A THIEVING, LYING, DISHONEST SO-CALLED “MANUFACTURER”. You might get a refund, but who used your money all this time??

    Shame on you DHGate. And shame on you ALI EXPRESS, because they do EXACTLY the same thing too. We are a small business trying to trade with honesty & integrity. This is a DISGUSTING way to do business & treat people.

    There are some honest sellers, but the bad ones (eg LAOWANG) should be struck off. Why are they allowed to continue to trade, just waiting to rip off the next unsuspecting buyer!

  106. THIS SITE IS A SCAM…DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE!! HORRIBLE…do not buy anything from this site. This dress was purchased for someone who is 5 foot 4 inches and 120 pounds. First, let me tell you about this dress. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Pay the extra 20 dollars and get it from the source in the states. The beading is extremely cheap looking and the dress is about 3 inches to short so your bottom will show when you walk in the dress. I sent this dress back to get the right length and they sent me an even shorter one. The seller claimed that I would have the dress back 10 days after they received it. I paid a lot of money to send it to them via FedEx and it took them 25 days to respond to me that it was done. Then they wanted me to pay for the shipping back to send it to me even though the dress was not what they advertised. All said and done I have been waiting 2 months to get my money back. The after sales dispute team does not respond to emails like they claim they will. I have been trying to get my money back and I am getting no response. This site is a total rip off! Beware, it is a scam.

  107. Take care, DHGATE is fake.
    They doesnt garantie our purchase.
    I bought a item, when I received this item was wrong its description, I notify to DHGATE and seller, then DHGATE gave me 10 days to solve it, but the seller didn’t want to pay the refund cost…..REALLY….then I told to DHGATE and they told me that they need the tracnumber, when I explained them that there isn’t any tracknumber because the seller didn’t pay the cost they sayd, only with tracknumber.
    The sellers knows these rules and DHGATE don’t solve nothing I lost my money and nothing happened.

  108. Dont risk your money with this company. I’m still trying to get a refund over 3 months later. Their communication is full of lies, empty promises and stalling. Not to be trusted at all.

  109. 100% junk. Selling counterfeit goods knowingly. The Garrett Pin Pointers come in a (fake) Garrett box with (fake) exact replica warranty cards with (fake) not bad belt holsters with fake counterfeit Pin Pointers. Returns are a nightmare. I’m still out over $500 and it’s been two months with stupid emails about how they are working to get my refund. STAY AWAY FROM DHGATE!

  110. DO NOT FALL INTO THEIR TRAP! The reviews you are reading are not just picky divas who couldn’t get that exact shade of fuchsia they wanted.

    In an effort to save money, (HA!), I ordered a gown for my son’s wedding. The site does not permit you to order a custom color from a chart without FIRST selecting one of the standard color “swatches” on the screen. I contacted customer service “chat” to see how one is to resolve this issue and also checked the FAQ to see if the problem had been dealt with before. BOTH the FAQ’s and the agent on the “chat,” told me to add the notation of the custom color in the message/comment box when ordering. So, I did. Mistake.

    The dress arrived in a reasonable amount of time, however, it arrived IN THE WRONG COLOR! They had completely ignored my request of color selection and delivered it in the color I had been forced to select.

    I contacted the site. Futile. First, I had a “chat” with someone who tried pleading with me to forgive them and keep the dress. Then, they said they were new to the job and would get fired if I didn’t agree to a partial refund. Then they wanted another way of contacting me. Mistake #2. Emails of the same ridiculous urgings just came flying in with no resolution in sight.

    I filed a dispute. You have to wait some insane amount of time before you can do this, then after you do, you have to wait some more while they “investigate” the matter, all the while getting emails from someone saying that the problem was YOUR fault since your selected the color swatch!

    I am trapped in a whirlpool of futility, I know this, but YOU do not have to suffer this same painful loss. DO NOT FALL PREY TO THEIR SCAM! The buyer’s satisfaction guarantee means nothing! There’s still time for you to save yourself……and your money!

