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Milanoo is a Chinese wholesaler specialized in women’s fashion, costumes and pet supplies. Although relatively new to online trading, the brand is becoming quickly recognized as a reliable wholesale distributor.

Most Chinese wholesalers tend to sell either electronics or a mix of everything, but Milanoo specializes on fashion. Their offer on wedding, formal and prom dresses is remarkable, and so it is the range of customes. Cosplay lovers will certainly find what they are looking for.

The company is registered in Hong Kong, which gives them an extra little bit of credibility. Trading operations are run from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province.

Milanoo also runs a blog where they provide advice on how to choose the best and most suitable products. Buying wholesale fashion just by looking at pictures online is hard, so some guidance is always welcome.

273 Customers have reviewed Milanoo.com Review

Anyone using Milanoo? Have you bought anything from Milanoo? Share your experience and help others!

Or do you have questions about Milanoo? You are not sure if Milanoo is safe or legit? Join the conversation and get support from the wholesaleDoc community

  1. I order my cosplay costume from http://www.milanoo.com
    and I was very disappointed with there quality.
    there just trash piece of cloth. don’t ever buy from them!

    • i agree!
      they sent the dresses in very poor quality
      i wasted my money!!!!
      please note that they dont refund money as well!!!!
      dont order from them!!!!!!

  2. I tried Lightinthebox.com. The quality of its cosplay costume is good. Worth the money anyway.

    • Don’t use light in the box!!! Don’t use Milanoo!!!

      They are phishing sites likely run by the same company. Most of the ‘good comments’ are made by their company as are Light in the box’s. (You can scroll down and see them in this thread.) More then half of the items pictured are from independent cosplay companies, or rather, wholesale companies that actually GET you the product.

      You’re lucky you even got anything Luna. I entered the measurements for my order wrong, went to change them back, and the edit option didn’t even work!
      -I tried using their automated assistance option, and that didn’t work either.
      -I tried using their edit purchase option, and the button on the site didn’t even work.
      -I ended up emailing them, and got no response. (I still have yet to this day to get one.)
      -I called their hotline, and got no response.
      -I filed for fraud with paypal after seeing the number of complaints about bad products, thousand dollar charges on their accounts, and so on! And again: NO RESPONSE
      -Finally I ended up going to my bank to force cancel the payment. I’ve been advised never to use the site again, and my account is on watch for false charges. =__= I am anything BUT a happy customer.

    • wow, you’re luck. do you use http://www.kowedding? I like a dress from this site but I’m not sure if it is legal or with good quality. My event it arround the corner, so I need to order a dress asap. Thank you.

  3. Hi alex,

    I just got two spiderman cosplay costumes from http://www.milanoo.com, frankly speaking, they are just mass market quality, but I only spent $38.6 on them, I ordered my costumes on Sep 9th, lucky to catch their free shipping promotion campaign. what they sold is definitely not the best quality, but on considering how much I paid, I believe i got the best value.

  4. i ordered my bridesmaid dresses from milanoo.com and they are fantastic! really good quality material and beautiful finish! i only paid £43 for each dress and a very similar one on the high street cost almost £200!

  5. My darkstakers Morrigan Aensland Cosplay Wig color 008 #03380001454 was to come in the mail by the 23rd ofSeptember It is not here yet.I need it by Saturday Please give a tracking #. Look into this order.
    Sarah Pihl

  6. Well i just ordered a captain americas costume a spider man costume and a bulk sexy costume. I cant wait to see how this turns out but its ok either way they gave me a voucher for the money i spent so imma go buy some more crap !

  7. I order my wedding dress from Milanoo recently and I was very impressed with it. Considering that I spent under $150 including shipping, I think I got a very good deal. I’m not a seamstress, but I think it looks well made and I don’t think anyone will be able to tell I didn’t buy it from a store here. I had it custom made to measurements my sister took of me, and it does not fit exactly. I don’t know if we didn’t measure correctly or if it was a mistake on their part, but it is really not far off and the alterations should be pretty easy. All in all I am very satisfied.

    • hi i am very nervouse about buying my wedding dress online , did you have your dress altered at home already ?how did it turn out . did you try on the style at a store before you ordered your wedding dress? you ordered from milanoo right? Where abouts are you from ? i am from canada , the dresses are so expensive here i just want a great dress and great price.
      thanks for your time

    • Hello Alicia! I’m SUPER nervious about buying my wedding dress online, your post calm me a little, I’d like to talk to you a bit more, just for advise, anda for you to tell me a little bit more about your experience, this is my emal address monhyca2002@hotmail.com
      I’ll be so greatfull to see a response of you…
      10x anyway =)

  8. Order time sux…They won’t cancel my order…and they can not even tell me when I will get my order. Something about their National day and blah blah blah. I would not order from them nor would I advise my worst enemy.

    • thank you guys for all these reviews. I will NOT be buying from this company!!I wanted to get a pair of shoes but after what i read here there is no way i will deal wit this company or any other chinese company for that matter. i have already BAD experience with another chinese wholeseller, when my item arrived only 5 weeks after i places an order, of course, the winter coat I ordered was poorly ,made. The customer service is TERRIBLE they refused to hepl my and the agent signed off every time he did not want to answer my question. Please people dont deal with the chinese companies and pay extra money foe a good item that you will be able to return. They still communist and customers like their own people have no rights. BEWARE!!

    • Please, please,please DO NOT order from this company. The stuff they send is awful…badly made, oddly sized and not always as illustrated. They make it impossibly difficult to return goods. It has taken me weeks to get a RMA and now they insist on a tracking number which makes shipping more than I paid for the goods!

  9. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!! I ordered 2 bridesmaid dresses and they came late, lop sided and 2 sizes too small. They would not return or exchange them, even after pictures were sent proving the error. Bad customer service. I was left with no dresses, no money and stress to find dresses just weeks before my wedding.

    • Hi Melissa, I had two of my bridesmaids order there dresses from Milanoo.com and one we have recieved about two weeks ago and as my sister was trying it on it began to unthread and the pletes were so off and lopsided, the back of the dress has a panel to go under the lace up back which we never new was on the back of the dress, and a stain of some kind (grease) was on the front of the dress she paid 79.00 total shipping was 15 alone and it was delivered in a plastic ups back that was shipped overnight, she has tried everything from taking pictures and sending them they keep giving her the run around, she tried shipping it back and they told her it was going to be 50 some dollars that is bs if I don’t say so myself. I can’t believe it turned out to be a scam she cant get her money back and no dress I hope people read this and learn from our mistake to never order anything from Milanoo.com

    • they sent me way too big dress- at least 2 sizes larger!!!!!!!
      and they dont exchange, dont refund!!!
      people dont order from them!!!!!!!

  10. Don’t know what problem some people have with this website. Yes, there can be communication difficulties….hello. But the costumes are great, especially for the price. Ordered three, got free shipping, and they came pretty fast. Just an amazing deal and the quality is very good for something I will wear once a year or so.

    • Your name is complete and utter crap. You’re just using an internet alias that has credibility on their part and trying to make up lies. People like you make me lose faith in humanity and you should be ashamed to even call yourself ‘John Green’.

    • Hi John i just purchase a dress today and they said i will recieve it 28 days? i had it custom made and fast shipping? what do you think?

  11. Website is horrible; the order I made 2 weeks prior had not been shipped yet. I spoke with an online specialist who I told that I would need items by October 16th. She said please don’t worry you will have the items by that date. I told her that cannot be possible b/c they have not shipped yet from China to the United States. She said we will try to get them to you. I explained that she had previously said they would indeed be here by that deadline and now she is saying they will try to get them to me. I asked her to please cancel my order, she kept repeating to me that I should not worry; It will not be a problem. I repeated again that I just want the order canceled so that I do not have to worry about whether it will be here on time or not. She gave me the run around for approx 10 more minutes then finally stated that she cannot cancel orders at this time since it is 3:30 a.m. and she is the only one working. She told me to contact them again in 8 hours.
    Rediculous!! Do not buy from them….

    • They have computers that talk to you, thats the stupid part. You need REAL people for REAL help! I ordered my first Lolita wardrobe from them and it still hasn’t come!

  12. after contacting this company 3 more times to cancel my order; it was never canceled and I was given the run around for 3 days with many different excuses each time as to why they cannot cancel my order. the final time the rep told me my shipping will be upgraded, this did not happen. it was shipped standard rate; tracking number is invalid. spoke with another rep who apologized and said there was nothing they could do now that it has been shipped but when i receive the package i could refuse to sign for it so i could get a refund.

    i quite frankly do not trust that one bit, i imagine if i refuse to sign then they get their items back but i don’t get my money.


  13. I ordered a wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, and lingerie from this website, and OMG when they FINALLY got here, the product was so hidious I couldnt do nothing but LAUGH! Im glad my wedding date is in June and I have PLENTY of time to find a REAL wedding dress! I wouldnt wear this thing as a bad halloween costume! Their so called PROCESSING TIME AND SHIPPED TIME was totally inaccurate! the product looked as if it had been sewn by someone that had never touched a sewing machine, and it looked NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURE!!! (i mean nothing!!!) every item i bought was so far off from what the picture and descriptions looked like, it was just sad. and there SO CALLED FREE SHIPPING IF YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER WITHIN (x) AMOUNT OF DAYS is total BULL!! I cant believe i even paid money for this crap! total dissapointment but i shouldve listened to everybody, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! And from the looks of everyone elses comments, i might as well hang it up from getting a refund, huh???

    • I cannot agree with you more. I ordered my wedding dress from them custom made and they sent it to me stuffed in a plastic bag. Not only the dress is wrinkled beyond words (since it is chiffon) but it is also POORLY MADE and threads coming out all over, and the back is ripped (I don’t know how. Someone bigger must have tried it on before they sent it to me). It was a piece of trash and it is an insult to a bride to call it a wedding dress.

    • KAY when did you purchase it and recieved it?

    • Thanks for giving this review. I was debating on purchasing a wedding dress, but I have bought high heels from the site before and of course they looked quite different from the photo. The shoes in the photo were actual Christian Louboutin crystal studded, 7″ heels, which I knew I wasn’t getting, but for $80 I still expected better quality than was given to me. One of the shoes fits perfectly, and the other is so tight. I have only been able to wear them once. I imagine ill have the same results if i were to purchase a dress, so I dont think I’m going to. Thanks again for this review.

  14. DO NOT USE. Poor customer service – the “average size” items I purchased were far from average size. They were children’s sizes! One “average size” item was close to the size chart they posted, but the others weren’t.

    When I asked customer service, it took them forever to respond and said, “we have to say sorry that we can not accept it, because the item you ordered is “average size”, all the size of that item is same, we processed as a ‘average size’. We will not send you a refund/exchange”

    So if you take the risk with them, which I don’t recommend, you’ll be stuck with that item.

  15. I agree with the majority of people I ordered a dress for a wedding and got a dress in a different colour than what I ordered. It was lopsided and after getting the run around they told me that they were going to replace it with a new dress and they said they made the dress for me and they didn’t send it because it was not made with the correct colour.

    If you are good to take any advice go with the majority of people here they are not a good company to order from avoid ordering from them.

  16. The Absolute Worst company ever. Ordered My costume 3 weeks ago. waiting waiting. Still nothing. Tried calling no answer. Tried email no answer. Finally got a hold of someone they said it was on the way. Had to send it off to get custom made. More waiting and waiting. Called again. Said it was out of stock. That’s a serious WTF. NEVER NEVER NEVER use them. You have been WARNED!!!!

  17. i ordered my daughter’s dress on sept 30th today is October 23-09 still no dress my daughter is so upset halloween is next week and no costume.

  18. DO NOT ORDER. I ordered a bleach costume off this website and it came much later then was expected, the zipper fell off immediately upon trying it on, it looked nothing like the picture. Total crap, cheap knock off. Very disapointed, I will tell everyone on the internet and real life about how much this so called company is a sad excuse for such. Order from a legit cosplay website !

    • F*** Milanooo.com 30 August 2011 at 1:03 pm

      I can vouch for this! I ordered a cosplay costume off them as well and, what they sent me was crap wrong size color crappy material. They wouldn’t take it back or return my money. I opened a case with paypal who did NOTHING to help. I left a review on their site about which they deleted the same day. The people who said they got a great costume are the people from that site trying to make themself look better. Please guys don’t buy off of them.

  19. could somebody tell me how to get a hold of them? I ordered a dress and it is still not here. I need to know how to try and call them. I live in the US but don’t know how to dial their number. Thanks

  20. Hi Maria,
    Try to dial 0086-028-6555-4192. Milanoo customer service should be available from 8pm (CDT)
    Hope it helps!

  21. Terrible experience with this company:

    I ordered a zentai spandex costume from them on October 4th for Halloween and it has yet to arrive. Since the deadline was approaching, I asked to be upgraded to “expedited” shipping which I had to pay for in a separate transaction though paypal (which was shady at best).

