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DinoDirect is a exciting new player to the China Wholesale arena. In a short time they’ve gained large popularity for their competitive prices and their friendly support.


Dinodirect.com was founded in 2009 as the e-commerce subsidiary of 大龙网 (Big Dragon Network) with their headquarters located in Chongqing, southwestern China (not far from the apparel specialist Milanoo).

They have offices and warehouses in some key foreign markets like United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia. DinoDirect warehouses give them a strong logistic advantage compared to other Chinese wholesalers. The parent company is based on Hong Kong (a common practice for financial and PR matters) and their sourcing branch is located in Shenzhen (where most Chinese factories are).

Feng Jiangfeng - Dinodirect CEODinoDirect CEO and founder, Mr. Feng Jiangfeng, is a seasoned entrepeneur with international experience and has founded several companies before starting DinoDirect in early 2009.

In 2010, DinoDirect recorded total sales of around US$30 million and they aim to hit US$100 million by the end of 2011.

Is DinoDirect a scam?

Simply put, they are not. From the facts listed above you can imagine they are quite a serious company which has also been verified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and received a rating of A-.
As one of our readers points out in the comments, on the BBB site many of the customer reviews are negative. If you happen to receive wrong items or bad service please follow up the instructions in the next paragraph or make a claim through your payment provider (Paypal and Credit Card are the safest way to go).

As with any other store, you may however receive deceptive items. If you follow their instructions on how to proceed or simply contact them, things should get resolved pretty quickly.


DinoDirect is a multi category merchant with a focus on cell phones and small consumer electronics such as spy gadgets. They also showcase a decent inventory on apparel, and home & garden products.

Value Added Services

All your purchases on DinoDirect will enjoy free shipping no matter where they are being shipped to. Obviously the shipping cost is included in the items price but it’s nice to avoid bad surprises during checkout.

If you are a reseller you should definitely have a look at DinoDirect wholesale store. Not only you get better prices on larger orders, DinoDirect also offers a dedicated Account Manager to assist loyal customers and make purchasing easier.

DinoDirect has a loyalty program where you receive one DinoPoint for every dollar spent. You will also receive points if you submit a review of the products you purchased, and if you attach one relevant image you may double the points. During checkout you can cash DinoPoints for a discount in your order.

Currently DinoDirect is beta testing a VIP program called iDinor. By paying a small fee, VIP buyers can enjoy further discounts. We will keep an eye on how this program goes, meanwhile, do you have any experience buying from DinoDirect?

53 Customers have reviewed DinoDirect Review

Anyone using DinoDirect? Have you bought anything from DinoDirect? Share your experience and help others!

Or do you have questions about DinoDirect? You are not sure if DinoDirect is safe or legit? Join the conversation and get support from the wholesaleDoc community

  1. One of millions of victims by DinoDirect. 27 February 2011 at 8:01 am

    If you go to BBB, you will realise that 75%(or higher) of the customers reviews are negative.
    I had the worst nightmare with DinoDirect last month and took me 3 weeks to solve the problem. The only way that I could get the refund was to file a paypal claim against DinoDirect. Quite a number of people said they can’t get through them on their phone number listed on BBB.
    Live chat is not available and as far as my experience counts, they really drained me out by NOT responding to my emails. Hope you’re a fair review site and please do not delete my comment.

    • Many thanks for sharing your opinion. We’ve updated the DinoDirect review above to include your comments.

      I think the following quote from BBB sounds quite appropriate:
      “…the company responded to and gave proper consideration to most complaints. However, more than one complaint is unresolved meaning the company failed to properly address the complaint allegations or their response was inadequate.”

      If DinoDirect managed to sell goods for $30 millions there must be some happy customers out there.
      We are yet to see a Chinese wholesaler enforcing strict policies to ensure customer satisfaction (e.g. Zappos), but that may be when their growth slow down.