  111. they are thieves… stay away

  112. Very sorry to say that the worst experience I had with DHGate. They send my wrong order after 6 weeks of non stop conversation. They promise me to refund my money in 10 days and closed my case. They lied on every step, there live operator has no say just to a part of therapy to there client, not authority, no update information. I got many emails from them they are going to refund, but when I ask to there CS operators, they told me to send as attachment of conversation. So bottom line they have no record, of what is going on with the case. They always emphasis please leave a positive feed back what they did, truth is they send me last email, are going to refund, but please leave the positive feedback now, why I conclude without solving my problem. I use to buy all the times through ebay, never had a problem and I had my high rated deal. Now my next step is to talk about my bad experience on many web sites as possible, to expose how they work. Now finally they stop answering me, losers.

  113. About a year ago I started an online Pet Store and began searching for Wholesalers. With DH Gate I’ve found the most unacceptable business practices are commonplace. There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY at all, which is likely WHY sellers get away with posting false ads. The biggest issue is sellers picture an item, you buy the item, and you receive another item entirely! The shipping is very very slow- sometimes as long as 2-months- so by the time the item(s) arrive, you waited for nothing. MOST COMMON: Picture of say, a solid blue dress, BUT a red dress with prints on it arrives. OR the ad says, “Lot of 20 Mixed Sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL” BUT you receive 10 XS and 10 XL! Once I received so many wrong orders, I began contacting sellers before ordering to find out if what was pictured (style) and listed (sizes) is what was actually being shipped— More often than NOT the answer was that they were out of what they had pictured in the ad and would have shipped what they call, “Random.” The sellers make no apologies for this practice and thinks it’s perfectly OK. You usually get an email in very broken English, I think, on purpose, so they can plead ignorance and skirt accountability. NO MORE shopping DH-Gate for me! TOO much trouble- I shouldn’t have to research and contact sellers to find out if what they advertise selling is what will be shipped. That is absolutely crazy! * THEY PROVIDE NO SHIPMENT TRACKING, OR SHIPMENT TRACKING THAT IS ‘INACCURATE.’ HENCE, MORE FOR THEM TO BE UNACCOUNTABLE FOR.

  114. Dhgate sucks complete fraud. They took my money and keep avoiding me and acting as if they can’t help the situation. Nobody should order from them

  115. I have used this site for the past 7 years to purchase a ball gown. However, last year my gown looked NOTHING like the picture (I expect about a 70% likeness). I paid for the return of the dress with the promise of getting a full refund. Long story short, they mucked around so long that the dressmaker had to return the funds and I have, and will never because now according to policy the case is closed, will never see them. DON”T buy for them. My dress was made to my measurements (but didn’t fit nicely). The customer service has mucked around with false promises that I am down over $200. It is really disappointing and I will never buy or recommend DHGate again….in fact I’m telling everyone not to.

  116. Please stay away from DHGate, they serve as a platform to sell cheap stuff online, the refund or return policy is not real and if a problem arises you the customer will be the one paying the price regardless of how bad the service was. I can honestly verify that DHGate supports the seller not the customer. Not worth the risk

  117. I ordered a hat on the 30th of January 2015 and still haven’t received it there tuck my money and just riped me off do not youse dhgate I will never be shopping with them no moor

  118. I ordered an item in December 2014. I never received the item. I had to go through a very long process to get a refund. The company agreed to the refund but did not refund my credit card or send me a refund check. This company does accept paypal payments because they would never get by with not refunding their customers.

  119. One of the worsty places o shop. Don’t ever buy from them. They sent me wrong merchandise. I have being trying to get my refund and they keep sending me around. Nobody helps and they never reply emails. Totally scam. Never buy from them

  120. I am in a dispute now on an order of 20 Minnie mouse dresses.I received a pair of dirty underwear instead after waiting far longer than was told. I sent download files to DHgate proof of package and tracking number and picture of dirty underwear. DHgate is saying communicate with seller. What a disgrace. This is one example of many disappointments from sellers through DHgate. I do have one seller I like and that is lily_tao.