    The order shipped two days ago where I received an email saying it shipped with standard shipping and would arrive sometime in mid-November. I again had to contact them and straighten it out and the suit is now predicted to arrive the day before Halloween (26 days later). No word on quality yet as I haven’t received the suit.

    I’ve spent over 4 hours in online chat sessions with them pleading to do the best they can to get the suit to me by Halloween only to receive poor answers and run arounds in return.

    I can say though, the suit was cheap, about $50 (USD) cheaper than anywhere else. So, if you have the time to wait (give it a month) you may as well order from there. I assume that Halloween is their busy season and since they make everything Made To Order they get backlogged.

    Nonetheless, it seems like the company is run by children…

  22. Unreal. I ordered at the end of September and over a month later my order has not shipped. judging by the comments left here, even if I get the costume it will be garbage. I am really disappointed and would NOT recommend this site to ANYONE.

  23. I tried to order a catsuit from milanoo.com, and I even put my debit card number down so i would get it quicker. Well, they sure took my payment as soon as they could, but did not send me my costume, and when I realized I wasnt gonna get it in time I asked for a refund and they still havent refunded me my money after a week! Do not buy from them!

  24. I ordered mine and my husbands costumes on September 23, and we FINALLY received them yesterday (October 28). Not only did the shipping take forever, The costumes were totally NOT worth the almost $200 I paid. I ordered a size large for my costume. The bottom part fit my hips fine but the TOP was made to fit a 10 year old BOY. There is no way possible that I would be able to wear this. My husbands costume also did not look anything like the pictures. We are very disappointed and would not recommend this website to any of our friends.

    • Hey i order my dress today and i had it custom made and fast shipping after i purchase it it said it will take 28 days what do you think should i get it in 28 days or 30?:/ HELP!!!!!!!!:(

  25. Lauren Hawthorne 29 October 2009 at 7:52 pm

    My experience is apparently not unique. Ordered costume, they said it would be here in 5 -7 days and never arrived. Have tried to contact customer service, no luck. They wrote me a strange response that didn’t even make sense. Do not deal with this company!!!

  26. ordered on oct 3rd, received the 27th (promises shipment within 10 days?) AWFUL condition, hello kittys tiara was busted, poor quality ( described as polyfoam head, not STYROFOAM) hoop skirt busted and scotch taped, xsmall dress could fit an elephant. When asking about the return policy never got an answer, filed paypal dispute with no answer besides “dont worry you will have for halloween” ….which I needed it for an event on the 24th. I just want a refund!

    (please feel free to look at the photo of what I received:
    http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g17/hellopacer/badcat.jpg )

  27. I might be the lucky one. I did a first sample order of 1 dress and arrived a couple of days late, but quality is fine for the price.
    Next I bought 10 handbags to resell on ebay and so far no complains, all customers seem quite happy.
    I’ll certainly buy again.

  28. I orded from them.

    But they are not able to delete my account.

    So don’t buy, bad costumer service.

  29. Well, I wasn’t really sure at first about buying from someone who uses stolen pictures, but it was cheap and I heard pretty good reviews so I thought I would go for it. So I oreder this dress.

    And less than two weeks later I got it!

    It fits perfectly! It even came with a thin petticoat that I wore with the one I already had to give it a bit more shape. It’s actually really comfy too. =3
    The color is a little off, but pretty close. It seems to be very well made too. It needs to be ironed, but that’s from how it was shipped.
    Also, the bow is detachable so I can move it around to different spots if I want to.

    All together I am very happy with my dress! It is very nice especially for the price!

  30. We ordered several dresses for bridesmaids dresses. They arived quickly, but the stitching wasn’t even in places and the hems were uneven on all of the dresses. Height of the wearer was also not considered, and all of the dresses ended up the same length even though there was almost a foot in height difference. While they were cheap and the fabric was nice, I don’t know if it was worth it.

  31. Forgive my poor English, me Japanese. I bought this dress on Nov.14 and get it this morning. let me show you the pics.
    It fits quite well, I love it. They use EMS to deliver my dress, so it is a little slow. But the price is quite reasonable for me. Generally speaking, I love it.

  32. Never Never Never Ever buy from this company. I bought a pink dress to wear to a ball while the dress came and it was made cheap. The fabric was terrible, and the dress ended up to be too long. There are a lot of uneven length which means a dog could not wear this dress. I am so disappointed withe the dress and service. These people did not honor the return policy. But wait they are not getting away with this. I am going to have them exposed on national television. I am going to tell everyone to never use this site. People like us have been bamboozle by this company. My dress came in a bag. why not a box. People are saying that my dress looks old or used. But I am calling 10 on your side and Oprah.

  33. I have been browsing the Chinese wholsale sites for months and I plan on test ordering a petticoat for my dress and see how that goes before I order the actual dress. My wedding is in September and I will order the dress in May to give me a few months to resolve any problems. So far, questions that I have asked either through review postings or live chat customer service have been answered.

    Wish me luck!!!

  34. I ordered my bridesmaid dress and it was only $100! It was fantastic and amazing and beautiful. Didn’t end up getting married- I wore it instead of my sis, but it is the most beautiful thing that has touched my skin. What’s up with the site? I need that Panda costume!

  35. i just ordered a spiderman suit with white stripes,
    they dont have it on the website anymore, and
    i justreally dont wanna be scammed, i payed and put custom size information, i havent gotten any emails about it.
    i wonder how longwill it be till i get it.
    i ordered 3 days ago.

  36. The first time I ordered from milanoo it went reasonably well – I did have to contact them on their online chat to find out why my order hadn’t been shipped for a month, they had just forgotten about it, and it arrived 3 days later. It was a wedding dress and there was some loose stitching and it was made quite large and long (I ordered custom made) that I needed to buy a petticoat and pin it up on the day to keep the front off the ground. I also ordered some corsets, that I don’t think were made by milanoo and they were very good quality, though often not the colour specified (the red one I ordered is definitely bright pink).

  37. Im getting married in June and I see this BEAUTIFUL gown on Milanoo.com website, but im skeptical about ordering it because its a very unbelievably cheap price for such a beautiful gown, and it’s the gown of my dreams!!! What should I do?

    • Don’t do it !! I order my wedding dress and a mother of the bride dress neither fit and neither look like the picture !!! I am and was very disappointed!! After sending serval pic ,serval different times they told me they were unclear!! Still no refunn or soultion!!

  38. I ordered my wedding dress 2 weeks ago, and I’m trying to be patient with it but there’s no conclusive information as to where the status of the dress is, it’s no longer on the website, and the website is mysteriously gone…? I wouldn’t have ordered it, but my Wedding Planners daughter ordered a dress from them and said it turned out fantastic…I suppose I need to just keep waiting and there is just a glitch on their website?

    • wedding dress in two weeks?
      are you crazy?
      a real wedding dress, needs a lot of evidence on the measures, adjustment and verification of details.
      to deliver fast, is suspected.
      freight take long depending on the country.

  39. I ordered a pair of shoes and researched how long it would take to get to me as I ordered them for my wedding at the month. Their website says :”5-10 days for Cosplay Costumes, Catsuits & Zentai and Women’s Shoes to process” and “The other part of total delivery time is the actual shipping time, the time that couriers take to send the packages to you address. Standard shipping normally takes 7-10 days.” I figured I would get the shoes by 20 days later, maximum. AFTER I had ordered and paid, they told me I would get them 3/23. I emailed them to find out why and they said it was a holiday over there. It doesn’t say anywhere on their site that there would be a delay in processing or shipment. It does say: “Processing time or shipping time may have differed or changed in the event of public holiday in China such as Chinese New Year or National Day.We shall issue the related notification in site that prior to the holiday. Normal processing time and shipping time shall be resumed after the holiday.” Nowhere on the site did they relay notification on the site prior to the holiday. I’m very angered by this. I would say to use caution when ordering from this site. Make sure you have absolutely no time line in mind as they apparently can just do whatever they want, no matter what their website claims. I’m more than disappointed in this company.

  40. Don’t buy from them, they won’t assume their mistake so you’ll have to stick to a wrong merchandise. I bought a bridal gown that should be mermaid and came A-line. and they say there’s nothing they can do. What kind of customer service is that?

  41. I had ordered a Boots costume. I never got any kind of tracking for it and was worried it was never going to show up. When it did, I was SO HAPPY! (took close to a month) The quality was pretty good (especially for what i paid for) and it was a huge hit at the party..
    Happy Customer!!

  42. I just ordered a zentai costume the other day and I don’t know when it will arrive, or even ship for that matter, seeing that I haven’t revieced my items yet I can’t give this website a fair review just yet :)

  43. Basic rule of thumb, if you’re buying something that normally would cost 2x as much, don’t expect it to be as well made with nice materials. I bought the dress with that in mind. So take my advice, Do not order from Milanoo.com if you don’t have at least a basic idea in sewing/alterations UNLESS you want to make yourself cry in an ugly dress, then by all means go ahead. I ordered the dress and it didn’t arrive till 5 weeks later (usually it only takes about 2 weeks from China) I didn’t think I’d even be getting the dress. When I finally put it on, the waist fit perfectly but the chest part? It could EASILY fit somebody with double F’s and I am someone who wears a US dress size 2 (sometimes 4). I’m not going to have frickin’ double F’s okay? Basically, really horrible fit, but I think it should look fine after I make some slight adjustments. I wouldn’t recommend buying from here but it could be worse right? The only reason I’m even giving them 3 stars is because I had so little expectations to begin with after reading these reviews.

  44. i ordered a costume from milanoo a while back. it was so well made that i ordered two more. the second two costumes were too big and milanoo refused to take them back. kept asking me to take pictures of them and to measure them and show the measurement in the pictures. what sort of company does not accept returns when an item is too big?!?!?!? also, the first costume arried in just days. the second order took weeks to arrive.

  45. I hope you’all get your items and all that. BUT who in their right mind orders wedding dresses ONLINE. I just find this terribly amusing!:D

  46. Do you have an address so I can return my dress?

    • i tried to send back the three dresses i ordered and they refused the shipment which i received back. now i am trying to find another address but it cost $62.00 to ship them back and i don’t want to pay again. what a big rip off Milanoo is. DON’T ORDER FROM THEM. Every time i tried to contact them by email there computers weren’t working or some excuse was what they give.

  47. does anyone have their return address

    • Did you ever find a address for this company? I have a dress that is awful and would love to return it. It looks nothing like the picture and fits terrible.Help!!!!!

  48. I ordered my wedding dress from milanoo.com it came by UPS today. Yes it was shipped out a little later then the 7-10 days it states. But it still got here before the 30 day time line they gave me at the time of my order. I am very happy I ordered my dress from them!! I love my wedding dress.. Very happy with them!!

    • Can I see it??? Contact me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I’m getting married and I’m so nervious about buying my wedding gown from that website


    • can i c it too cuz my getting married in december but am scared to order because of all the bad stuff ive heard

    • did you ever get a picture, i’m in love with one, and i’m scared too!

  49. I got the site address from my sister. She was in a wedding and got her bridesmaid dress from them. I saw the dress prior to placing my order and it was just like the dresses in the boutiques. I ordered a headpice,bracelet, necklace and earrings from them. Upon placing my order I was told it would take 30 days. I got it in a week! the only probalem was one bracelet I initially ordered was no longer in stock, but they gave me the option to replace it or remove the cost from my order. I replaced it. I must say I’m very pleased and considering ordering from them again. Sorry others have had such bad experiences.

  50. Hey everyone .. i thinking about buying a lolita dress .. But im not sure after reading all of you’re bad comments .. I really really want it , and i know when its that cheap i dont expect it to as perfect as one who cost 300$ .. And i live in Denmark so i dont even know how long it wold take .. can anybody help me?

  51. Expectant cosplayer 5 August 2010 at 4:00 pm

    I ordered a Russia cosplay about 2 weeks ago, and I have not recieved any kind of tracking/numbers of any kind, should I start to sweat or give it some more time?

  52. After reading tons of terrible ratings, I was so nervous. I had already ordered my wedding dress from Milanoo! But I was expecting to wait 1-2 months to receive it…low and behold, I got it in 1 month and was VERY impressed with the quality I received for the price. I had a professional seamstress take my measurements & had the dress made-to-order; Milanoo made it perfectly! I couldn’t have found a better fit if I’d gone to David’s Bridal. Keep in mind, you’re not paying a lot, so the materials & quality are what you pay for; but I’m impressed with how good the quality is considering what I paid. Great work!

  53. I was thinking about ordering one of the sailor uniforms for Halloween. I’m worried because of the reviews, though I know that people most often only write reviews when they’re not happy with something. I’m just wondering why I don’t see any reviews on the actual website, even though there are “Write a review” links under each product. Could it be that the company is removing bad reviews?

    • they removed my negative comments as well !!! i think these guys are shady and im nervous to purchase anything from them but the prices are so cheap i might buy one thing and see how it turns out if its good then maybe ill buy again , if not then ill know for next time. but it is a good deal on halloween costumes

  54. I ordered two bridesmaid dresses from MILANOO.com the dress was fine the only thing is that it was suppose to be Burgandy that was what I ordered because my wedding color is Burgandy. But the dress is RED. Just becareful the if you order Burgandy it will not be burgandy.