    • •I placed an order with DD on May 19 for a data projector. Delivery times stated on your website state approx. 10 days.
      •Having not received the item, nor according to my account had the order been processed, on June 2, I requested a cancel of unshipped order – I received an email confirmation of the cancellation on June 2.
      •On June 3, I received an email from DD advising that my order had been processed. I responded to this email immediately advising that the order had been cancelled and not to ship. DD chose to ignore this.
      •I then went on the online chat system (which leaves a lot to be desired) and spoke with ‘Emily’. She advised that I was to accept delivery of the item then send it back via air express post. I asked who pays for the return shipping and was advised that I was to pay for it and would be refunded the costs. I went through the RMA process, returned the item, uploaded the shipping details etc.

      Summary of costs incurred by me are:

      •A1339000BS – Data projector AUD$313.01
      •Shipping $75.906
      •Total AUD$388.91 (Charged to my credit card AUD$400.58 which included $11.67 O.S Tax fee)

      The package was not opened and returned to DD in original packaging – Express International Courier cost AUD$149.85

      Total costs incurred by myself because of DinoDirect error (which has been admitted by DD) AUD$538.75 (which excludes the $11.67 O.S. tax fee – ok I will wear this fee)

      Now Dino Direct is asking me to accept:

      $332.00 plus 50% of the return shipping – i.e. $74.92 = total $406.92

      Therefore you are charging me $131.83 for a Dino Direct error.

      Please explain to me how this is fair or even legal.

      I have been charged not only for an item that I had cancelled ($313.01 plus $75.90 shipping – totalling $388.91) – 100% of this should be refunded to me as it was sent because of your error. Then I have had to pay $149.85 to send it back to you and you expect me to accept 50%.

      This is totally unacceptable – and if Dino Direct treats all its customers in this way, I would expect you will be out of business in a short time.

      As at 11.52am Thursday August 11, no refund of any amount has been received.
      Anxiously awaiting a favourable reply

  2. BBB resolution doesn't mean real resolution 5 March 2011 at 4:45 am

    From my own experience, DinoDirect insists on closing the dispute or claim, saying that so that they can give me my money back.
    There are many people who trust their words, close the dispute, and end up not receiving the refund.
    Once the dispute is closed, the status shows up as “resolved” but too often DinoDirect doesn’t keep their words.
    I am aware that there are ‘some’ happy customers, but there are too many “hidden” victims.
    I hope DinoDirect’s glowth slows down. I really hope so.
    There are complaints against them every minute. You can check the BBB customer reviews, do some google search under DinoDirect scam, and also visit DinoDirect forum.
    I also heard BBB rating is not credible.

  3. Hope you will take this seriously. 10 March 2011 at 9:28 am

    You obviously deleted my last comment.
    DinoDirect insists people to close the dispute or claim so that they can “refund” or “replace” – and many people do decide to believe DinoDirect and do as they are told.
    The problem is Dino rarely keeps their words. They keep the money, so the sales figure stays high, the disputes/claims appear to be resolved on BBB website even when they are not.
    I’m aware DinoDirect makes sure to keep certain customers happy to keep receiving good reviews but there are too many people getting incorrect/defective items and never getting refund for their orders. What they say on their website and what their representatives actually say and do contradict too often, live chat service is inactive, posts are often ignored, emails are ignored as well, DinoDirect doesn’t admit their fault.
    Obviously I am not the only one who had such a nightmare.
    I can only hope website to stop encouraging people to order from DinoDirect. Half the problem is the company keeps promoting sales while they are obviously chronically understaffed or too busy to process the amount of orders they receive during these sales, and some of those advertised items are out of stock, which create more unhappy customers and victims, and there simply aren’t enough customer service representatives to deal with the overwhelming numbers of complaints.

    • Apologies for the delay approving the comment. We are having some issues connecting from China to our server :(
      Your opinion and advice is very much appreciated and hope will help other customers.