  121. Ya it’s s gamble customer service forget about it they just care about their money not yours using their name for a trustfactor never order again fake ass tracking so they can make product whole u wait

  122. DhGate is full of fake sellers. It is a small company run probably by only a few people with fake names such as Carrie, Mark and Stacy with the same style of writing Chinese kind of English often providing misleading info. Their main income is through collecting money from a massive amount of people (by listing products at a very cheap price) and then earning interest from the bank on that money for a month or so. After one month, when you lodge a complain (as the product most likely didn’t arrive), they will return your money playing a nice guy. But the trick is they earned a micro interest by that time on your money from the bank!!! Say you bought a product for $10 and another 100K buyers did the same like you, you have $1 million to put in your bank for a month. Based on the interest rate of the bank, the money you earn is not a bad earning at all when you have few people running such a company. Initially, when you order products as a new customer though, they will ship your product (often junk, low quality items) just to create an impression that they are real. Once you start to trust them and spend more money, then they will start their trick…I dealt with them for almost a year and figured it out what actually it is…I am sure many others had the same experience…

  123. I order the celebirity gown worn by Jenniper Lopes which had a nude lining and white lace when I receive it the whole gown was white. they sent me a wedding gown. This was my great-grand daugther senior prom and now I don’t have money to purchase another gown.To ger it alter it will cost me close to 200.00 for them to take out the lining and replace it with the proper color. When I tried to phone or e-mail FABVOGUE DRESS, the phone nu; doesn’t work even though they called me three times about the lace and I told them as long as the lining was beige it did not matter to me about the lace because I knew it was white. and the e-mail address no one has responded. I will never order anything esle from DHGATES, NEVER NEVER, my granddaugther can’t go to her senior prom because I can’t afford another gown thanks to FABVOGUE

  124. serdar baskin 22 April 2015 at 1:42 pm

    Don’t shopping, save your money

  125. serdar baskin 22 April 2015 at 1:44 pm

    Don’t shopping, save your money. I lost 60$ and not cheap.

  126. Frants Pedersen 26 April 2015 at 11:54 am

    DhGate is a scam, don’t buy anytning, or you will loose money and waiste time. Support is SO stuppid, don’t do it.

  127. MELVIN REYNOLDS 15 May 2015 at 9:13 am

    Dear DHgate.com.i Like to sign up or create a Account my laptop will not let me.

  128. “I purchased an item through DHGate. I received the wrong item from the seller credit_1000. The seller ignored my messages for 5 days until I returned the incorrect item to the address it was shipped from.
    Now the seller and DHGate refuse to return my money or send the correct item”

  129. Worst buying experience ever! Run away from this web site you will save some money
    I bought a car GPS in November through this web site, which was properly delivered to me but appeared not to be working.

    Refund process seems to be clear but… this is not the case in practice.
    DHGate asked me to reinstall the device on my car and prove through photos and videos that it was not working, which I did.
    In December I was authorized by DHGate to ship it back to seller through DHL, UPS, FEDEX, or TNT for instance.
    This did cost me 270.88CAD$, the smallest price I could obtain.

    15 days later I was refunded with the price of the product, fine… BUT I then was never reimbursed with the shipping costs as planned.
    Each time you contact the DHGate service (strictly by chat), you are told that this will be taken into account and will be reimbursed in few days.
    Then one day one of the support team member tells you that the DHGate is not contactable at all which is the reason why I am not reimbursed yet. However the seller “CarnavigationDVD” clearly still exists and sells products through DHGate. (http://www.dhgate.com/store/14325982#st-navigation-storehome)

    Well I always strictled followed the various processes explained by DHGate but I am still waiting for the shipping cost, which I am sure I will never retrieve.

    This website is not to be trusted at all.
    Run away from it you will save money.

  130. In november i brougth a bag in dhgate. The seller not send correctly and they sent late. When i tougth with them they give me calm because i didn’t pay if i don received. But no it’s true. They got pay from my account and after 3 months i discover that. I tried to solve my refund during 2 months they only say i can to solve this with the seller but the seller firts don’t anwers my mails and now after a month tell me change for another item. Only I want to advert all people the bad customer service i received and also they don’t do nothing to solve and talk with the seller. Finally i try to find the form to advice others and continue make my complain again again. Please if someone know how i can put my rigths in the law or any sistem for make a noise please tell me