  55. I ordered my costume about 3 weeks ago from Milanoo and have not received anything yet. I am starting to get concerned. I have emailed customer service and have not received a reply. That was 4 days ago. So, today I tried chatting live with a representative. She talked to me until I brought up my order. Then no reply from her. This is not good. I do not recommend this site. My credit card has been charged close to $100 and no goods have been delivered.

  56. I too, must be one of the lucky one’s. I ordered an Halloween costume for my daughter and it was even more beautiful than the online picture, I did not have to pay shipping beacause I ordered before a certain date. It did take about 5 days to recieve ~ but you are ordering from china and it was sent snail mail. I am so glad I ordered early instead of last minute.

  57. I ordered 2 corsets from milanoo.com and I wish I would of researched the website before I ordered. I ordered them when they had the “spend any amount and get a coupon for the same amount to spend online.” After placing my order I found that you had to spend double the amount you originally paid to get that amount off. Which when I read the fine print on the offer it mentioned nothing about spending some to get some off. 3 days after I ordered them I received an email saying that they did not have the size I ordered in 1 of the corsets and asked me nicely to pick another one. I understand small mistakes. So I picked a different one. After I went to pick up my corsets from the post office today (I wasn’t home when they tried to bring it 2 days ago.) They arrived a day earlier than they told me the original estimated delivery date was. And that’s even after they shipped them a week late. So I’m pretty sure they express shipped it. But sadly when I opened these “size M” corsets the one looked like an extra large and the other the bows were sowed on to the right even though I think they were meant to be in the middle. So I guess I’m not getting my money back? Oh well that’s what I get for spending 20 a corset I suppose… I will try to sell them on Ebay maybe for half the cost…

  58. Bought my wedding dress from Milanoo; sent in the order BEFORE reading reviews & then freaked out!

    I had a professional seamstress take my measurements & had it custom-made by Milanoo. It did take a while to receive it (as I expected–a little over a month), but it came out BEAUTIFUL. They made it perfectly, and I can’t beat the price. Defintiely not what I expected from other reviews I read…I guess order at your own risk, but mine was a wonderful purchase for the price.

    • Can you upload a picture of the dress? I am totally in love with a dress on that site and I cannot find it anywhere else, so I am almost willing to take the chance. I’d just like a little reassurance that it isn’t going to be a total mess.

  59. I’m interested in Milanoo’s swimwear line, I’d like to hear comments regarding their swimsuits pls, thanks.

    • They are just catalog pictures from victoria secret that they “attempt” to duplicate

  60. I had two of my bridesmaids order there dresses from Milanoo.com and only one has recieved her dress. My sister got her dress delivered in a plastic ups bag that was shipped overnight for a total of 79 dollars, she tried the dress on and it began to unthread not to mention the pletes in the front of the dress were lopsided, didn’t fit right at all and the back was a lace up which was never shown online to begin with, also it was supposed to be made of satin material and came in shaffon instead. She has sent them pictures of this so called bridesmaid dress and sent them to Milanoo and they have given her run around, she tried to ship it back and they said it would coast over 50 dollars, that is bs considering she paid 15 for the shipping for her to receive it. I have another girl who still has not received her dress at all. I cannot believe that it is a scam, total and complete scam, DO NOT ORDER FROM MILANOO.COM EVER!!!! You will never get a refund. I feel bad for my girls who lost out on money from this and if I was the website Corp, I would not allow them to use internet as there means of advertising ever again. They are seriously steeling from anyone who orders from them.

    • hey crystal
      I too believe I was scam by milanoo.com. I read your complaint and what I did was I email the owner of milanoo, the website for milanoo reviews. I received the owner email address and phone# on the web site from an angry customer.Here is the email address for the owner that I received off the milanoochattranscripts.com, the owner name is wei feng and the email address is wenjiang@126.com. please,let me know what happen. I hope this help.

    • Dear Crystal,
      Thanks for taking the time to post your kind review. We truly apologize for the inconvenience we may brought to you and the delayed response. We would really like to know what we can do to help in this matter. Would you please provide the order number for these two bridesmaid dress then I can further assist you? You could reach me at public@milanoo.com or via phone at 008628 6555 4192.
      Your early reply will be appreciated.

  61. I know this website got a bad rep, but it seems they’ve cleaned up their act! Mind you, I didn’t order anything customized, but I did order materials that were extremely time sensitive. Their customer service got back to me within one business day each time I contacted them. They were able to give me full, detailed information. What’s better, they shipped and delivered my package a WEEK before it was expected to arrive. Their customer service reps were extremely professional and helpful. They sent me wonderful extra gifts, and free shipping. I’m definitely ordering from them again! I hope you give them another chance!

    • They must have payed you to write all this!!!;(

    • christina wolfe 2 October 2011 at 8:42 pm

      i’d have to agree that they must’ve paid you to write this because i ordered my dress sept 8 and it was to be delivered no later than oct 6. today is oct 3 and it still has not been shipped! i leave for my wedding and honeymoon cruise oct 19 and need time for it to be altered if needed (which judging from the reviews it will need it). customer service did not even offer to expedite shipping. i insisted and they said they will expedite it. i think it should be sent overnite if needed to be here by oct 6 as promised. now i’m worried i won’t get it before i even leave for my wedding and will never get a refund. stressing out!!!

    • christina wolfe 2 October 2011 at 8:43 pm

      oh and the customer service rep also said she THINKS it will be leaving in 3-5 days. wtff!!!??!!!

  62. I wanted to order some swimsuits from this site but after reading the reviews I’m nervous! has anyone ordered one from them? If so I’m interested in hearing about their experience and quality.

  63. Dear Cindy,
    Thank you so much for your review!
    Would you please give us a chance to know what’s the problem in your order and let me help you?
    Our contact information are stated on our website:
    Also you could reach me at public@milanoo.com or via phone at 008628 6555 4192.
    For our service team: service@milanoo.com.
    Your question will be replied in a timely manner.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  64. Unhappy with Milanoo 4 February 2011 at 7:07 am

    I was completely unsatisfied by Milanoo. I made a huge mistake ordering my bridesmaids dresses through this company. Originally, I ordered one orange bridesmaid dress. I was very impressed,the orange color was very unique especially with the unique tie up in the back (even though I didn’t notice that was art of the dress on the website. The dress didn’t flow like the picture displayed. I had to switch a bridesmaid with another friend, because she was concerned about her weight would show with our the flowing feature as shown in online picture. I had the remaining 5 bridesmaids order their own dresses. The second dress that arrived was not the same color, it was a cheap, shiny pinkish orange. The unique tie was NOT in the back, rather a zipper that was poorly sewn on (as if a beginner was sowing). The 3rd and 4th dress arrived 5 and 6 inches too short! (I lost a bridesmaid in my wedding, because Milanoo wouldn’t resolve this problem. The Final dress arrive with a clearly uneven hem at the bottom. I did have one sent back, after several painful emails back and forth, having to threaten. So, we all was over we had 2 dresses that were what I expected. We lost a bridesmaid and the dress was unfixable. and I had 3 bridesmaids that were willing to wear their cheap looking,uneven, too short (we tried to sew extra material on the bottom) bridesmaid dresses at my wedding. I have several pictures to display the poor quality.
    The Dress was The Spaghetti Satin Bridesmaid Dress Item Code# 03930017714 Spaghetti Satin Bridesmaid Dress, Orange

    Here is what Milanoo’s customer service said to me
    - Several emails consisted of “I’m sorry to hear that, please send us detailed pictures”
    - About the short dresses, that was measurement problems, which I review their orders and Milanoo’s confused the measurement conversion not my bridesmaids
    - Quote from email:”All the products on our site are replicas, the manufacturer processed the dress according to the picture. There may some differences between the two dresses due to they made by different manufacturer. ” They use different “manufacturers”. So, dresses will come out different. WHO DOES THAT? They don’t actually make the dress in the picture. I’m guessing, it appears they have students in training separately creating their own take on the dress. Which would explain the lack of sewing skills, the different color material, and the different styles on the back of the dress

    DO NOT BUY dresses from this company. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BUY YOUR WEDDING DRESS.. You will NEVER get them to return your dress if their are any problems.
    Order Number below
    en_uk number en_uk_1003190158_511
    in the United States

    • Dear friend,

      How are you?
      We truly apologize for the inconvenience we might brought to you and the delayed response.
      We have double checked your orders.
      In order en-uk_1003050030_364, the dress is of knee length. According to the measurements as you provided SHOULDER TO FLOOR 142cms, the dress was made in this length correctly.
      And for the same dress in order en-uk_1003190158_511, you ordered by a different email address. So these two orders are mostly not for the same manufacturer. This caused a slight difference of the two dresses. But the dresses are qualified. We can make the two dresses totally the same if we have them under same email or an order remark.
      We are a young company who need to get improved and we truly value every of our customers. We are deeply sorry for the troubles you faced. And we really hope to help you. If you have more or suggestion, you could reach me at public@milanoo.com or via phone at 008628 6555 4192 and I will try my beat to help you.


  65. Has any one order a coat or handbag from them it don’t sound very good on with the costumes or some of the dresses

  66. My ordered three items a month and TWO DAYS AGO and STILL HAVE NOT RECIEVED A THING! My grandmother and I thought this would be a good way to save a bit of money but no! The anime convention is this Saturday and now I’m going to have to rush to get another costume together! We are NEVER ordering from this site AGAIN!

  67. hi milanoo
    i want to order my wedding dress but after reading this review, i am too nervous about it can anyone help me. please

  68. shirley mcanally 14 March 2011 at 11:03 am

    i ordered a flower girls dress i havent recied it yet i getting a little worried the adress was wrong it is 7359 slyvan de sanford fl 32771 wrong adress 7364 slyvan

    • Hi Shirley,
      You’d best contact Milanoo directly at public@milanoo.com or call them at 008628 6555 4192. Give them your order number and the right address and things should be ok.

  69. I ordered my wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses from Milanoo back in January and still do not have them. I received email after email from Milanoo changing the ship date to later and later, but the latest email stated that I would have my dresses by March 8 and after looking on their web page, it shows they haven’t even shipped. They won’t respond to any of my emails and their live chat never seems to work and I’m in a serious panic. My wedding is two weeks away and I don’t have any dresses! I’m so frustrated with this company….what terrible customer service!

  70. Florence from Kumasi, Ghana regarding order number en-uk_1012082231_341. this site has the worst customer service reps I have ever dealt with in my life. I order 3 wedding dresses December 2010 and now its 16 march 2011. still no dress and to refund. each day I contact the customer service I’m told something different. its like I’m talking to a different person each time and they have no record of my complains. I’m very frustrated and don’t no what to do so please anyone help

  71. Worst SCAM site on the WEB!!

    Dresses are rags
    I ordered one, it arrived on time but two different colors none of which I had ordered! Awful is the best description and they will not refund enen when you document that it was their fault.
    Jack was the guy that responded to my complaint and he admitted fault, but I still got nothing but a rag.

    I gave it to some kids to play dress up. It wasn’t fit to wear for real!

  72. Nervousaboutmilanoo 26 March 2011 at 9:08 am

    I ordered my prom dress from here and at the time it seemed like it would be a good idea. After reading these reviews I’m not so sure. It’s supposed to ship today so I’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. I hope for a better one.

    • Brittany Holloway 8 April 2012 at 10:25 pm

      Mine shipped today for my prom and I am super nervous I really hope it comes out okay because it looked beautiful on the website.

  73. am waiting on the arrival of a wedding dress and if it doesnt come i will track the person down and show them what happens when you rip off a scottish woman :)
    it was due to arrive today but that was an estimate so i await the postman
    will be honest with my review if it ever arrives guys x good luck to those waiting

    • Thanks for your comment Jean. Good luck with your wedding dress, we will wait for your review patiently :)

  74. Okay just got my wedding dress today…a week after it was supposed to be here…that is the ONLY negative comment I have…my dress is more beautiful than the pic online…I am so happy and it fit me so well…I am very pleased and can’t stop smiling…I feel bad for anyone who had a bad experience but I am definately telling my friends and fam about milanoo

  75. I ordered a Prom Dress over a month ago and I ended up having to cancel my order. I spoke with “Peggy” numerous times and have gotten the run around. I was told more than once that the dress was being shipped “today”…unfortunately for my daughter the dress she wanted has NOT been shipped and even if it was wouldn’t be here in time for Prom. I have been promised a refund…but from what I have seen from other reviews it will be a miracle if that happens…I WOULD NOT recommend ordering from this company!
    Here is a transcript of my conversation with them from just a few minutes ago, which I think many others will find very similar to their own experience:

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

    All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

    You are now chatting with ‘Peggy’

    Peggy: Hello. Welcome to Milanoo. How may I assist you?