  4. YES, Dino direct is a major SCAM The ad of 50 – 61% off the first order is a lie. I ordered 8 bento boxes but as it appeared at full price. I then wrote to complain and was given an apology and told I would receive a refund of $197. To date I have not received a penny, but told their last offer was $50.
    No explanation as to why they won’t honour the refund promised. A Major Scam, have nothing to do with them!

    • I liked the store, a very large range, from little things to high-tech gadgets.
      My buying experience:
      made the order, the delivery address incorrectly stated the city code, written in a supported service was changed to correct, as notified by email.
      Thing that was not ordered the right color, which is at once informed, chose a different color.
      Three days after sending the order received Tracking #.
      17 days (very fast) took the order at the post office.
      Positive impression of the store. I will continue to make purchases.

  5. What does this mean, my comment is awaiting moderation? Are you going to make it sound better?
    So many customers are being ripped off by false advertising
    I am certainly going to make sure this is circulated on social sites to prevent more people being scammed

    • Anita, all the comments are subject to moderation to prevent spam & unrelated stuff.

  6. I placed my first order and after a couple of days I received an email from Dino stating the item is out of stock and they said they would refund the money back in 3 business days or I can select other items for the same price. For some reason, I decided to purchase 2 other items. I selected UPS to get the items as it was marked I would get the items from 3 to 7 business days. The order said it had already been processed but I did not get any replies from them. I decided to call them and customer service says the items are out of stock. What the heck…. I don`t know what to do now. Is it a scam or…

  7. Hey dinodirect. I wrote you many times about my things but there is no respond from you. I cant wait more. I ordered 2 blazers but you didnt even package it.this is my order numberRT85K88K-DD.
    I cant wait more. Now I am in USA, after 1 week I will go to other country so send my staff ASAP, I

  8. extremely disappointed 2 May 2011 at 10:53 am

    Dino Direct is absolutely the worst company ever!!! we ordered a bridal gown from them. Pay pal confirmed transaction had cleared within minutes. two weeks into waiting for dress we get email stating the order is unpaid. after emailing my transaction confirmation thru pay pal they continue to say it was unpaid. Ended up placing a dispute with pay pal and thru their great customer service they reimbursed my account. Dino direct is AWFUL and was such a nightmare. No one in customer service can really understand the ENGLISH language and can not communicate, however when you begin to state you are filing a dispute they almost beg you to drop it. Knowing full well they have no intentions of fulfilling your confidence of the order you placed with them!! Wish someone had the power to shut them down..would be interested to know actually how many customers were screwed the same as myself. Thank goodness I used pay pal in my transaction. DO NOT DO ANY PURCHASING WITH THIS COMPANY

  9. You say that the BBB gave you an A- rating but when i looked it up the BBB actually gave you an F, which is the worst rating, I was tempted to order a wedding dress but after all the terrible reviews I won’t

    • I look it up the BBB actually gave you an C. It provides us that this company is becoming better and better, it means that the Dinodirect is working on those problems. I think we people should give Dinodirect times. Nothing is impossible for a willing mind.

      I’m an iDinor member of DinoDirect and have made 3 purchases this month.

      I find that I receive my items in Australia in a week or less each time.

      Packaging is PERFECT, and product quality is way above average.

      Prices are far less than competitors, auction websites in particular.

      I would recommend purchasing from DinoDirect for personal use or becomming a wholesaler/distributor.

      I have purchased an E-Book which is working wonders for my life at the moment. It’s working much better than other higher priced E-Books on the market and is multi-functional which is saving me loads of time as I can complete my hypnosis and meditations and NLP whilst completing my reading for business or research and then if I want to switch to entertainment I can watch clips or movies and listen to music. It has an expandable memory as it has a Micro SD Card slot.
      All in all very impressive.

      I also purchased a very modern and stylish T-Shirt which is high in quality and very stunning. Fits perfectly and is great value for money.

      I received a free gift of nail kit for being an i-Dinor member which is their VIP membership.