  131. They are thieves DO NOT attempt to purchase from this Company

    BEWARE of this company, I placed a order back in April and decided the next day to cancel and requested a refund the day after my original and they would not refund me as I requested, this went on for many days trying to get my refund they took the 125.00 any way and would not give it back and sail they shipped the product I didn’t even want…. and to this day I haven’t heard or seen anything.Here is one of the conversation responses I got from them.
    If you have raised are not satisfied with our products in the shipment, If you have raised are not satisfied with our products after the receipt of the goods, This is a fraud, and we do not accept, and we do not refund, we will not ship again. We will complaint fraud to the police of your country,Through your address and telephone number,We will complaint you no honest, you’re a liar. In this way, you might lose your job. Of course, we do not want to happen.Please carefully consider your order.And this is how they conduct business.
    SO BEWARE when you deal with this company they are thieves they took 125.00 from my account and I did not authorize it after may request for a refund.DO NOT trust these scammers.W. Ryan Pensacola, FL”



  132. wendyjeanstevens 22 June 2015 at 5:55 pm

    Buyer BEWARE I tried to purchase a flowergirl dress. Before purchase, the ship date was July 23. After I purchased, information appeared that production would take 19 working days, plus 3-14 shipping days, plus customs delays, plus delays for the Chinese Dragon holiday. This estimated ship date was well beyond my wedding event. So I immediately requested a refund. Their website promises that THEY hold the money until the buyer received the purchase and approves them to release the money to the seller. However, the customer service agent said they could do nothing until the seller approved the refund. The seller would not approve the refund until I changed my reason to “other”. Not only was this falsification, but I could not see any way to change my reason. So now they have my money and I have no idea when or if it will be refunded. I “chatted” with customer service who said lots of “sincerities”, but no action. I have also told the seller that I need my refund right away. No response. It’s been two days. This is not acceptable. DHgate LIED on their website to give customers a false sense of security. I should have known when I saw so many options for “resolving disputes”. That was a red light for sure that I glibly did not heed. Now I”m out almost $100 until they can hopefully complete my refund. I have contacted my bank and they said they will dispute it, but not sure how successful that will be!

  133. I purchased 10 LED light bulbs, they are extra small, I expected regular size light bulbs, BUT these are too small, and do not give out that much light.
    I’m a little disappointed.

  134. DHgate is Chinese for “lying thief” 23/July/2015 15:00PST, I placed an order, 23/July/2015 15:11PST my account is debited. I choose a seller with a 3 day turn around, it has now been 14 days and the order has still not been processed. When I ask the “lying thief” about the order, I’m told it is my responsibility to contact the seller.
    Everyone here that posted should have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, and the “lying thief” would no longer exist.
    Once again, DHgate in Chinese means “lying thief”. Henry

  135. 1576390172 2015-06-21 01:12
    Dual-core MTK6572 Goophone i5 5S sm
    xinyiwangltd sim car reader doesn’t work; 1578645984 2015-08-12 16:27
    Wholesale Black LCD Display Touch S
    all088, defective;
    1577871827 2015-07-25 16:03
    2015 New Bluetooth Smart Watch K8 W
    dtazxh , doesn’t work after few minutes;
    1578266564 2015-08-03 23:29
    Wholesale AVG PC Tuneup Pro 2015 la
    chanyao1999 , doesn’t work;
    1578106326 2015-07-31 02:33
    3pc/lot 1200 DPI Ultra Thin 2.4G US
    gengbao_2090922 , one doesn’t work
    I’m very sad.

  136. I cannot recall just how i came across this dhgate website, oh wait yes i do now but im not going to say for fear i might incriminate myself. But anyhow, i ordered like 5 things i couldnt find anywhere else on the internet. Nowhere. I searched high and low. Anyway, 4 out of those items i ordered , each came separatly i belive and rather fast two. They were shipped in the U.S., within i mean, and everything on the package was in english.
    I became rather addicted to this site. It grew on me quick..anything i could think of to do a search on that i need or want , it was there. And cheaper!! So the next orders were some light bulbs, there were these cool floodlights small indoor led that came with remotes. But the package it came in which took a little longer than previous order times had chinese writing on the packaging and the next few orders started to arrive eventually. I think i ordered 7 different things and i still have yet to get all 7 items. Waiting on 2. I ordered them all same day about 2 or 3 weeks ago.
    Anyhow the casual vest i ordered is just awesome. It fits me perfect.
    The second light bulbs were nothing like the picture on the website. Ping pong balls for the bulb casing which i can see are bonded together there is a line in the middle, and not only do they look nothing like the picture, i almost had a seizure when i plugged it in for the first time..i guess changeable meant flashing. Anyhow, just be careful when ordering and make sure you read the item specifics and descrition thoroughly.
    I have had really good communication with customer service as well as the sellers. I had no problem getting a refund, although not back onto my credit card, but to my dhgate account for an item that had bad rubber grommets and then i broke it trying to put new grommets in. I disputed the transaction because 30 bucks was way too much to pay for something so flimsy it fell all apart after one use upon trying to clean it.
    So far im ok with buying stuff on dhgate. I had no idea the company was chinese until the second set of stuff i ordered started to clue me in. Also i dont know what to make of the strange odor that came with the packing. Ive hears some call it the toxic death smell. I wouldnt go that far but it is definitely a distinct smell. Perfumy i would say.