    Peggy: Hello. Welcome to Milanoo. How may I assist you?

    Jennifer: en-uk_1103070708_444 is my order number the order was supposed to ship yesterday but it is still showing that it is STILL processing! If it has not shipped then I demand you cancel my order and refund my money to my card, because it will not be here in time for the event that I needed the dress for and will be of absolutely no use to me. I am very disappointed in the service I have received with your company and will not be using you again, nor will I recommend you to anyone else.
    Peggy: Please hold one moment.Let me check it.

    Jennifer: Seriously I am sick of checking and getting the run around from your company. refund my money and keep your dress

    Jennifer: en-uk_1103070708_444 is my order number the order was supposed to ship yesterday but it is still showing that it is STILL processing! If it has not shipped then I demand you cancel my order and refund my money to my card, because it will not be here in time for the event that I needed the dress for and will be of absolutely no use to me. I am very disappointed in the service I have received with your company and will not be using you again, nor will I recommend you to anyone else.

    Jennifer: I ordered this dress 3-6-11 and it has not arrived when you said it would so enough is enough I want a refund now because I will not have a dress and need to go buy another one to REPLACE THE ONE YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR AND HAVE NOT DELIVERED!

    Peggy: en-uk_1103070708_444 we will refund to you and cancel your order

    Jennifer: I want the refund on my card in 2 hours or less

    Jennifer: because I need to go get another dress

    Peggy: we will refund to your credit card in 48 hours ,and the refund will take about 2 weeks to complete

    Jennifer: please do not screw me around because I have heard from MANY other customers that you are famous for that and I PROMISE that you will NOT want me to start spreading the word to the better business bureau


    Jennifer: I WANT A refund NOW!!!!!!!!

    Jennifer: you were able to get my money fast enough I did not get what I paid for so I want a refund NOW!

    Jennifer: I need to go buy a dress NOW to replace the one that is NOT here!

    Jennifer: I am sure that Pay Pal would also be interested to hear about your business dealings as well

    Peggy: now we could refund to you as we now it is night of Chinese time, and other relative technical colleagues have been off duty, and you pay your order in credit card not paypal

    Jennifer: doesn’t matter

    Peggy: sorry for that ,we will refund to your credit card not paypal account

    Jennifer: I am sure they would love to hear about this to protect other customers from your type of Fraud

    Jennifer: don’t care whether it is Chinese time or any other time…I am the customer you promised and I will get a refund because I have NO TIME TO GET A DRESS THAT YOU PROMISED WOULD BE HERE!

    Peggy: sorry ,we will refund to your credit card ,thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Jennifer: believe me if it is NOT on there immediately then I will not go away until your company is out of business for stealing from customers I have read many reviews that you have said the same exact things to other customers and they have not gotten a refund

    • have you ever got your refund? Is there hope?

    • I got my chiffon dress on time. It is sized 2 and it really seemed to be custom made because the back is lace-up, so it fits perfectly.

      Unfortunately the pair of gloves I ordered weren´t available at the time of shipping so they refunded it to my credit card within 2 days of telling me that.

      FEDEX charged me with a fee when the dress arrived to my country. They said it was a different fee from the shipping one, so I sent my receipt to milanoo and they agreed to pay half of it and I´ve already got the refund in my credit card.

      So I´m really happy with milanoo and i´ll definetely buy again.

  76. Patricia Laman 8 April 2011 at 5:43 pm

    I received my daughter’s Cosplay costume today, and it is perfect!!! I was worried after reading all of the negative reviews, and actually thought that I would have to file for a refund with Paypal. Thank God I was wrong!

  77. I ordered a lolitadress and a skirt about 3 weeks ago. Im supposed to get my shipping 26 of april. I hope I will! I get really nervous when I read all negative comments about Milanoo.com. I keep my fingers crossed that everything turns out allright! :)
    Sanna, Sweden

  78. Their rating actually should be in the negative factor!

    I am so shocked I could cry!
    Ordered dress for my son’s wedding 3/3/2011. Received email stating order should arrive no later than 4/7/2011. That was 2 weeks ago. Have filed numerous disputes with company with no response. Conversations with ‘Ashley’ keep stating that I should receive a refund in 1-2 days. But again, 2 weeks later still nothing.

    If you want your event to be a happy one, avoid this company like the plague!!!

  79. George Morris 20 April 2011 at 2:01 pm

    I ordered a few articles of clothing and paid the extra $10 to have the items custom-sized. I don’t think the customization was ever done. Despite sending in a series of EXACT measurements, the pieces are way too small. They don’t fit at all. And they came about 2 weeks after they were promised.

  80. Oh, I got the items from Milanoo today and Im more than pleased. They are awesome and so cute! :) :) :) And right on time. I will but things from Milanoo in the future too. I have no complains! Trustful company! :)

  81. i will never order anything from this website, i ordered the shoes from them and when i opened it the buckle on shoes was off and it was the wrong size. i tried getting in touch with them so many time but no body got in touch with me. bad customer service. so now i am stock with a shoe that doens’t fit me and the buckle is off.
    i would not recomment them at all.

  82. Ordered 4 dresses and not one was made to spec. Can’t get a response from the company at all. I searched reviews and never came across this one! I hope these reviews reach more people because this company is just stealing our money. I had dresses with straps sewn on with twists in them. That is how crappy! Have posted my order number to show that I was a legit customer burned by this company.
    Order: en-uk-1103061101_657

  83. Horrible Experience!
    Ordered a wedding gown as a secondary dress for the evening and it was a total disaster. Instead of sewing the seams in many areas they were just pressed down. The lace on the bottom of the dress had a bluish/grey tinge to it and looked dirty as compared to the top half which was white. The bow/sash was made from 2 sashes sewn together with 2 stitches and actually came off when I turned the dress from inside out to right side.
    Didn’t expect perfection for $170 but did not expect GARBAGE either!

  84. Ordered 16 items from them with total amount of USD 530 and the shippig USD 274. However, this site is an absloute trap. They send my items by EMS ot DHL or UPS.
    AND the items is poor in quility am giving them away. DON”T be traped like me. do’t deal with them.

  85. I ordered several things from the website about a month and two weeks ago, and it is still “Processing”. After reading everyones comments I’m beginning to get a little worried. Any advice on what to do? Should I wait a tiny bit longer? Or give up and ask for a refund?

    • Give up and ask for a refund. Im still in the process of even getting a responce after requesting a refund.

    • please offer us your order number.we can check the situation that your products which you had ordered from our website.
      and ,we are very sorry for bringing your some trouble.and we will try our best to solve them.OK?

  86. I purchased my daughters prom dress from Milanoo, it was late getting shipped to us, and was totally to short as well as ripped when we got it. we ordered the dress 28 inches long we got it back 21 inches long. it was terrible. I have emailed the company several times and have not recieved any help with the situation. my daughter could not wear the dress. I should have read these reviews before ordering. I will never order from Milanoo again and hope noone else does.

  87. Got some stuff for an event from milanoo and I wish I never did now because its seems that it would be a bloody miracle if the stuff ever arrives on time :/

  88. For all those who say they saw thier dream dress on Milanoo there may still be hope for you if you’re deadset on that dress. I’m a lolita fan and after seeing the dresses on thier website, I was able to easily recognize the designs taken from mainstream companies. The dresses you see are all most likely available somewhere else online and made with better quality by the original designers. Good luck on finding them.

  89. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! I had an extremely poor experience with this company from the beginning. My Mother-in-law chose dresses on their site for her upcoming wedding. She purchased one for herself, and my 2 sister-in-laws and I each purchased one as well. Very poor communication and response to questions I asked from the beginning, (1-2 week response time, and not very clear responses when I did get them), and they would not provide shoulder or sleeve measurements on the dresses, or clarify the hem measurement. I ordered my dress 4 sizes larger than my measurements stated because I was nervous about their sizing. My MIL & SILs all ordered custom made dresses, providing all measurements properly. When they arrived, all of the dresses are too small for all four of us in the shoulder and sleeve. We all have different body types, including one SIL who is very petite and quite small in the shoulders and arms. They will not fix the dresses or give a full refund for any of us. The material and quality of the dresses is very poor; mine also is missing the ‘eye’ part of the hook and eye. The most they will offer is a 30% refund, stating that the measurements are standard. Everything has taken a very long time with them; already over 2 months spent between figuring out how to order, when the dress finally arrived and dealing with attempting to resolve this issue. Now we are almost to the wedding and none of us have acceptable dresses. I am warning you that this may look like a good deal, but whatever small amount you pay for items from this website you would be better off throwing in the trash to save yourself the hassle!!!

  90. I purchased a bunch of stuff for my honeymoon and wedding from Milanoo it was supposed to be shipped over a month ago and it still hasnt shipped! They keep telling me they will fix the situation soon however I am moving in 9 days and they still havent sent it and of course I cant cancel my order. I was soooo excited about this website when I first found it and now I dont think I will ever use it again let alone refer anyone else to it! I want my $165+ dollars back if I dont get my order very soon!

  91. Your comment: I would have gave them a zero if I could. Ordered 2 lolita bloomers, same model but different color. Gave the exact same measurements but one of them is shorter than the other (they’re telling me that it isn’t the same model after they changed the pictures on their website, when I ordered (and I still have the confirmation email with the pictures to prove it) it was the exact same bloomers, except one was white and one was black). The other bloomers has a waist band to large that they keep sliding down because they’re too big. Been waiting over a month to get this resolve and it still isn’t (partly because RMA is refusing to see the problem AND that my complaint and pictures proving my complaint were never sent to RMA, had to use the live chat for them to be sent). So, basically, NEVER order from Milanoo unless you want bad quality, measurements AND bad service.

  92. I ordered my wedding dress May 2nd, 2011. It was suppose to be shipped June 2nd, I got an email about the shoes I ordered with the dress saying they had the wrong picture with the wrong shoes, never received the refund for the shoes. And my dress still hasn’t been shipped. I’m worried that its not going to be very good quality. They also used an excuse saying that there was a festival going on. Now if the dress is bad quality I probably won’t get a refund.

  93. I read these reviews AFTER I purchased my daughters Lolita dress for an upcoming convention. I was TERRIFIED the dress was going to be crappy, too small, late delivered, the wrong color and whatever horrible experiences others have had. To my absolute surprise, the dress was perfect. It fit nice (we ordered a 2X when she is a large in US sizes), the quality was just fine, the price was excellent and to our delight it was delivered 10 days ahead of estimated shipping. The ony complaint I have, if any, was its advertised 10 day shipping.. I ordered the dress on the 7th, needed it by the 26.. once the order ws placed, it said it would leave China on the 26th, arriving in the US on the 6th of June, which was too late. But again, the dress arrived the afternoon of the 26, and she got to wear it at the convention.. where she was the cutest one there! I will DEFINATELY take another chance and order another dress.


  94. how long does it take to receive a lolita dress from milanoo?

  95. Today I received my $161 custom size wedding dress from milanoo as well as a corset, gloves and a $3 veil. The dress is beautiful and perfect. The ivory color was almost white which was great. I was afraid it would be too yellow but it’s not. The gloves have a tiny whole in the seem but it’s fixable. The order should have arrived on the 19th and it arrived on the 9th. I am very happy with the order and will purchase from the company again.

  96. i Ordered a coat from this company and received completely the wrong item and havent been able to get things situated with them to send it back they need pictures for returns and even if it’s a slip up on their end want you to pay for returns wtf

  97. OH MY GOD as in OH MY GOD! I placed an orders just a while ago and milanoo keep saying that my order wasn’t process due to wrong my wrong name and card number didn’t match so i kept placing my order until 4 times. When i checked my email milanoo says it was sucessful but i ordered same dresses for 4 times. Milanoo. pls help me what im gonna do? they might chrage me 4 times and sent me those dress 4 times.

  98. I need to cancel my order what’s milanoo contact information or number plllss help

  99. My Sisters Friend bought me a kagome Cosplay from Milanoo, he paid for Fast shipping. They said i would get the cosplay 2weeks prier to the convention i was going to. (MegaCon 2011) And but a WEEK PASSED BY AND I GOT IT! I Love there Service. :D The Quality was what i thought I got a M only cause i needed the skirt to fit my waist. I feel like i should of gotten a Large. Cause its Pretty tight. To think a girl who wears size 0-1 pants needs a Large. lol Anyways Milanoo Is an AMAZING SITE FOR COSPLAYS. If you Measure Right. :)

  100. hi, i am new to shoppin online and i woould like to purchase some dresses wholesale. is the price i see on the website wholesale or retail?

  101. I ordered a wedding dress from Milanoo, I have not received it yet. Afterwards, I found out and I read all the comments and it seems like this company had more positive comments (e.g. 18 one on YouTube) concerning wedding dressess and more negitive comments on their other merchandise. I will post my thoughts after my dress arrives. So, until then I’m keeping the dress maker in my prayers.