      I’ve also ordered a Blanket, PJ’s, Clothes, etc. All in all, DinoDirect is highly recommended.

      I’m happy with customer service, if you have any issues they do respond much quicker than competitors and are open to listening to any comments or changes you may need to make from your end.

      Very happy over all.

    • No Jane,
      You are a paid review writer as I have seen this on at least 3 other sites with different names. So, in Australia you live? Last time your name was Emma in the US? How about China next week?

      To all others: Please don’t believe the positive reviews you read. Most of them are paid for.

  10. Robert Hanson 17 May 2011 at 4:23 am

    They have very reasonable prices but I don’t think they should take payment until the item is ready to ship.I have been trying to get some kind of sensible info that gives me an idea when my item will be shipped but I have only gotten a run around and no answers from their customer service chat.I have been waiting 5 business days from the day since they accepted my payment and all I have gotten is it’s being “customized” They are also bad at updating information on your shipment. And their online chat has been ignoring my request to get information now as well. I have asked for a refund but gotten no response on that either in 48 hours since requesting it. After getting through to their customer service they are now holding my item and refuse to ship it to me till I remove this dispute. I refuse to do this just for that reason. The are now also witholding my refund till I remove this post, what kind of company does that? Not sure why they ask you to email them either they never reply to it.

    • I had been looking at veils from sevarel different Bridal Stores and web sites.Everything to me seemed over-priced. I then clicked on to My Amazon and came across this one. The price was less than half from others I had looked at. Needless to say,I ordered it .and I LOVE IT!!!! It is gorgeous and I saved so much money.Why anyone would shop outside of Amazon,is beyond me!! THANK YOU for making my wedding that much better!

  11. jacqui goodier 5 June 2011 at 10:53 am

    I will never deal with dino direct again i have still not got my money back of them for a wedding dress they wont send me a returns slip to send the wedding dress i bought of them with my visa, its one excuse after another, iam sick of it and my wedding is in a month, and i have no money till i get a refund to buy another.

  12. michael gerverge andues 7 June 2011 at 8:11 pm

    This is a company manged poorly and represented by icompetence. There RMA process is a lie and their response to the solution of problems is non-existant. I purchased a DVR that had on screen directions in Chinese. After 10 emails, faxes and call-no one answers the phone number you leave a message and guess what no one calls back.If this is chinese business it is at the very least piss poor. I wouldnt buy a pencil from and neither should anyone.

    • michael gerver 7 June 2011 at 8:12 pm

      not even their on screen comment posting is plausible!!!

    • As for the” scam ” issue, all the review there are posted by real customers after package received. actually, some con-reviews resualt from slow delivery, while we recognized it and will ask our logistic department to make this process much quicker.

      We are celebrating our anniversary, how can a spam site celebrate its anniversary?

      To err is human, attitude is the most important, our aim is to share with you and easy your life, any way, judge by yourself. enjoy!

    • this is a young company based overseas, it needs more time to grow and improve.

  13. hi all.i am a genuine DD customer.even though i read a lot of bad reviews online, i must admit that i am one of the satisfied customers.i fill up my wardrobe with a lot of cheap good quality business outfits from DD. It costs a fortune to have those in Australia.Besides,i use DD coupons and get free gifts,which saves me more money in total.i always get my package within 3 weeks and all clothes are in good condition. I never order any electronic products,however, given the bad reviews that most of them do not work properly

  14. plus, i agree that DD’s customer service by all means is very poor. Once,i asked how to apply DD’s anniversary gift cards on my order, but no response at all.i figured it out in the end, anyway. I also got a wrong item, once, but i just don’t bother to file a complaint because the wrong item suits me well.
    I am happy in overall. I hope DD keeps going and fix its management and customer service issues so that i could continuously have good deals with DD. Good Luck ^^

  15. •I placed an order with DD on May 19 for a data projector. Delivery times stated on your website state approx. 10 days.
    •Having not received the item, nor according to my account had the order been processed, on June 2, I requested a cancel of unshipped order – I received an email confirmation of the cancellation on June 2.
    •On June 3, I received an email from DD advising that my order had been processed. I responded to this email immediately advising that the order had been cancelled and not to ship. DD chose to ignore this.
    •I then went on the online chat system (which leaves a lot to be desired) and spoke with ‘Emily’. She advised that I was to accept delivery of the item then send it back via air express post. I asked who pays for the return shipping and was advised that I was to pay for it and would be refunded the costs. I went through the RMA process, returned the item, uploaded the shipping details etc.