  137. I ordered two dresses from this company. Both dresses had many pictures on the DH Gate website, so I could see how it was supposed to look like. But when I received the items, they looked completely different: neither color, nor style, nor fabric texture where identical with what was pictured. The fabric as well as the style were so bad that I cannot wear these dresses.

    I contacted both of the sellers as well as DH Gate for a refund. Both sellers refused to issue a refund though. When this happens, DH Gate steps into what they call “arbitration”. They decided to give me a partial refund on one of the dresses and turned down the refund for the second dress completely.

    I paid more than $200 for dresses that I can never wear.

  138. DHGate continues to trade it’s buyers with disrespect, braking it’s own Terms and Rules!!

    VIP items was bought.Sellers have sent out the items WAY AFTER order was paid and after processing time of shipment for VIP has been outdated!!

    What is the meaning of VIP item Dispatch Pledge Guarantee, if seller doesn’t send items intime, and still buyer is NOT compensated for violation of Dispatch Pledge, as claimed in DHGate’s rules?? This is unacceptable!! This happend on orders: 1580941139 and 1581150071.

    Also DHGate’s Customer Support answers on messages VERY rarely, either NOT answers at all.24h Customer Support only says that they will look in to it, but still nothing happens.

  139. I ordered some Santa bedding for Christmas it took over two weeks to get her then when it came I had to pay £21 to ups before I could have it and it said free postage don’t trust them it cost me £57 for the bedding and then as I said another £21 be very carefully.

  140. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!!! They are completely inept at handling disputes and refunds and will not honor their refund policy nor stand by it! I will tell everyone I know to stay away from this online site and do not be enticed by the cheap prices because you will get cheaply made items and you definitely won’t get your money back!

  141. Do not try to buy anything this this seller. I waited 23 day before confronting this seller about late deliver and a fake tracking number.

    The only response I received was that the shipment was on its way. After a couple more days, I asked again. This time my message was ignored. So I waited a couple more days again. Once I filed a “Return and Refund” request, I immediately got an email asking me to change the reason for the request.

    The seller/store shiqi04 is a scam. Stay away and order elsewhere. I’ve made three other orders from DHGate seller, two were great and the other was extremely slow. But at least they shipped me the items that I ordered.

  142. I order costume from them was told 7 to 15 day order on Dec 9 it is now Dec 29 an nothing party is in two days an want be need the costume after all they say is there in the USA

  143. Be careful! I was double charged and have been trying for 4 months to get my refund but customer service has not got back to me. They have received all the evidence via email, chat and Facebook all to be told I would here from someone soon. I’ve heard nothing. I will be reporting them as fraudulent to my bank. It was a $450 AUD purchase, so a lot of money. I would not buy from this site if I was you.

  144. Difficulty with Canning involving Foreclosed Residences May perhaps End in Penalties——————–The dispute adjoining Oughout. Ersus. lenders’ canning involving foreclosed residences may perhaps end in fines. Accounts expose in which government bodies will probably get restitution beginning

  145. I am looking for a wedding dress! A friend of mine ordered hers from DH gate last year, and loved it! Has anyone else on here ordered a wedding dress from them? They have some absolutely beautiful dresses, but I do not want to waist $200 on a dress of poor quality. Dresses here are just so incredibly expensive, but on dhgates website they are so much cheaper and gorgeous! I need opinions from previous buyers please!!

  146. Does anyone know a reliable source alternative to dh gate? I am interested in buying a designer gown at a reduced price, but I am skeptical of this site.

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