    • Hello Everyone:

      As mentioned before; after reading ALL of the negivtive comments concerning this site. I was regreting every minute I waited for my deliver of the wedding dress I ordered. The dress came yesterday and it everthing I expected and more. I was very please with the dress.

    • did you ever get your wedding dress, wanting to order but not sure after all the negative comments…

  102. I recently purchased about 5 outfits in Gothic Lolita style for my shop. They took a bit longer to arrive than I thought but I am very happy with the sizing, quality of fabrics and the garments. I will be ordering from them again.

  103. I’m seriously considering buying creeper rip offs from milanoo. Has anyone bought shoes off here before? What is the sizing like?

    • I’m basing my next comment on reviews I’ve read.

      -Depending on what kind of shoes, I suppose it varies. Heels are apparently known to break after trying them on.
      -Their lolita and dress sections are known to be of poor quality or N/A. No info I know of any other sections.
      -I ordered regular casual sneakers. Awaiting delivery.

      Ctrl+F “biasedotaku” to find me below.

    • I just received my shoes from them- normal sneakers and flip flops. Even though I always use 8.5, I ordered Milanoo’s 8.5 and they fit me half a size too small. I’d say order half a size up… But I’ve noticed that the biggest size they have on most of their shoes ends up being 8.5 :(

  104. Its so sad that I found this site after I ordered. With this many complaints I would be embarrassed to recommend them even if my order was fine and dandy!It looks like they’ve ruined many a wedding / party/ event for many people. I ordered June 9th 4 items 110 dollars worth of Lolita stuff. I got a message the next day saying my order was processed, they immediately took my money and have yet to send me any tracking info.Emailed them 3 times no response. My item was promised by July 3rd, I will keep my expectations below sub-standard so I wont be disappointed or shocked that I was ripped off and bamboozled…. I will Let you all know what happens……stay tuned.

  105. KeAndra Thomas 29 June 2011 at 1:09 pm

    I ordered a wedding dress, a petticoat and a jewlery set on May 19, 2011. I used paypal and got a confirmation e-mail from paypal as well as Milanoo. It was scheduled to be here on the 25th of June and of coarse it was not here. Here it is June 29, and I still do not have it. Because of the bad reviews I decided to contact Milanoo on the 26th of June and I have yet to get a reply from them. I have emailed them several times and I am still trying to call and I am not getting a response. I called Paypal to see if the payment went through and they said that the money has gone through to Milanoo. WHERE IS MY MERCHANDISE?????!!!! my fiance use the online chat on the site, and after waiting an hour, the Milanoo representative said that they do not have my order. So where is my money? My order number is en-uk_1105200925_409. My item numbers are #08070015942,#07900056530, #08170020828. Sombody give me feedback on what to do next.

    • Hi there

      did you get your dress? I am just wondering whether I should order it or not

      Thanks a lot for your response

  106. We ordered a wedding dress with accessories, plus other dresses for my up coming wedding since May it is now July and nothing has been received, they have our money and we have no good, and they treat us with scant courtsey

  107. Milanoo is the worst place ever to do business with. First they hide their 30 day processing time, which to process a pair of shoes takes 30 days is absolutely ridiculous. When i tried the live chat, i sat there for 2 hrs with no response as they were all “busy”. I then proceeded email them. With a total of 4 emails sent, there was no response until after i finally got a live representative. They are now cancelling my order with a 20% Material fee. WTF. Do not shop at milanoo. worst company ever with the worst customer service in the world.

  108. melanie wantz 14 July 2011 at 5:48 am

    NOT happy. lots of hanging threads, the seams are sloppily sewn, in my opinion, It looks….well….tacky! and I REGRET not reading their 7 day return policy. (I took that at face value) now that I am disappointed in what I received, I clicked on that 7 day return policy and guess what? you have to take photos and it is this whole process to upload and beg for your return. And forget it if the sizing is strange, “fits in legs not stomach, or huge in the bust but small in the stomach” You are out of luck because you cannot return for “not a good fit”. You can only return for major flaws, IF you can prove it. I sent them email asking about this last week, no reply. I’m out 200.00. Buying from a company out of the country is a mistake. My daughter’s wedding is in 3 weeks. now I have to scramble.

  109. i ordered a corset for them just now, but after reading the reviews i’m afraid it won’t be like the picture i saw. let me tell you this. if it is not like the picture they will be sorry. i honestly dore care when it gets here as long as its before june, but if its not like the picture, they will be sorry. thats all there is to it

  110. I ordered several items. Mostly Pillows and Pillowcases. Daiku-something (name of em in Japan). I know they’re bootlegged, but it was cheap, so I thought “why not?”

    That was a week ago. A bit terrified from all the reviews I’m reading. Though, most the reviews are from girls ordering dresses and costumes. PRINTS and regular SHOES don’t seem like they would be bootlegged as bad as designer dresses.

    It’s only been around a week for me, so I’m still patient. We’ll just have to see how it goes for something other than clothing, won’t we?

    I assure you all I’m not working for them and posting spam.
    If anyone is looking to keep updated by me, find me on my blog. (I read a lot of reviews, and on those sites, I saw plenty of ‘milanoo employees’ posing as customers.)

    In probably 2-5 weeks, I’ll post something about milanoo with pictures. (considering everyone else’s shipping period, I’m giving it a couple weeks before I become impatient.)

    PaulieWee@hotmail.com if I can be of help (probably not).

  111. Alvin Gutierrez 16 July 2011 at 6:47 am

    I just got an email that the post code that was provided did not match my state what the heck I followed the ordering process correctly and waited for like three weeks now. Now this is the reason i don’t like ordering online my daughter is going to be upset that we won’t be able to get her costume on time

    • Alvin Gutierrez 16 July 2011 at 6:58 am

      Here is my code from my order en-uk_1106290159_988 and my Item Code is :#04780025481 and :#03390020541 can we just call them and ask if there is way they can still deliver it on time?

  112. Erik Woodbury 21 July 2011 at 12:30 pm

    I ordered a blue coat from them and was disappointed to receive a product that did not match the expected measurements as indicated on their website. When I contacted them they obviously spoke very poor english and never directly answered the questions I asked. All I wanted was an exchange. They are now ignoring my emails and I intend to contest the purchase via paypal. Horrible customer service. Avoid at all costs.

  113. I ordered a dress for my sisters wedding and when I received it the color and design were wrong. When I tried to return they told me I had to email them pictures so I did. They will not accept any of my emails now and when I contacted the Better Business Bureau they could not get a reply from them either. I am putting this on here and anywhere else I can find so that no one goes through what I did!

  114. Absolutely the WORST customer service I’ve ever had. The size chart for their shoes on their page is wrong so make sure u measure your foot since they will send you everything 2 US sizes too big if you don’t know your japanese size. The 24 hour online help is a joke and after sending 10 emails with pictures, I still haven’t been able to exchange my shoes. When I call the company, they refuse to give me the return address and make me feel like It’s my fault while I can hear them talking on the backround how it happens all the time that people are dissatisfied with the product and how they’re just supposed to tell me I’m crazy. This company is an absolute scam. Read all the online reviews and you will see how many people have gotten abused by them. I can’t believe someone hasn’t shut it down…a company with a non existent customer service shouldn’t be able to cater to an American customer!

  115. well after reading all honest, a bit disappointed on how many mistakes milanoo has done and still do. I can understand all of you well and I wanna thank you for all the warnings since it helped me :) luckily I never really planned to buy something really important expect a pair of akatsuki boots…

  116. I have placed an order with this company and it has been well over a month, i can`t get intouch with them by phoneing them as the number is not reconized and you can`t get thru by an email ither also can`t even find an address for them. just a con.

  117. After three months of e-mails and phone calls my purchase arrived and it was not worth my money or time…
    The pair of shoes I bought was a scam and didn’t look at all like the picture posted on their website. They used some cheap material and glued it last minute.You could visibly see the dry glue on the fabric.The stiches were untidy & it was so ugly to look at that I tossed it in the garbage. Please do not purchase anything from this company. It is a scam and please read more reviews about milanoo before even considering to purchase anything from them.

  118. …Ordered a prom dress for my daughter’s prom which was June 2011… the dress was very beautiful and very well made. It took exactly 30 business days… so when ordering remember that. I began to panic because it got close to the deadline so I contacted customer service via online chat. They were very professional and her dress came when promised. Overall I am a very satisfied customer… After reading all the other reviews, I feel kinda lucky.

  119. i’m scared to order from the site but i REALLY want to buy a pair of shoes from them. how long you think my shoes will come since every complain is about wedding dresses and costumes?

    • I feel the same way. I would NEVER order a wedding dress online. So I understand the complaints about wedding dressses and costumes. But, I ordered these shoes that I really wanted. SHould I be worried? they are supposed to come August 23rd. What if I don’t get them, will I bet able to ship them back fast enough to get a refund? can I hear anyone’s reviews about shoes specifically

    • Bonjour Kimberly, Il faut vous lancer !! Personnellement j’ai commandé escarpins P 39(reçus avec 5 jours d’avance par rapport au mail) et compensés P37 reçus à temps par rapport au mail. C’est vrai que le transport est un peu long (3 semaines environ), mais les articles sont très convenables compte tenu du prix. Faites confiance! Je vous adresse mon @ : jacquelineha@orange.fr
      A la réception de cette remarque, envoyez moi une réponse, je voudrais savoir si vous l’avez bien reçu.Cordialement, Jacqueline.

  120. I ordered 4 bridesmaids dresses from Milanoo, and they arrived inside out in bags (in the same packaging bag), had pleats all over the bodice and green/pink sequins. The picture on their site was a smooth bodice with small white beading. I sent pictures and got email approval to send back–but they said the RMA will inspect for a refund or a “good solution.”

    I had my friend help me get an international call line for $2 so I can call customer service and get real answers! It sounds like I am the only one who’s thought of this?

  121. Ok so I’m really scared, I bought some Naruto shoes and a Naruto headband for my cosplay. I’m afraid it won’t come on time, (I need them by September 8) and if they do come that they won’t be the right color or good quality. PLEASE email me if you have any other experiences with them I really need help and I’m freaking out. Here’s my order # and email en-uk_1107180656_675 ms.blackjacob@gmail.com

    • Bonjour Leslie, j’ai commandé des chaussures (2 paires) de 2 commandes différentes. J’ai reçu la 1ère avec 5 jours d”avance par rapport au mail, et la 2ème à temps. Nous sommes le 15 aout, les avez-vous reçues ?? Je pense que pour le début septembre votre commande sera arrivée. Faites confiance ! Je vous souhaite une bonne journée. Jacqueline. (mon @ mail si vous voulez me répondre : jacquelineha@orange.fr).Merci.

  122. I ordered something about a month ago and then, got an email that said it would be shipped on July 7th and that I should receive them by July 13th. On July 24th I still had not receive anything so I wrote them a message which got no answer. I wrote 2 more emails and still have no idea where are my items or if I’ll ever get them at all.

    I’m NEVER GOING TO BUY from them again. NO COMMUNICATION at all and I paid for ****s I’ll surely never get.

  123. Milanoo Shoes Review

    I just got my order today- 4 days earlier than the estimated (10 days processing and 10 days delivery).

    I ordered shoes from Milanoo- normal sneakers and flip flops. Even though I always use 8.5, I ordered Milanoo’s 8.5 and they fit me half a size too small (in spite of measuring my foot). I’d say order half a size up… But I’ve noticed that the biggest size they have on most of their shoes ends up being 8.5 :(

    But quite honestly, my shopping experience with them has been very pleasant. My order got sent earlier than I expected, and every time I had questions I used the Live Chat and the people I spoke with, even though they had a limited English, were always helpful.

    I’ve already placed my second order, their shoes are beautiful and cheap! Can’t beat a good deal :)

  124. milanoo is a joke,we ordered a wedding dress and true to their word the dress was delivered on time, and yes ther is a but, the dress is extremely badly made, stitching is all squint, the detailing on the dress is hanging off, the underskirt looks like it has been rolled into a ball and sewn on, tried contacting them using live chat, their customer service e-mail even telephoning them with still no solution to the problem. to be quite frank the dress looks like a 2 year old child has made it, do not order from this company dont have anything to do with this company, as for a replacement or a refund im not holding my breath

  125. im looking for people to contact me about their experience of milanoo my email is fleming998@hotmail.com. milanoo has to be put in its place and it is my aim to have them dealt with by the proper authorities, so i need as much evisance as possible please include any photos you have of the problems you have had.



  126. I ordered from Milanoo, it took over a month to arrive!
    The product quality is very low!!!!(especially oil painting!!)
    The customer service is very very slow!!!!
    I had worst experience><.
    I wonder i can return the item?