    Summary of costs incurred by me are:

    • Item A1339000BS – Data projector AUD$313.01
    • Shipping $75.90
    • Total AUD$388.91 (Charged to my credit card AUD$400.58 which included $11.67 O.S Tax fee)

    The package was not opened and returned to DD in original packaging – Express International Courier cost AUD$149.85

    Total costs incurred by myself because of DinoDirect error (which has been admitted by DD) AUD$538.75 (which excludes the $11.67 O.S. tax fee – ok I will wear this fee)

    Now Dino Direct is asking me to accept:

    $332.00 plus 50% of the return shipping – i.e. $74.92 = total $406.92

    Therefore they are charging me $131.83 for a Dino Direct error.

    Please explain to me how this is fair or even legal.

    I have been charged not only for an item that I had cancelled ($313.01 plus $75.90 shipping – totalling $388.91) – 100% of this should be refunded to me as it was sent because of DinoDirect error. Then I have had to pay $149.85 to send it back to and they expect me to accept 50%.

    This is totally unacceptable – and if Dino Direct treats all its customers in this way, I would expect you will be out of business in a short time.

  16. to Gail, we’ve already arranged an refund for you. We’ve glad to see that you’re satisfied with our solution.

    Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

    • to DinoDirect001,
      apart from me not believing that you ever refunded anybody such customer treatment should not happen in the first place.

      I can only urge frustrated customers to press Dinos Google Advertising banners to make it at least expensive to lure more unexpecting people in.

    • I have the same problem with this company, I purchased an espresso machine and paid UPS shipping, but it didnt happen, my order was shipped thru EMS and I end up paying more when it gets to the philippine custom, I received a wrong machine with some damage on it and not only that the machine was used it was just cleaned up to make it look like new but it was pretty obvious that the machine has been used. I was so upset, how can this people cheat their customer like this? I contacted them by using their chat I spoke to a name Sharon and made a complaint and asked for refund of my money including the money that I paid to the philippines custom but they keep on making excuses and giving me all offers on how to refund my money.. they yold me to show me a proof of the charges from the philippine custom and send asked to show them a picture that i am telling them the truth that I received a wrong machine, i did send it to them. after all of this they still refuse to refund me the money..at the present moment I am still waiting on their chat window and no one is giving me an answer, and I am not planning to stop until I dont get my money back.. I will take my effort to find way to stop this scammers..

  17. Dino Direct initially looked like a great supplier…..for the first 2 weeks then they fell off the map.

    I have made 9 relatively small purchases over the past 3 weeks none amounting to more than $35. The first shipment was good and the 2nd good, less than 3 weeks for delivery and I left some very positive remarks aas they deserved.

    Problems started on the weekend when orders started disappearing from my account and I mean disappearing. I had been awarded 2 free samples which were in que, order numbers, invoices showing Gift Card used for payment by Dino Direct and then I noticed something didn’t look right so I checked my spreadsheet for incoming orders and notice 1 was missing. I spent the next 24hrs trying to contact someone or get a reply to communication I was sending to every email address I could find for Dino Direct. No response so on Monday I filed a dispute with Paypal…when you involve money you get most peoples attention and did I get their attention.

    I received communication the next morning from Paypal indicating Dino Direct had responded to my dispute. Response was to give me a phone number to call….they couldnt be bothered to call me, they have my phone number at least through Paypal as part of the dispute process.