  127. I am half pleased. The dress I bought is one size smaller than i requested, but thats some motivation right? Well i bought 2 dress shirts for my boyfriend, both XXL so they would be loose and comfy, one is OK. The second on is so small its ridiculous, even my brother who is usually a size L couldnt fit into it. Here’s the kicker: I left a review on both these items, and THEY ERASED THEM! So, you’ll never see a bad review on their website because they just erase them. Sent them an email yesterday, judging from these reviews I probably wont hear back from them! Oh well, its probably cheaper to just suck it up than to ship this crap to china…

  128. Made several orders. They messed up every custom order.

    The jacket came in smaller than the measurements given. One dress came in and did not fit, the others did. One dress ordered did not match the picture they had. And when I entered in skirt lengths (39 inches), they gave me 24 inches. The under skirts were not sized to my size.

    They are only good for the price if they have quality control.

    Company has made comments on their site about their slow delivery…Don’t expect anything fast.

    Also they ship clothes and jewelry in plastic bags, not in boxes as they indicate on the site.

  129. I ordered a cosplay costume from them and they did not inform me that it was out of stock, So I had to reorder the more expensive one.($71) I dont think they have refunded me for the first one yet ($40)and after reading these I’m getting really nervous-should I cancel my order and go to ebay instead? It says its supposed to arrive on the 21 and I need it by the 3d of September, and I don’t want any ‘surprises.’ My order nuber is en-uk_110803020741_809.

  130. My second post. I’ve posted up my Milanoo.com Review.

    Here’s my theory:
    If you order clothing or shoes (specifically dresses, coats, and heels), then they will most likely give you faulty items or none at all. However, if you order something like what I did (3 pillow cases and a pair of white sneakers), then you’ll have a better chance of legit products.

    I ordered 3 pillowcases, took exactly 10 days to process, and I was told it would take 10 more days for it to arrive, however, it arrived less than a week later.
    I’m telling the truth, but I can’t say I can promise or guarantee anything to anyone. I’m just letting people know I got my stuff and it was legit. Images and full review on my blog.
    Good luck to everyone else.


    • I kindly disagree Paul. I ordered 2 dresses back in June and they are great. Both are a size too big but that is because I ordered them this way to make sure they fit. I am taking them to a seamstress and they will fit perfectly AND if i ever gain weight, all i will have to do is get them taken out. I wont lose my envestment or pretty dresses. I have yet to order shoes or bedding. I did, though, order a bag on Sunday. Cant wait to see it. I would advise people to seek out a good seamstress, order the outfit too big, and get it taken in OR you can measure yourself so you will get your exact measurments. You can put these into the comments line when you are ordering. =)

    • I didn’t say they would not, I said they’d most likely not turn out good or not turn up at all.

      It’s good that you got the dress with no problems, though.
      However, I didn’t base my theory solely on my experience. I based it on the majority of bad reviews towards the clothing section as a whole. While we’re lucky for whatever we ordered, thousands of others were not.
      Which is why I’d recommend the person thinking of ordering to think it over. “Do you want to take the chance?” Not just the clothing section neither.

  131. It’ll started out pretty good. I found the site when they had  a promotion , if you spent over $50 you had free shipping and you get a $10 coupon thing in your e-mail. Plus you got 20% off your total purchase. I always wanted to try the Lolita dresses and the site office really cheap, so I decided to order a few. I ordered one blue dress that was classic Lolita, a ruffle dress, and the blue sailor dress. But only the blue sailor dress I had expedited. I also ordered a pea coat that my boyfriend wanted. After I put in the order I found out that it would have to take 12 days for my whole order to be processed because Lolita was considered a costume. After  12 days it took another whole week for them to even ship it, when I finally spoke with one of the sales assistance on the chat she told me oh it will be there soon. Please don’t worry. Finally after another week they sent my package. After it was shipped it got to me in three days. Wish I was really happy about but the jacket that I got for my boyfriend even though we measured him was too small even though we followed their size,. The dresses I bought, the one that was ruffle had a corset back so the size was an issue. The blue dress was a major problem I ordered an actual large because my boobs are size double D and I didn’t want to be too small  When I finally got the dress it was way too big. I have been trying to contact the customer service and they keep telling me about the week for them to get back. All I want to do is returning for a refund. But they keep asking for pictures. It doesn’t fit . I don’t need pictures to show but it doesn’t fit, all I need is a refund. I’ll send back to pay the shipping just give me my god damn money back.

  132. OMFG NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER ORDER FROM THEM!!!! i orderd my wedding dress and got it about 2 weeks ago and all the dress was made rong sizes and bits were hanging off all over it and i sent them a mesage and pics of the problem and they says it would tack 3 days for them to get back to me am still whating i get married in 6 weeks and dont have a dress i dont have a clue what t do they not helping me at all i just talked to the online chat agin and they says i get them to get back to u 2moz i think i have been whating long anoth dont us so pleas dont get enything thing from them at all.

  133. Actually despite everything everyone has said.. This site is pretty reliable. The thing is.. When you order something, even with express shipping, you need to count in processing time for ALL your items because some things take longer to make. Also when you get it custom made use cm to be more accurate and if it bothers you that they might get it wrong add 1cm just in case. And if they don’t have an option for custom made products, if you put your measurements in the comment boxes.. They will tailor it correctly.
    Really, after my cosplay costume was finished processing it literally took 2 days to arrive at my house which was fantastic! The material was great and it fit perfectly.

    And in reality you can only cancel an order before you confirm it or within 24hr of your purchase. Otherwise.. It’s already made, your credit card is swiped and there isn’t much you can do.

  134. after reading all these negative comments, I have to say, I wish I had found this AFTER ordering from milanoo. I guess I just have to wait and see how my shoes are. I ordered wedges, not heels. My only problem is that the shoes may not be high enough, or the right material. I pray that i’m one of the lucky ones, because I don’t have alot of money to waste on something that will end up being faulty. I’ll post a review on how things go when i get the package, if I get it

    • I finally got my shoes! they arrived a week earlier than expected and they are fantastic! One of the shoes fit slightly smaller than they are supposed to though. Im a 6 and a half, but the shoe fits like a 5 and a half. luckily, i have small feel that can squeeze, so i should be able to break the shoes in. after reading all the comments, im SO thankful that im one of the lucky ones. PLUS, my shoes are wedges, so I dont expect any heels to break. Even though my experience with milanoo was good, Im NEVER going to order anything from them again because they don’t have good credibility, as anyone can tell, and I don’t want to take my chances again.

  135. I read comments back in June before I ordered from Milanoo. My sister had a bad, bad, bad experience with some overseas place for her wedding dress. Ive heard so much bad stuff, BUT I bought 2 dresses from them anyway.


    Heres the thing, I used what others said about sizing and ordered it a size too big. My thing is it is easier to take something in than to let it out. They are Asian, not American. We eat a lot so we are bigger, and their bone structure is smaller. I was realistic when I ordered. No, my items did not reach me in time for the event I ordered them for but I neglected to read the fine print. THATS MY FAULT.

    The product quality was esquisite! Im buying again. Actually just ordered a bag on Sunday. Have not ventured into shoes just yet. I am not sure on the sizing and like others dont have a lot of money to spend. Ive already picked out other dresses I will buy, and I DO REVIEW MY ORDERS! I just have to find them again on the site. Overall, I am happy thus far. Im still in debate about ordering a wedding dress. I have to build confidence in them making regular dresses first.

    ADVISE: Order a regular dress that requires your ACTUAL measurments THEN see if you like it. I have confidence that they will do a good job.

    It really is sad they have so many bad reviews, but if you think about it more people will say bad thing than good things. o_O

    I will be back to review my bag. Milanoo, if you read these reviews, PLEASE dont disappoint me Milanoo. I really would like to continue to buy form you so do an excellent job because I WILL tell the truth. =)

    • Bonsoir Jen, je voulais vous apporter un commentaire sur mes 2 commandes en juillet. J’ai commandé 2 paires de chaussures P 39 escarpins et P 37 compensées. Très belles chaussures, pointures justes. Le petit hic, c’est les délais. Malgré tout j’ai reçu mes escarpins avec 5 jour d’avance sur le mail, et les compensés à la bonne date. Il faut compter 3 semaines. Et quand on est préssé, cela parait un peu long. J’espère que ce commentaire vous aidera, et pour le prix, lancez-vous !! Il faut faire confiance quand on ne connait pas. Bonne soirée, Jacqueline

    • Suite à mon commentaire, je vous remercie de m’adresser un mail à jacquelineha@orange.fr pour savoir si vous l’avez bien reçu et ce que vous en pensez. Merci Jacqueline

  136. I purchased two pairs of shoes and want to exchange one for a different size, but can’t find ANYWHERE on their site how to return or exchange merchandise. I have e-mailed them through their contact form – no response. I have tried their live-chat and never connected to anyone. Anyone know how to reach Milanoo?

  137. i just bought a cosplay sword on milanoo and it came without the hand gaurd on it or anywhere in the package never use this site ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. is there something wrong with the website i cant access it.pls let me no i’m looking for my order

  139. Does anyone live in Foster, California and has received an incorrect order? (order #1107230911658). I think that I have your order and you have mine! I’m standing for my girlfriend’s wedding in less than a week… Can you reply back asap if you see this? Then we can do a swap!!

    • I have somebody’s cosplay costume and they have my bridesmaid dress (purple). The two orders had correct tracking numbers on the front of the UPS envelope and the incorrect contents. Order #11072309116582 was sent to me in error. I’m looking for order #1107162102682 sent to them in error. I get replies from Milanoo but it’s a different person each time and I have to start explaining everything right from the beginning and keep asking me questions…. I don’t have time for questions because I need to get on a plane with that dress in two days to stand for my girlfriend’s wedding! Does anyone have a purple bridesmaid dress in error?

  140. All these negative comments are making me nervous, though I’m trying to ignore them.
    There is fine print on the sight that the costume takes about 1-2 months to be made, shipped, and to arrive.
    I have ordered a third just recently and I can’t wait for it to get here.
    When it does I get to rub it in my friend’s face because she said it wouldn’t.

  141. I got a dress for my daughter. It came quick enough. The problem was that it was not sewn correctly. The straps were not in the correct positions and all on one side. I contacted them via live chat and was told to submit pictures. I did so. It has been a week and no resonse. I posted on the customer comments about my issue with the dress on their web site and they deleted it. I have again tried to contact them via live person and found that my e-mail address is now blocked. I am in customer service and find Milano.com’s customer service to be very poor. The least they can do is acknowledge receipt of my complaint.

  142. I am very much disappointed with the level of service provided by milanoo, i ordered my wedding dress on the 10th of July and by confirming that i will be receiving the dress on the first of August, till date i did not receive it and no proper and exact response received from the representatives via live chat or emails, my wedding is next Sunday , i have no time to order a second dress and they are always coming back to me with the same message saying that my dress is with the quality checking and last email received today states the same message and they added that the dress MIGHT BE SHIPPED ON MONDAY !!! they show no care or interest toward their customers queries and requests in the contrary they make the customer more frustrated by providing the same non sense responses. please i need help and assistance !!!

  143. Not happy at the time, placed the order in July have emailed for updates on when it will ship. Don’t hear back really need the dress. I ordered a flower girl dress from another site, Nancy August and it shipped within a week, emailed me the tracking number and answered all my questions. Can’t call them because they are overseas and am very upset that they are so slow to get the order out of a regular size and normal dress. Bummer of a deal! Money has been out of my account for 3 weeks now and no dress yet!

  144. Very bad service ! my wedding is next week, i ordered my dress on the 10th of july and paid expedite delivery charges, i am unable to buy a second dress due to the short time and no one in milanoo is answering my questions in a proper manner please someone can help me with whom to contact , they never pick up the phone and from 2 weeks the dress is with logistics!!!

  145. WORST ever experience with Milanoo .. paid express postage for two costumes which never arrived. A week before my big event live chatted with them only to be told the order had been processed but not posted.
    Then came the most laughable excuse ever .. the catsuits had arrived at Milanoo with NO TAILS attached so had been sent back to the manufacturer!
    They were never going to arrive within the “longest 14 day delivery” time. No-one there had bothered to tell me there was a problem and there was no hope of the so called replacements arriving on time for my event. Cancelled the order and have spent days trying to negotiate a refund. Very disappointed .. I think they mean well but I found the service hopeless in every respect.

  146. I read reviews about milanoo’s shipping. I thought those negative reviews were just because that they are not lucky enough. However, I agree now that you have to be lucky enough to get your item on time. It does not matter if the shipping is slow if they send us emails to inform us. But no contact at all after my order. It has been nearly one month since my order. I tried to leave review under the item I ordered but no one replied me, AND MY REVIEW WAS EVEN DELETED!! Now I understand why they all got good reviews on their website but not so good from other reviews. I have sent complains to their custom service, i hope they can solve my problem fast. Anyway, think twice before you put order on Milanoo.

  147. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS CRAPPY COMPANY..Thought i found my perfect wedding dress boy was i wrong..after i was sized by a seamstess i ordered the right size..i recieved the wrong dress 3 sizes to small..after trying to get a hold of customer service which was a joke i e-mailed them only to have them returned undeliverable..this company should be shut down…..