    A condition to shipping my orders and denying any problems was that I had to close the dispute immediately. Of course I laughed at them and stated no…Cancelled Dispute = Refund of receipt of product.

    Dino Direct also cancelled a Free Sample order that was on my list…..penalty for making Paypal Complaint

    I tried to resolve the issue with Dino Direct Live Chat when they finally answered me and received the same reply, must cancel dispute or they would not ship. I informed the Live Chat that I was on the phone with Paypal and they Dino Direct were in violation of the Legal Agreement between Paypal and themselves. Live Chat thought I was lying until I informed her that to check the email they were about to receive from Paypal, due to Dino Direct violating the Legal Agreement the dispute was immediately changed to a claim by Paypal….usually 1 week between filing a dispute and elevating a dispute to a claim.

    Well Dino Direct decided to use their skill and diplomacy to resolve the situation. Instead of appologising for the problems over the weekend and trying to appease the situation they decided to cancel the 2nd Free Sample that was in my order page. They did repair the problem with the paid order that disappeared.

    I have never dealt with a company like this but it has been interesting experiencing how they deal with customer issues.

    Based on the information contained in xomreviews I dont think I will be dealing with them anytime soon.

    After all this I was asked if I still want the orders which I replied “YES”, with the condition that I will not be able to cancel the claim until the orders are received.

    I received no reply from the account manager who I sent a response to. The account manager stated in his email that my issues were his priority.

    Unfortunately words without action are just words. Dino Direct has made no effort at all in attempting to answer my complaints, their response is misdirection.

    Order Numbers:8B436356-DD, 91862398-DD, 86587395-DD – disputed with Paypal
    64N35889-DD, 553656L0-DD – cancelled free samples

    I have documentation to prove everthing stated above…this is not exagerated in any way

  18. Actually, your article claims DinoDirect has an A- rating by BBB. This is untrue: BBB clearly states that DinoDirect is not accredited by them.

    Anyone even considering doing business with DinoDirect, such as I, would be deterred by the numerous negative comments related to DinoDirect: just google it, and you’ll be convinced this is not a trustworthy business.

    Initially I was very tempted by DinoDirect’s too-good-to-be-true prices, but while browsing for kitchen faucets on their web site I noticed several suspicious things:

    1) All reviews posted for various kitchen faucets were stellar;

    2) moreover, the reviews for many different faucets were all the same (only the reviewer’s name was changed), including typos/poor grammar.

    3) the search results were all labelled with the terms I used for my search: for example, even when garden and bathtub faucets were labelled “kitchen faucet”.

    4) several times a popup came onto my screen with a coupon code, and each time the code turned out to be invalid.

    5) Finally, while googling for DinoDirect opinions, I noticed how similar the “good” reviews are, as if coming from the same person (or persons with very similar interests and background).

    Needless to say, I am not going to buy anything from DinoDirect.

  19. After buying 10 wedding dresses i can not acess my account anymore. The site says that my password is wrong and iu try to reset it but the site does not let me either + I never could talk to anyone on on line chat because never is anyone on line!!

  20. Don’t deal with DinoDirect. Every day I receive emails about orders that I did not do. I asked to delete the fake orders. DinoDirect confirmed that the orders where not done by me. They explained that they can’t do anything about it. I asked to delete my account and the same replay: They can’t delete my account.

    Don’t deal with them!

  21. i ordered 3 items of dino direct and the third is in customs where or how do i claim my dress :( please help

  22. Ms. Tony D. Antonio 1 October 2011 at 3:24 am

    I ordered a Blue Color Silk 2Pc Set Thin Embroidered Sleepwear on 9/24 & I have been emailing them several times but email keeps saying delivery failed coz I wanted to ask them if it’s natural silk or synthetic silk & the momme weight coz it was not specified What other way can I contact them It says on the order estimated arrival is 10/4-10/13 We’ll see I hope I receive but I do want to contact them. Is there another email addr for them or phone#?