  148. Oh for the love of God.
    These reviews gave me fright since I ordered before I read them!
    I gave up about ‘refunding’ (didn’t even try to) and I just accepted that I’ve lost $90.
    BUT, one month after I placed an order (today), I got the items in pretty good condition. It wasn’t in a box but in a bag…
    Oh well.
    The items were EXACTLY like they were in the display picture although the skirt was a bit too long and big…

    Oh and, the items arrived on time.
    Might order again… it was probably luck that I actually received anything at all.

    P.S Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors~ Might have some typos too.

  149. I ordered three pairs of shoes which were sent in the wrong size, and all three marked the same size were different from each other. I emailed them and they asked for the order number which I have sent now 4 times and there is still no response.

  150. Johnathan Kelly 23 August 2011 at 12:10 am

    I have purchased a cosplay anime sword from them. And when I received the item, the box that it came in was really taped up, badly. And the sword was broken in half, also the guard was not even attached to it. I have not herd anything back from them, and it seems like they will not respond to my emails at all. I will keep in touch, but for now they are a huge scam. They will steel your money, and not keep in touch.

  151. I ordered a wedding dress,was here before estimated arrival,made very well,just had red flowers around the bead work that was not on the picture of the dress I bought,and it fit every where except in the bust,so because of th red flowers I am not sure how the alterations will work.not completely unhappy,just wish they would of sent the same dress as in the picture.

  152. Beware! I purchased a pair of boots, 97.99 US. They took about a month to arrive, which was fine, I expected that. When they came, now this is important, the box was fine, pristine even! However; the boots were a mess, none of the eyelets went through all the layers, only about half way, they were the cheap clothing eyelets, not larger cobbler eyelets. Some were not in all the way, or already hanging off the boots onto the laces. After over a week of trying their live chat and messaging to complain, someone FINALLY responds. Now two weeks of back and forth, and me sending pictures, plus the boots going down in price to 69.99 (according to them, due to them finding cheaper materials, how could they be made any cheaper?!) they determine it had to be a shipping issue, they give me the option to get a 30.00 refund, or 50.00 off a 150.00 purchase!! Are you kidding me?! This isn’t shipping. They refunded 44.00 to my PayPal account, and told me they would do nothing more. So, I get 44.00 and a pair of boots I can’t wear. Thanks for nothing Milanoo!

    • So, here is an update. I got a personal letter from their CEO. He offered to send me a new pair, and personally oversee their production. Which, I doubt he did, but at least they were rectifying the situation, which I appreciated. I asked for rush shipment if possible, as I’d like them for Halloween. They arrived today, in plenty of time. However; what do I discover upon opening the box? The same shoddy made pair of boots I received months ago. Eyelets still coming out of the boots, still using the same cheap, small clothing eyelets on boots. They still aren’t passing through all the layers. This is sad Milanoo. You raised the prices and claimed to me it was because of better materials, there isn’t a thing different, up to and including the issues upon delivery. Say goodbye for good to my business and anyone I know.

  153. I ordered a purse from them LAST MONTH and they have not delivered it!!!!!!!! They took my money !!!!!!! I have e-mailed them several times and was promised my purse will be delivered in 3- 5 days!

    DONT buy anything from this company!!!! They are a FRAUD!!!!

  154. Karen Bartlette 24 August 2011 at 6:51 pm

    My daughter ordered her wedding dress from these people. She had purchased the dress that she was ordering in a maternity size 10 here in Canada and it fit perfectly, but it was brown. She ordered the EXACT SAME DRESS, SAME SIZE, as shown on their web site, only she needed it in white as she is the bride. Well the dress got here but it’s not even the same pattern and its definitely NOT a maternity dress and it’s not the same material as the one she already has. It’s ten day’s to her wedding and they have totally ruined her wedding. She is in tears and heartbroken that this very special day has been ruined. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!! They are a rip off and also poor workmanship and the are deceitful. They showed a picture of an Alfred Sung dress and that’s what my daughter thought she was buying. If it was a knock off, it was pathetic. They are LIARS and CHEATS!!!

  155. I ordered 3 items, none of which were specially made. I’ve ordered internationally before and have learned to wait up to 2-3 months for delivery. After I ordered, I read these reviews and was scared, but after noticing what people were saying, I realized most problems were when people interfered too soon or ordered something custom. So, no matter how long it took, I did not do the livechat thing or complain. My order came in maybe a week later than they had initially stated. But, they expedited the shipping without me asking. I got an email two days ago saying it shipped and would arrive september 3rd, only to arrive today. Fantastic! The items are the quality I paid for. I wouldn’t say they are amazing, but shoot, I bought them for less than half the price they’d be elsewhere. I think people should order at Milanoo if they are reasonable and realize they get what they pay for and that if you order internationally, it will take some time and there will be communication issues. That’s why you’re getting it cheap. If you are going to need it by a certain date or are anal retentive about your packages, by no means order from them. I wouldn’t order anything for a wedding from a site such as this. The day is too important to chance it. But for fun, go right ahead!

  156. I just got off the phone with my daughter in law to be… and she ordered a dress from Milanoo and it is HORRIBLE! One shoulder sticks out higher than the other, and it is hemmed two inches too short.. She paid for custom fitting. To beat it all, she has tried emailing them pictures (according to their instructions) and the website won’t accept attachments the size of even one picture. Also, their customer service numbers are only reachable from 1am to 10am (thereabouts).. She is is very disappointed, having paid about $200 and it is now out the window. They have deleted her comments of criticism on their website. I will NEVER recommend this site. I am a wedding coordinator and I will remember this. Never use Milanoo!!!!

  157. DREADFUL EXPERIENCE. I ordered a wedding dress from Milanoo and was extremely disappointed.

    First of all, when I received the gown, it was inside out, wrapped in a ball, and packaged in a plastic bag (no nice box packaging as the website portrays). I paid the $14.99 to have custom measurements, which were ALL incorrect. My dress was 2 inches too short, and there was a defect in the sewing. The right shoulder protruded at least 4 inches further than my shoulder. What a JOKE! I’m thinking of donating this disaster to the drama club (maybe they’ll perform the Corpse Bride). In addition, the fabric was completely different from the picture and the material was super cheap. I paid $200.00 total for the dress and have had no success in acquiring a refund. Milanoo’s customer service is AWFUL! I have tried 3 different emails and have taken multiple photos (which won’t even attach due to their photo size), only to receive a cookie cutter response:

    “Thank you for taking time to contact Milanoo to explain the issues that have occurred recently. We regret any inconvenience you have experienced, and we assure you that we are anxious to retain you as a satisfied customer.
    Please provide us some photographic proof to prove us the problem stated is factual. After investigation, we will offer resolution based on investigation results. We are unable to agree to offer any solution before this, we wish for your kindly understanding and support.

    We are looking forward to your earlier response.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

    Thank you again for your support
    With best regards”

    Here is my reply:

    Dear Milanoo,

    I hate your stinkin guts.
    You make me vomit.
    You’re scum between my toes.

    An UNSATISFIED Customer


  158. I place an order with you on July 31 andI received confirmation and every thing. I olaced an order for 2 special occassion dress, of which I have not goten the merchandise nor any type of notification concerning the order. I which i had cone to this page before ordering, because I would not have attempted to do business. Better business needs to shut you down because this is a big scam. please send me the merchandise or send me my money. I am surprise you haven’t been shut down by now. It does not take 33 days for a PAID shipment to arrive . he occasson is now over , and I had to purchas another outfit because of you andyou breech of contract. Disappointed, angry and upset customer.

  159. I ordered my wedding dress with a burgundy sash. What I received was a red sash. I took pictures and sent them to them. They insist that it is red and will not refund my money or replace my item. This is the dress that I received: http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i224/anahressa/RedDress.jpg

  160. Fraudsters. Buying from them is a nightmare. Never ever again!

  161. I order two pair of shoes from this company and when I got them the shoes were two dam small.And them don’t want to give me all of my money they only want to give me half my money.Don’t order from this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. I bought my wedding dress from milanoo and i absolutely loved it.i didn’t have it custom-made,just followed my size their size chart.the dress was a little long which i expected coz i’m only 5’2.otherwise,it was a perfect fit.and a good deal.a little alteration won’t harm.i showed the dress to my best friend an she loved it.

  163. trisha honeyman 7 September 2011 at 4:09 am

    i live in scotland in the uk. i ordered 4 dresses from milannoo and today they arrived at my house all the way 2 weeks early. they are the most beautiful dresses i now own. very well made. anyone who listens to the negative reports is missing out on having these beautiful dresses at great prices. thank you milanoo. trisha

  164. I just ordered my halloween costume for this web-site last week. i hope i get it in time… I will keep you guys posted..

    • They sent me an email saying I was going to receive my order on Sept 24, and I still haven’t received it as of yet. WTH……

    • Just wanted to let everyone know I received my shipment yesterday and everything I ordered looks just like id did on the internet.
      I would definitely order again from the Milanoo website!

  165. Similar comments as other buyers. The quality was fine for what I paid (less than $30) and I did read the return policy before placing the order. I just didn’t believe they would refuse to accept something back for an exchange. Their communications made it clear that unless I could show them the flaw in the merchandise, they would not take any returns. Ridiculous for an online retailer to expect each and every item ordered would be the right fit, right size, right look. I would be happy to pay for the return shipment, and I don’t expect a refund….but to not take it back at all??!!?

  166. Stole my money, never received my order. Ignored half of my e-mails. Had to write to them ten times to tell them I want a refund. Nothing. These people should be imprisoned.

  167. Milanoo missplaced my order even though it was paid for and I had received a confirmation so now I don’t have a dress for the wedding.

  168. DO NOT ORDER from Milanoo! I should have read the bad reviews before. I ordered two flower girl dresses, exact same dress with green sashes, for about $100. One came with a red sash and they were both totally different materials. The dresses didn’t even look the same! My mom who is not internet saavy ordered them and forgot about the 15-day return policy. So she took her time trying to fix the problems herself. When she gave up it was a little past the 15 day policy date but because the dresses were TOTALLY incorrect I contacted Milanoo to get at least a partial refund and sent in pictures.The lady told me that she could not offer me any refund but she “made up her own mind” to offer me a $50 voucher if I SPENT $100! Why on earth would I want to spend more money there? I would have been happy if they had refunded $50 to my credit card, and slightly less happy but not posted bad reviews if they gave me $50 credit towards Milanoo. But NOTHING? Just a slap in the face. Terrible customer service. And I think all wedding related should come with extended return policy.

  169. 1st was my last time 28 September 2011 at 5:38 am

    I recently ordered shoes from Milanoo & was very excited to receive my shoes for a vacation that I’m taking. Unfortunately, when I received the shoes it was NOT true to size. As a first time customer, I was unaware of the return policy. I’ve emailed support and I am NOT pleased with the customer service of the company. Per the representative, the shoe “was made to fit my foot?!?!?” so it can not be exchanged. I explained to the rep that shoe is unworn & undamaged & I want to receive a full refund per the policy. I don’t understand why the return policy says 7 days & it takes much longer to return to them. I will NO LONGER purchase anything else from the company.

  170. christina wolfe 2 October 2011 at 9:05 pm

    I ordered my wedding dress Sept. 8. It was to be delivered no later than Oct. 6. I have emailed customer service several times and was told it was still being processed and MIGHT leave in 3-5 days (that was 3 days ago and it’s still not been shipped). I insisted they expedite my shipping which they then agreed to but judging from the reviews their word doesn’t mean much. I have 2 weeks and 3 days before I have to leave for my wedding and am sure I will need a week to have it altered so that leaves me a week and 3 days left to pray I get the dress! I am so pissed and stressed out! I swear to god if I don’t get my dress in time I will book a flight to china, track down the owner, and beat the living hell out of her! I’m totally not kidding!

  171. Hi everybody

    I finally received my dress today. I must say that after I ordered it I read all the bad comments and I regreated having bought there.

    However, Milanoo replied all my questions really fast and my dress is absolutely gorgeous. I love it and it fits perfectly. I´ll definetely buy there again.

    It arrived on time (I knew I had to wait a month but it was worth). My courrier was fedex, be aware that fedex may charge a fee when the dress arrive to your local airport, this is different from the shipping fee. I was charged $35.40, but milanoo agreed to pay have of it so I´m really happy.

  172. I’ve bought from Milanoo & have been very satisfied. The first dress I bought was a floor length evening dress, beautiful. I am extremely happy with it & was given many comments on my dress at a function I attended with my husband the first time I wore it. Several people asked where I had bought it from as they liked it so much they wanted to have a look for something for themselves! I have recently ordered another dress, more expensive one this time with beads & crystals all over it. I’ve not received it yet as I only placed the custom- made order a week ago. I am waiting with baited breath for it to arrive, &
    Am really looking forward to wearing it at Xmas for a fancy dinner dance I am attending with my husband.
    I am so confident with this site that I intend buying a mother of the bride outfit I saw for a wedding I have got to go to in January. To be honest, the quality is very good, the material lovely quality too. I am a very happy customer.

  173. Faith my email is im2beautiful2evenseeit@yahoo.com 13 November 2011 at 6:32 pm

    i order Elegant White Satin Organza Strapless Ball Gown Wedding Dress from milanoo and i was wondering if any one has ordered this dress and if they had a picture of them wearing it because i paid 198.72 for the dress and i dont want it to be messed up. thanks and hopefully i get some help the dress looks like

  174. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will not put myself through the hassle that comes with buying from Milanoo. My wedding is to important to take a risk off being ripped off.

  175. this company should be shut down, the service is terrible and i have ordered 10 important costumes for a musical performance and they still have not arrived, the amount of stress of the costume wait is taking its toll on me and the performers. I will NEVER order with them again, and i highly suggest that no one else does either. They rip people off and dont even have a phone number for me to contact them, im sick of emailing back and forth especially when i need a straight answer not a 3 day wait, i have blown over $400 on them. i am highly pissed off and sick of waiting for emails and order confirmation. DO NOT TRUST OR ORDER ANYTHING FROM MILANOO.

  176. i am loving the shoes that are on the site but im not sure if this is real the number is crazy i wanna no

  177. #03940143198 I ordered this dress on January 30 and it arrived on March 7. It is beautiful! Quality fabric, quality workmanship – fits like a dream. Fabulous dress at a fabulous price. One caution – order early and don’t attempt to change your order.

  178. Soo.. I ordered my lolita dress on the 6th march, it willprobably arrive at the 30th of march. I’m verry exited, and I’ll try to post a picture wearing it and the dress shown in the picture.

    I really hope the dress wil be reasonable quality. I spend 48 euro’s, that includes the price for tailor maid. Only thing that bothers me is the differences in prices. So at the 6th this dress was 33 euro’s and now the site said 50 euro’s… bit confused. But I’ll post again when I received the dress.
    byee (pray for reasonable quality xD)

  179. mann im scared na i ordered my dress on the 5th of april an it still havent came mann

  180. “I will NEVER order from Milanoo again. I ordered shoes for my wedding from them. At first, I thought it was amazing that I found wedged heels that I liked because I couldn’t find any for a reasonable price. I proceeded to order my shoes and was happy I had that part over with. Then the problems started. My payment was completed Feb. 19th and ship date was March 26th. I figured since they are so far away, they would be taking a bit. My wedding is on April 28th. I had to message Milanoo customer service because I did not receive my shoes and I was worried. I was given the same response every time I contacted them. After finally getting my order today, (4/13) I was excited because I thought I would have to buy different shoes. When I picked the package up, however, I was so upset. The box for the shoes was beaten as if it was thrown around and the way it was taped was as if the box was already like this. My shoes are missing diamonds and the string of diamonds down the side are falling off. I do not have the money to go buy a new pair of shoes! I am appalled by the service here and in result, will never order from here again. I feel horrible because I told my family about Milanoo. I will be sure to call my friends and family back and tell them about my experience.

  181. Horrible. Can’t get in touch with anyone. Can’t log back in and forgot password doesn’t work. Ordered dresses a month ago and the only communication has been “payment successful”!!!

  182. Hello, i’ve ordered a few things from milanoo and i’m very satisfied, the price was so cheap and the items were of great quality. The shipping takes time so just be patient. Overall Very happy!

  183. i bought a blue prom dress described to have a heavily beaded bodice and rhinestones on the dress , a cheap copy arrived which is nothing like the pictured product. Milanoo say I have not supplied photographs of the dress to point out the differences and i have sent photos to them by e mail many times. They want me to return the dress at my own cost with tracking to China which will probably cost nearly the price of the dress which was $131 . it seems some people are the unlucky ones to receive cheap useless products from Milanoo and this enables them to make enough profit to give some people a good deal and therefore receive she great reviews on products. I was one of the unlucky ones and they are not helping me out.

  184. Dress did not arrive in time for prom. Ordered on April 13, paid for expedited processing and shipping but am still waiting for the dress. I contacted the company 3 times about delivery date and only received the comment, “…it could arrive…” If you need a dress in a reasonable time frame, shop locally.

  185. I’ve ordered their lolita dresses multiple times and the only issue I have is how long it takes to process, yes it says 5-7 business days…but…IT HAS TO PROCESS FIRST! That can take 15-30 days.
    The things I usually get end up coming about a month and a half after I order them. But I still get them.

  186. I have ordered things from milanoo before that have turned out great ( a lolita dress for a convention along with a Black Butler Ciel cosplay costume) The dress had a few strings hanging from it and ripped easily but it was beautiful and served its purpose. The costume was a little snug even after I followed the sizing chart (didn’t use tailor made) but was good quality.

    Now it is time to buy my wedding dress and I really want the Pnina Tornai they have on there. I’m going to order it in 2 days. Wish me luck. I can’t afford to buy a dress in a shop so this is the best I can do. Fingers Crossed.

  187. Milanoo is really shxxxt, they even try to steal customers from other sites,wil never buy costumes from milanoo again.

  188. This website is some sort of Chinese scam company. I recieved an order from them, but everything was disgusting. The clothing smelled bad, was very poor quality and completely unwearable. Not to mention the size was not what I ordered. I tried to return but I am “not eligible” for return. When I wrote the company for the return, I could hardly understand the reply. Absolutely disgusted with this website. I should have just taken my $50 dollars and crapped on it, then set it on fire. Which is probably what I will end up doing to what they sent me, since I can’t do anything else with it.

  189. I ordered the first time and the sweater I got was not at all what I expexted. Cheap quality and no real shape to it. I just recieved a pair of boots which were the wrong size and even cheaper than the sweater. I feel screwed and am trying to go through the refund process, but will probably give up. They have it set up to make it too difficult to return things even when it is their fault. They sent me the wrong size and yet I am expected to pay more than the shoes are worth to return them!?! I would warn everyone to not shop with them as it is a waste of money and they are screwing people over again and again.

  190. “when unpacking the parcel,I feel very satisfied, and sew work is so great and the color is just as the product image displays. What’s the most important, the price is very nice, and the customer service is very warm hearted~”

  191. Received first order 6 dresses ALL were trash. Ordered a red dress got hot pink. It was supposed to be a dress but was so short it would have to be worn as a top instead only problem with that is it’s such cheap material and way too tight. Received 2 maxi dresses they were 3-4 inches too long and can’t be hemmed due to pattern of material. This company is a total rip off. Uses cheap material and the craftsmanship is horrible. If you see a good review they’ve probably written it themselves. I won’t even donate this crap to a thrift shop. Out in the trash with it tomorrow morning.

  192. SCAMMERS BEWARE! They ship clothes poorly constructed made with cheap material. Their customer service is horrendous. They send out garbage and refuse to take it back.

  193. HORRIBLE CLOTHES, cheap material, poorly constructed, customer service is rude and lies to customers. The pics on their site are stolen from other sources. They don’t do refunds.

  194. do not order from this site. i sew and the craftsmanship is
    extremly poor, the dress waistband not tacked in the right places. They used cheap material looked used and worn. Jacket measures 2 inches less in shoulder with despite me sending in measurements of 17 this jacket is 15 inches in
    width. The hem will not lie flat on the dress because the lining
    was made to small it is puckered just an awful mess. The zipper not sewn right uneven at the waist. LLoks like a 5th grade homemake student made this dress. save yourself some grief. Dont buy from Milanoo.

  195. You get what you pay for. Bought two costumes dresses, maid and red riding hood. The maid dress fit ok but the apron that came with it was made poorly. It was too big around the shoulders so it would fall off. You would think two parts for the costume it would fit properly with one another. The riding hood dress looks nothing like the website picture. Basically they just make copies of the actual branded clothing. For example, some of the sexy maid, cheongsam should be from a company called Ayoka a Taiwanese lingerie wholesale company. Also, if you haven’t noticed there are some Leg Avenue costumes on there too. They just make knock offs from the actual suppliers using their pictures. My orders came about two weeks. After requesting to return, they require pictures. Although they said they don’t see anything wrong with the dresses, they did give me return instructions. I mailed it out the next day. After two weeks passed and knowing they did received it since I had the delivery receipt, I inquired about my refund. I waited a few days, but no reply. I sent another email and waiting another few days, but still no reply. So I sent out one last email telling them if they do not reply to my email in 1 business day, I will file dispute with my credit card company, and that is what I did. Like I said in the beginning. You get what you pay for.

  196. I bought 3 clothing items, size L (2 nice coats, and one t shirt) and they were sent to me in France. My size is between M and L, and while I can wear both, I tend to be M here in France, but I wanted to be conservative and make sure I got the right size.
    Eventually, the stuffs arrived. To my utter dismay, they were really small (size displayed was L). My wife who is very petite just fitted in them (and her size is S or XS!). Then when you try to return the items it is so crap it is not even worth going through the hassles. I need to return items (paying from my pockets) because THEY made the L size wrong. And to make things worse, when you request to them to stop emailing their cr%$ junk emails, they dont!

  197. I have had the most horrendous experience dealing with this website as well as it’s customer service. It has literally been a nightmare.
    I recently ordered a bikini and a few dresses from Milanoo just to give them a try, because I have heard of them from an acquaintance. I ordered five beautiful looking summer dresses, all advertised as ‘silk’, ‘cotton’, and ‘chiffon’ as well as a ruffled bikini. The total came out to be $108.00 so- not bad. I waited a little bit over two weeks for the package to arrive, which was completely okay. When it arrived, I opened it and things just went downhill from there. What I encountered was an awful mess of spandex, polyester, and really poor workmanship. Some of the dresses were so short that they could barely pass for a shirt. The colors were awful, the stitching was on the outside, fringes were sticking out, and the fabric that they were made out of could barely pass for a swimsuit fabric. My biking actually came in RIPPED and SEE THROUGH. It was the weight and consistency of a pair of nylon pantyhose. It was awful. Every single item was just awful. I emailed the company immediately to request a return code as well as to discuss return shipping. They told me that I would be unable to return the bikini, since it is an ‘intimates’ piece, and that they do not reimburse return shipping. They also put you through an awful return process, requesting ‘detailed photographs’ of the problem, problem descriptions, and putting you on crazy deadlines to make returning as hard as possible (you need to ship it out within 7 days, but before that you need a return code which, once obtained, is only valid for three days). I sent them a variety of emails because I was furious- the fact that they false advertised their products and sent me damaged items is NOT my fault. I should NOT have to pay for return shipping if I received polyester instead of cotton. The very notion of this is ridiculous to me. The response to every one of my emails felt more or less automated, and never once addressed my issues with their clothing. The only thing they consistently asked for was pictures, and they very effectively skirted around everything I was trying to address to them. The return shipping was 29.33 Euros!!! That is $45!!! That is half of what I’m going to get back for returning my clothes! This is crazy. There is absolutely no reason why I should be dealing with any of this! The past few days have been a horror of emails written in broken english intermixed with running around with these ‘clothes’ and wasting time, money, energy, and nerves dealing with this absurdity. I will never, ever purchase from this website again. I will post this review on every forum and video that I can, so that people in the future can avoid situations like mine. I have never come across a website that has less respect for their customer. I have never had a more stressful and disappointing shopping experience. I look forward to this entire situation ending and never having to deal with them again.
    Milanoo is a scam. Don’t let them get you.

  198. These SUCKERS are getting rich off of people like us. Can’t understand why something cannot be done about this. they are ripping off people and we just lose our money, period.
    The chat line is a joke. Same person posing to be someone different each time. Tries to get your user name and password of how you paid for the items you order, “so they can help you get your refund”! PLEASE NEVER FALL INTO THAT TRAP.

  199. I ordered some cosplay shoes. They took a bit ong to be dispatched but I have them now. Problem is their size is wrong. I had a feeling I was going too small(but thats my fault)!
    Now I’m having problems returning them/get$$back/gt other size(maybe?)!! I really hope it works this round cause it’s pushing too close to con date…

  200. So, like everyone else.. I was so nervous about ordering a wedding dress online from overseas. There are so many horror stories out there! I went ahead and took the plunge and ordered a dress. Exactly the style I want in the picture. It took about a month and a half for the dress to arrive, but I expected that because I paid extra for custom measurements (which were perfect by the way! Dress fits like a dream!). The fabric was a perfect ivory satin, nice high quality, and the sewing work is amazing! Anyone that orders a dress online and expects absolute perfection is dreaming. This is a company that makes knock offs of designer dresses. Maybe I just got lucky with an amazing seamstress, but the dress they sent me is SO CLOSE to perfect! I need to do a few small alterations to some details that have nothing to do with fit but these are all little tiny things any seamstress can fix for me. Overall the dress is very very well made, and very high quality! I’m absolutely thrilled! I didn’t have to deal with customer service at all so I can’t comment on that front.. and i’ve never ordered anything else from them.. but just giving them measurements to make a dress for me was a flawless experience. I’d recommend it to others for sure as long as you get accurate measurements as a seamstress would!

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