  23. DinoDirect CS Manager 19 October 2011 at 2:16 am

    Effective complaints handling is a key part of customer service excellence and we are not afraid to tackle this complex and difficult subject. Every single current and potential customer is important and valuable for us and we believe that you have the right to a fair, effective and courteous service at all times. Therefore your comments are extremely important for us. We want to know what our customers and people interested in our service think about our performance and the standard of services we provide – not only do they allow us to improve our individual service to you in terms of quality and efficiency but they also help us enhance our product.

    • Dear DinoDirect Customer Service Manager,

      I read your posting and was very impressed by your statements. That is exactly the standard of service we customers want, the kind of supplier we want to do business with.

      But then I read the actual experiences posted by real customers: Woa, many, many customers have numerous complaints about products and service and none saying anything about you fixing the products or services.

      Why would a new customer want to risk his hard-earned money to order something from DinoDirect which may turn out to be faulty or not as advertised or shipment not as arranged and then be told to return the item for a refund which never happens? Remember DinoDirect get our money with the order long before the customer receives his order which may turn out to be unsatisfactory and no way to get the money back. (That is not actually quite true. If the customer pays via PayPal and does not receive the order as described, he has 45 days to raise a claim through PayPal and he WILL get his money refunded! Be careful with the 45 day time limit, if you exceed the 45 days PayPal will not help you.)

      I don’t know if Chines customers are less demanding or expect good service, but if you want to sell to the rest of the world, then you need to completely change your ways because we will not put up with such poor service and customer relations.

      It’s time for DinoDirect to SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT!

  24. I bought a dress on august 3th, for US$37.44, paying a US$36.615 shipping to have it on time for a special party on mid October. They sent the wrong color, then I sent it back paying US$60.
    I didnt have the dress on time, and when I got the dress, it was again wrong! STUPID MORONS
    It’s november 15 and I still don`t have any solution or my money back.

  25. does anyone have the return address for dinodirect i have been trying to return 2 android tables that stopped working about a week, if that after i recieved them. the return address sent to me has the wrong zip code?

  26. Experience: More than 300 dollars expended on their shop


    Cons: Bad product descriptions, Bad customer service
    Pros: Good quality, good shipping

    Experiences description:

    One friend recommend me DinoDirect so I’ve bought a Tablet/Ebook. The product was good, the only problem was that I had to upload the android version (BAD DESCRIPTION). That was easy and I was still happy, so I created a video and wrote a product review.

    Second purchase. A Laptop/Notebook. The shipping had some problems but arrived. The real problem was that the web description is wrong and the Laptop only have the potency half that they promise so it is slow. I tried to contact with DinoDirect’s customer service but they asked me for videos, photos and they put a lot of problems for 3 weeks. Finally they offer me a 30$ coupon but not compensate the problems. In addition the memory ram of the laptop stopped working, so I think that I will never bought again anything expensive in this shop.

    Conclusion: Even if you are a very good customer for the shop they will treat you badly. In addition, with the bad descriptions you will have problems so never buy anything expensive because they will cheat you.

  27. Don’t seem to have anything in stock (even though the website and customer service indicate otherwise). Customer Service is confusing and hard to deal with after the purchase is made with no accurate or consistent information about the order. After a month of my items not being shipped, I cancelled the order but a refund is not forthcoming. I think they are just making money by taking orders that they do not intend to fill in the first place. I hope my credit card company will help me recoup my losses.

  28. Bought a flashlight from them, order was processed super fast, price was great with their coupon code and DinoPoints, will buy again!

  29. My bro at work told me to try out DinoDircet, they have low prices on some items and good discount system with good coupons, recommended!

  30. i ordered today and searched&read countless bad reviews after i paid. i just hope my experience would not be as bad as these that were reported. i will update once the item is with me already. i am crossing my fingers. spent almost 170USD for my order. it may not be much for some, but it is to me.

  31. About 10 months ago I bought a corset from them. It was something cheap like $15 with free postage. It arrived the right colour and size. Then I bought another 4. I can’t remember how long the shipping took, but it was definitely less than 3 weeks (to Australia). I got all of them in the parcel, all the right colours and sizes, and they are actually good quality. They gave me small gifts with the parcels as well.
    I wanted to buy a wedding dress from them, but now I am kind of freaked out by all the bad reviews! I didn’t have a problem with them before. But with something as big as a wedding dress I don’t know if it’s worth the risk… Especially because they are custom made to size. AND what is really scaring me is that people aren’t getting what they ordered! Also, their complaints/returns policy is ****. It’s just I really, really would rather spend as less as possible on a wedding dress.
    I have noticed that the amount of dresses (not just wedding) they have on their site has significantly decreased from the amount they used to have. They used to have in the 1000′s, but now there are less than 50! This is probably a result of loss of business.
    I may buy something small again from them just to test it all out and see what happens! If I do, I will let you know!

  32. These guys offer poor quality products and very poor service Please look them up on google all the reviews are bad they will not send you a refund if you send items back they will take a long time to deliver if they deliver at all.
    Their items are never as advertised I purchased a baby monitor from them it was supposed to transmit 100 meters it is lucky to work at 20meters distance I am scared to send it back as i have read of so many people who sent things back and never got a refund

  33. DinoDirect is a dishonest business. You cannot trust what they tell you. I have ordered a number of items from them over the last few months. Some items have had faults with them right out of the box.

    Another MAJOR problem is their shipping. They NEVER keep to the arrangement made with the customer. The customer selects one method of shipment, the faster couriers of course cost more but often DinoDirect send the shipment with China Post via airmail which cost less and takes longer. I my book that is dishonest and unethical.

    If DinoDirect want to do business with people in the Western World then they need to learn to use honest methods and be truthful, otherwise I suggest they sell only to their Chinese customers if they will put up with that kind of business practices.

    I will not be buying any more from DinoDirect.

  34. warning for everyone : if Dinodirect ever send you the wrong item, or a broken one, like they did with me, you won’t find it funny. You will be loosing all the money from your previous bargain prices . You like them so far ? well Try again a few time, see if you will be so happy about them .

    They are bad news, one of these days you will find out. No refund! and you pay for shipping back to them in CHINA !

  35. My first order I wanted to cancel…they cancelled and gave a gift card…I couldnt find my gift card in email…I panicked and used the chat said I didnt get it..they looked and said it was sent..I said hold on…looked in Junk mail and there it was. It did take a while to ship little over a week and I think it is only a partial order..but it is over seas so I will be patient. They answer all my questions and even called me at home when the chat thing kept cutting me off. I havent recieved it yet it’s supposed to be here Tuesday…hope all is well…good luck to everyone. I can’t complain. They also use Vendors who don’t update or keep stock in and do not let them know so…just be patient with them. I live in the USA and I am real….lol. I ordered 10 shirts 5 dresses 2 swim suits and a purse. I think I am gettin 2 swim suits and 8 shirts. I will be back on to let you know the outcome. I should get a credit for the things not sent but I need to see what I have when it gets here.

  36. I bought Beautiful Flower Design with Butterfly Pendant Earrings from http://www.thgmall.com . it is cheaper than your site.

  37. I am not satisfied at all with the DinoDirect service. They are seeming more and more like con men.

  38. It is stated plainly that that it would take 2 to 3 days to get the product ready for shipment, and it is has been a week, and the “stocking up” has not been done. Only the transaction of my money to them is completed. If an item smaller than a pack of cigarettes cannot be packed and put in the mail in less than a week, there is something seriously wrong with the company.
    The sad part of all this is the fact that someone even now right now is being scammed by DinoDirect.

  39. Charles Poulos 15 June 2014 at 4:57 am

    DinoDirect is not a good company to do business with at all.

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